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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, I just starting playing Guild Ball a few months ago and picked up the Fisherman as my main guild. In looking at the Fish for S4, I have a few questions about some rules interactions that I want to make sure I am getting right. In particular, these revolve around Kraken. Kraken has two new traits for S4 Gravity Well and Protective Instinct. The questions revolves around what engagement means for models. Gravity Well states "When an enemy model ends an advance engaging this model, the enemy model..." Protective Instinct states "While engaging this model, an enemy model can't..." Here are the questions... 1. If Stave, who has a melee zone of 1", ends their advance within 2" of Kraken but out of 1", will Stave be pulled in by Gravity Well? 2. If Stave is out of 1" but still within 2" of Kraken, can he declare attacks against other models because he is not engaging Kraken (even if Kraken is engaging him)? 3. Is Gravity Well optional on my part or does it have to happen? Thank you for the help on these questions!
  2. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus the great?

    Locus's character play "remote control" doesn't say where to measure kick distance from. Is it supposed to be from the ball via season 3 or are we supposed to now measure from locus himself?
  3. It has previously been ruled that Hog Wild can not interrupt another advance. Does this apply to other reactive advances, such as Granite's Between a Rock...? For example, suppose Farris uses Impact to attack Harmony during a sprint and does 1 damage to her. Can Granite make a jog or does Farris's active advance prevent it? Can reactive dodges, such as Peck's Pain Response and Snow's Pack Mentality, interrupt an advance in the same situation? How do reactive pushes, such as Farris might experience as a result of a counter attack off her Impact attack, interact with her in progress advance? Do pushes on other players, such as from the Chain Grab or Drag character players, behave differently from those on Farris? Do models pushed into Ballista's Minefield as a result of a counter attack during Farris's sprint count as entering it as part of an advance?
  4. Pending Forum Suspension

    Why aren't we talking about Kraken?

    Our "Big Guy" unit seems to struggle making it to the field. Why is that? Let's take a look and see if we can figure out the Kraken's Kryptonite is. I believe the issue lies in his TAC/Playbook combination along coupled with his standard Big Guy defensive stats and ability. TAC 5 is pretty much par for the Fish course. Excluding Farmers, Blacksmiths, and Union from the discussion (and subbing Locus for Colossus as he is a more close comparison to the "Big Guys" -- also morts have 2) the most common TAC is 5 Kraken, Locus, Hearne1, Brick, and Casket. I make this point because it means that his TAC isn't necessarily low comparatively speaking. Hearne and Brick also are capped at 3INF/turn and neither of them (presently anyway) seems to have much of an issue their finding the field. Brick also lacks much momentous damage like our boy but does have concussion, 4 damage on his playbook with access to singled out and tooled up within faction. Brick is also more durable with 2/2 vs Kraken's 3/0, tough hide makes this apples to apples. Hearne on the other hand brings his own singled out, has a fair amount of momentous damage, a DEF debuff at the end of his playbook, and can effectively get back to 4 swings if he uses his heroic ability. He is a 3/1 so defensively he is a little better but I think tough hide probably wins out vs 1 armor at the same health. Hearne's teleport can certainly be used defensively too though but I don't know that that ability can be objectively measured. So low TAC doesn't seem to necessarily be an issue for a "Big Guy" as long as they can make up for it with a cool ability or solid damage output. Cool ability? Check. Release the... is great. It is similar to external combustion which works great on Katalyst. Drag is also really neat even if you aren't trying to be a beater. Pull a model off a model you want to strike/pass with and you are in business, hell you can even use your extra INF to knock 'em down which is all but guaranteed. The problem is that model is going to get up and get away from you or knock you over. Or they are going to forfeit movement, get knocked down, clear conditions, and just farm Kraken for momentum. The lack of any natural attack/damage buffs hurts Kraken as he has no way to boost his damage output without getting crowd outs. This works alright with Corsair since you want the scrum but A&G is almost universally a better pick than him. In a Shark team you are counting on him putting out damage for you but realistically you're capped at about 9 damage a round with him which is rather pitiful if he is supposed to be your main dps guy (captains not withstanding.) Also consider the lack of momentous damage Kraken brings to the table. He has momentous 3 if he can net 5 hits. This is pretty tough to do though. against a 4/1 it is actually impossible without outside forces and if you charge they simply defensive stance and your chances to score those 5 hits are somewhere below 20%. His ability to convert INF to momentum really hurts him. That tough hide with 20 health means that the big bastard is hard to take off the pitch. He tanks well but when compared to A&G there is literally no difference in health/resilience and the damage output is on completely different levels just for sacrificing 2" melee. You aren't even missing out on damage buffs since they don't exist within faction (in fact Kraken over A&G denies you singled out.) 3/0 is going to get farmed on either model but at least when they get in Avarisse's face there is punishment for it. Avarisse even brings you additional INF over Kraken. This isn't rocket science. I would propose that Kraken loses a little bit from his health stack, maybe 3, and gains "Shove the boot in" or "Floored." If he is supposed to be a model that makes the most of knockdowns then why isn't he built that way? +2 TAC or + 1DAM would put him in a better place and helps justify that lack of momentum. If they don't want to directly buff his damage then let's make him better at a control role. Making Kraken a 1/4 would mean he could double drag, or drag, run away, and then drag again. He could drag, KD, and then push the enemy back to the other Fish to work on. It just seems like one of these options would make the "Big Guy" see some more table action and with a sculpt like his he deserves it. Stave and Locus suffer from being ineffective "Big Guys" too and it is a shame since they also have cool sculpts. What say you seadogs? Am I overly critical of Kraken or does he need a rework of some sort? I know we talk about looking at models a lot, especially since the errata, but this guy has felt sub optimal for a while to me. His change from 2/1 to 3/0 and his slight playbook tweak show the designers must've felt something was up but I don't think those changes were even close to enough to get this guy in the right place.
  5. Steamforged

    Season 3 - Release the Kraken

    Hello Fishies, hope you’re all doing well, may the Lords of the Deep bless you with fair weather and following seas! Today, as a lovely treat, we’re gonna spoil Kraken for you guys! So, DEF [3+]. We debated this change for a while, since we never want to make changes without a good reason. In the end, we decided that Kraken was in a similar position to Boar throughout Season 2. We knew he was a strong choice, one popular with a lot of Fishermen Players, but perhaps just a little too easy for your opponent to get momentum from. Thus, upping his DEF (and removing his ARM, he’s not supposed to be a tank!), felt like a fair way of making him fit his intended role better. This change also fits his aesthetic a lot more, since he’s not actually wearing any armour! We feel like this is super useful change, which helps bump him up a little and make him much more of a valid choice for all Fishermen Players. Kraken’s second change is the addition of a pair of double Push results, non-momentous on column 2, momentous on column 4. Having taken a good look at Kraken over the last six months, the lack of any Pushes on his Playbook felt…weird. Here’s a model with two Character Plays which are all about Pushing enemy models around, and yet he literally had none on his Playbook? How odd, we cried, how out of place! Thus, we added these Push results to give him more utility and options. He can now get stuck in to his heart’s content, knocking enemy models down and Pushing them all over the Pitch! Much like when we spoiled Mercury last week, not every change has to be big; many smaller changes are just as valid. We’ve given Kraken a boatload (BOOM! BOOM!) more options, and made a tweak to make him more survivable. While these changes aren’t necessarily big, they are exciting. Kraken was a valuable model in Season 2, and now he’s even more viable, creating even more headaches for Fishermen Players in list construction. Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the future’s murky waters, we’ll see you all soon!
  6. Jesse H

    "What's Kraken?"

    Hey guys, Check out my mate's in-depth painting guide / tutorial on how he tackled Kraken! Part 1: https://freecitygames.com/blogs/news/how-to-paint-guild-ball-tutorial Part 2: https://freecitygames.com/blogs/news/what-s-kraken-an-exercise-in-painting-part-2
  7. JJLayfield

    W: Alternate Kraken H: £££

    Stupidly I did not buy one of these in the black friday deals - despite amble opportunity. If anyone has one for sale - I will gladly take it off your hands. Do let me know! thanks
  8. Work in progress of my Fishermen team - Jac is not painted yet. Krakens base is not finished either. Will upload more photos when I collect them.
  9. CaptainKindling

    Fisherman's Guild: Kraken

    Progress continues on the Fishermen, with Kraken now ready to join Angel and Salt on the pitch! A few years back I got into the habit of speed painting - it was great to get whole squads knocked out in a couple of evenings, but quality started to go downhill. Seeing as there's only half a dozen models in a Guild Ball team I've now gone back to my old habit of spending 2 or 3 days slaving over each individual model, and I have to say this is the happiest I've been with any of my painting for a very long time! Will probably be getting Greyscales on the painting table next - can't wait to have the whole team finished and lined up for a Guild photo!