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Found 3 results

  1. Brick attacks Corsair and chooses a KD result which is ignored by sturdy. Does this attack trigger knockback even though the result has been ignored? Same question but Brick selects 1 dmg which is ignored by tough hide.
  2. I guess this is really straight-forward, but I would like to see if my reasoning checks out on this issue. Say Brick is able to counter-charge an opponent. He does so, and gains more than 5 hits on the charge. Therefore, his attack wraps his playbook. In the rulebook, the following is stated in the section on wrapping: "All results generated from a single Attack are considered to be simultaneous events but are individually subject to any applicable modifiers". My main focus is on the "single Attack" part of the sentence, which should imply that, even while wrapping, the attack action is considered as singular. Therefore, even while wrapping his playbook and being able to select two playbook results, he only gains a single instance of Knockback, as the result is seen as a single attack. Is this correct?
  3. When a model triggers Brick's Counter Charge: Can Brick generate Momentum?Can Brick choose to do his Concussion play(assuming enough successful hits)?Does Brick's Knockback ability apply to his Counter Charge?Since it's an out of activation attack I wasn't sure if it somehow limits what can be applied, like with Counter-Attacks or Parting Blows.