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Found 16 results

  1. Looking for the following models in blisters preferably: LE Avarisse and Greede LE Kraken LE Boiler LE Flint Kickstarter Midas Kickstarter Blackheart Kickstarter Honour Kickstarter Obulus Kickstarter Tapper any limited edition balls Not sure of the likelihood of any of this being available.... I'm uk based and can paypal etc etc Thanks
  2. Looking to buy the Kickstarter Blackheart. I do not care if it's sealed or painted don't even need the base just need him to be all there. I am in the states and have PayPal. If you have one please DM with pics and price shipped to Holbrook NY 11741 US. Thank you.
  3. For a first topic in the Resident Evil 2 board game Forum, I thought it would be good to hear what kind of ideas or wish lists everyone has for the campaign. There's about 2 weeks left of the kickstarter, so there's a lot of opportunity to unlock more goals or add-ons. We're close to reaching the social goal, if we can reach 6500 backers. I still think it's possible, with enough backers sharing and spreading the word about it. The quality of Steamforged Games' board games has been quite impressive. I backed and received the Dark Souls board game core game and was impressed with the miniatures and gameplay. What about Resident Evil 2 the Board game are you most looking forward to? What do you wish to see as a stretch goal?
  4. Sir Orpheus

    Metal Aggro coin?

    As the title suggests, I'm kinda curious about the Metal Aggro coin unlocked during the kickstarter. Would have imagined it to come with the core set, but alas that was not the case. Anyone know if this will be a wave 2 item or did they ditch it entirely?
  5. Our Kickstarter for the X-Case Ultra Clear expandable display case is now live. If your ever growing teams and collection of miniatures needs a flexible way to display and transport them check it out. X-Case Ultra Clear Expandable, Display Case Kickstarter
  6. Any idea when we will get the kickstarter stretch goals? Hoping for more minis and such.
  7. Kamuffinz

    W: KS or Gencon Dice H: $$$

    I'm looking for any limited edition dice, be they kickstarter, gen con, etc. Please message me and let me know which you have, if you have any pics that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Is that 9 double side title will be unique per title or repeatedly?
  9. Hall Of Legends


  10. Are they a packaged deal or are they separate? The kickstarter page isn't clear on this, and I am not willing to spend 283USD for a few extra figures that won't be here until next year.
  11. Hall Of Legends

    H: KS Ox W:£ or Harry, Ox and Tenderiser

    Looking for £30 (plus postage) for this KS Ox butchers captain. He has been sprayed black with GW Chaos Black spray paint and is on a GB-Resin base (plastic knife glued to base for effect)
  12. I have as spares now a NIB Kickstarter Shark, Butcher Starter set and then Graves & Cossett. All metal. I'd be looking to sell or trade for Minx, Snakeskin, Decimate, Veteran Rage, Tenderiser, and Meathook.
  13. Sandals

    H: Fishermen Team W: £££

    I'm looking to sell my Fishermen team to fund my foray into the Hunters Guild! I've got the standard six that came from the Kickstarter, as well as Jac and Sakana. They are all metal, assembled and undercoated, and on the resin base toppers. Obviously as they are from the Kickstarter, there is also a Ltd Edition Shark model as the captain. I'm not looking to split him off separately though. The full team includes: KS Shark Salt Kraken Angel Siren Greyscales Jac Sakana Ball Token Cards (Not Pictured) I've taken some photos, but as you can see the lighting was very poor! If you want to see any particular details of the figures, just let me know. I'm looking for £70.00 for the whole team. This is the same price as getting the models individually from Element Games, and would not include P&P. I've added a link to the trading feedback I've received on The Warhammer Forum, and I have a 100% feedback rating on eBay. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  14. JJLayfield

    W: KS Honour

    Hi all, I unfortunately missed out on the kickstarter Does anyone ahve a KS Honour they do not want any more? I am happy to pay for it rather than trade. Let me know!
  15. Hi All, I thought I would post this here because I don't know if it would fall under guild ball discussion or somewhere else, admins, feel free to move it to an appropriate area. I got the Kickstarter update today about the pledge backer almost being complete (or at least well on it's way) I'm wondering if there is any chance that we can see more stat cards, sculpts or anything that would help flesh out the teams more. I confess I haven't really made up my mind regarding which guilds I want, and more pictures of the figs, or stat cards (even if they are just works in progress) would help me in my decision. Cheers