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Found 8 results

  1. I’m fairly confident this has been answered before (S2 possibly?) but I can’t seem to track it down with search and would appreciate having something to point to since different groups seem to play this differently. When a player has possession of the ball and makes a pass to space, which of the following are legal placements for the ball: Completely within the player’s kick range Centered on a spot within the player’s kick range Any part of the ball marker within the player’s kick range
  2. The rules on generating momentum when the ball is behind the friendly goal line states: Additionally, a team will not generate Momentum while a free-ball is within the area behind their own goal-line as a result of a Kick, Goal Kick, or if it was placed, by that team’s Controlling Player. The part I'm confused about is "by that team's Controlling Player" Is that in reference to all of the triggers, or just to the ball being placed? Because how can a model make a goal kick on it's own goal? Thanks!
  3. Pending Forum Suspension

    Throw ball out of bounds

    Came up last night but couldn't find a ruling so we said no. After an opponent scores a goal could you elect to throw the ball in such a way that it scatters off the pitch? Backwards for example? There was a situation where there was simply no way to keep shark from scoring back to back from throw ins and we were very curious. Thanks!
  4. It's clear to me that the ball-path is between the kicking model and the final landing spot, but the "closest" in the first sentence doesn't give any reference point. What is the "closest model" closest to?
  5. I have had a search and come up fruitless so just want to confirm something to ensure I'm playing it correctly. In the Collected Clarifications thread a missed shot on goal scatter is down as a normal 'kick scatter'. This leads me on to 2 questions (linked, and simple so I hope they're ok in one thread). Question 1) Can you intercept a missed shot on goal attempt, using standard interception rules. Question 2) According to page 27 the goal token is treated as a barrier, meaning by my logic the ball would often hit it on a scatter from a missed shot. I've got 2 examples of the same scatter below. Example A shows the balls landing spot following the scatter, Example B shows where (assuming I've got this right) where the ball would land using the rule of least disturbance due to the ball hitting a barrier. Is this correct? Or would the ball simply land behind the goal in the position of the original scatter? I apologise if this has been covered before, as previously mentioned searchess came up fruitless. Cheers, Alex
  6. I know a lot of intercept stuff has already been clarified, so please don't beat on me for this. The literal rules suggest that if Model A kicks to Model B and misses, after kick scatter if the new path of travel still crosses Model B, then Model B can Intercept. Is this correct? Can I just assume that as an unsuccessful kick there is no Momentum gained, but that without other intervening models, that Model B can Intercept the ball?
  7. Hello. A simple question but one that keeps me wondering. In Goal kicks it says "-- ball-token may be placed within [10"] of the friendly goal-token." I read it that means that it's enough for the back edge of the ball-tokens base to be within 10", not the whole ball. And then you scatter from that place. Am I correct in this? Our group has played it so that the whole ball should be within 10". EDIT: I realized that my question has more general application as well. In "Kicking" it says: "-- the active model declares a target-spot within range of their kick-distance." What part of the ball-token should you place on that spot when kicking to ground, not to player? Center? That would mean that it would be possible to kick like half of the ball tokens diameter longer than players kicking distance. What is correct way to play in this case?
  8. Hello, When reading this http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/14640-multiple-snap-shots-permitted/ , I got to wondering about other weird non-activation shots. So, when Bonesaw is attacked, if he hasn't yet used Football Dervish, and gets 2 hits on a Counter-Attack, could he immediately kick with Football Dervish? If he is in range to make a shot on goal, may he, and if he does so does it cost a momentum? What happens to the current activation (of the enemy player) if the goal makes it in? Thanks and best, Drillboss EDIT: Relatedly, could he pass to another Morticians player and then have them make a Snapshot?