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Found 2 results

  1. Recently picked up the kick-off box, trying to create a Guild Ball community here in Porto (Portugal), so I think spending some time on minis I'll be doing demos with will be worth it!
  2. I looked through the rule book and the forum with no hope of clarification, so I was hoping someone could help me with these questions: 1) If I failed to have the kick off pass the center line, what is the consequence. Maybe I am just missing some small line in the rule book that states this, but I cannot find it. 2) If a ball scatters in a way where there is a "wall" of base to base knocked down units but your unit was in the indented junction of said KD units and the ball scatter put the ball right in the corner of the bases on the opposite side of the KD units, can the ball snap to the standing unit on the other side of the bases of the knocked down unit. Can I snapped to a ball accross the bases of KD units. That is way more of a confusing question to type out rather than ask in person, but the situation came up in a game I played two days ago. Thanks!