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Found 3 results

  1. I don't think that was intended (and I feel that the description will need to get changed a little bit), but seems if Greede gets knocked down and won't be able to clear it by either forfeiting his movement or with Momentum, he won't be able to get picked up by Avarisse. Because Pick Me Up! is a character play and:
  2. supertzar


    If Sakana gets charged and declares a free counter but is then knocked down or pushed out of melee, is the trait then used for the rest of the turn or can he do a free counter to the second model trying to attack him? Poised says the model can make a counter attack without spending mp but the model in this case is unable to actually make the attack. I understand that mp is spent when declaring the counter but the trait seems to be triggering at the step when the model is making the attack, ie. is able to roll dice.
  3. The Old Buzzard


    Is my understanding correct? It seems to me that the 2" push is not quite enough to keep the little guy going for all of his roll without very careful planning. Unless the players you hit only have a 1" reach he is going to be knocked down by any self respecting brewer, (& Fangtooth) as he leaves the first melee zone. This assumes a rolling Armadillo can be KD'ed. Bill