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Found 4 results

  1. Laughnchill

    Hello from MIchigan

    Hey everyone! New player here. Got the farmer's box. Looking forward to the new one. I have a league starting on the 20th and got one going on two friends into the game with me. All I need to find now is a reliable win against butchers. The other thing I'm hoping is that brewers will get fixed next season because I really like them.
  2. Hey Hunters! Started guildball with Skatha box + Seenah and Chaska at Salute. Played maybe six games or so with just them Just completed my hunters with the mystery box Played one game swapping Chaska for Egret and another swapping Ulfr for Jaecar as well. Currently getting a game in every week Doing relatively well so far, but we're all new players at a very friendly, social, non-competitive club. Got a friendly team tournament in another meta, early November and expecting a steep learning curve. Not expecting anything from my first tourney of course, but want to prep to do my best! So far my tactics seem to be moving towards holding central defense/midfield with Vet Hearne/Seenah. Using them as beat sticks for takeouts. The others for movement /distraction /assists and scoring (usually Skatha) Won my last game with 2 takeouts 2 goals and generally finding scoring more effective in my little meta! Immediate advice I could use is what union it's worth buying to use in my 10? None? Just Minx? Are the others worth a look? Obviously I'm gonna have limited practise time between now and the tourney and I still haven't played a game with Theron yet, so I need to focus my time and money with potential union picks! Also just any other advice that might be handy going into the tourney would be much appreciated Thanks for reading this far!
  3. Jedianakinsolo

    Doing a Guildball Demo

    I've got a few articles on getting into Guildball as far as a basic concept of the game and how to go about picking a guild, but as far as actually running a demo of the game, I've run a few lately and I'd like to know what you guys are thinking. For guys coming from other tabletop games, it's relatively simple so don't worry about those guys. The principles of movement and card stats are immediately grasped, it's just a matter of working out the flow of the game. My concern is guys coming in from board games. I've got TKO for this purpose specifically, and it's great for the tools. It's the matter of getting the player to understand what exactly they should even be looking at. So what do you guys do? Originally, the idea was to use the starter kits, 3 person teams and the small pitch. Is this still the preferred method? Are you teaching super new players using the back of the cards or just the front stats and character plays only for that first game? Is there a flow that you've found works the best when moving through teaching stuff? E.g., stats, plays, backs of the card, momentum rules. Or do you just start playing the game and go?
  4. Hello all, New player from the Wirral, although have been following the interest in Guildball for sometime and chatting to the the Guildball team at Salute, Triples and Game Expo, where I finally picked up my first team Whilst I have no doubt it is to be one of many I went for the Masons and had my first game on Sunday. It was not a close match at all, Vs Butchers and to be fair, I was butchered. But I learnt so much that I am confident it will be much closer next game! But ultimately I loved the dynamics of the game like I knew I would and had a blast playing it. Got my second game tomorrow, can't wait!!