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Found 2 results

  1. So trying a kick at goal while an opposing model is partially blocking the goal but only just enough. Can you aim the ball at any point of the goal? Eg. Edge of the base, therefore bypassing the intervening model to avoid the modifier. So maybe worded better, is a kick to a target (or target model) always centre to centre? If its in the rule book please point me to the right place Thanks!
  2. when you kick the ball what line does the kick have to follow? i appreciate the ball travels along a 30mm wide path but where does the centre line of the path start and finish, specifically from the point of view of passing or shooting. it doesn't appear to explicitly state what the path of the ball must be in the rules, although the diagrams show that it is centre line of kicker to centre line of target and hence that’s what we've been playing - and what feels like it fits with the intent. Is this correct? There has been discussion within our group as to whether you can alter the line of kick to avoid intervening models but still get to the target model. With that in mind, if its not centre to centre, does the full width of the ball path need to be within the width of the targets base or can you kick such that only the edge of the ball path hits the target, to avoid intervening models. i appreciate you have to kick to the model and cant kick to the 1" snap zone if you want it to be a successful pass. Alternatively can you adjust the line of the kick such that the width of the ball path is within the width of the target base but the line of the kick is not centre to centre. This would be possible when kicking to or from models with a base larger than 30mm and we have encountered this several times, most frequently with shooting on goal. I did a diagram to demonstrate this but cant work out how to get it into the post.