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Found 12 results

  1. Do Skatha's Snowboall goals provide 1INF in S4?
  2. jetewabbie

    Character Play

    I did search and just could not find this. Easy question which I want to confirm the answer Is it correct that a Character Play such as Dirty Knives on the Brewers Friday that has a cost of 2/GB (GB is the Character play icon) that you have the choice of either spending Influence any time during your activation or you can use a Character play during an attack. Or does it mean during an attack you have to spend 2 influence and one earned character play to use.
  3. Is Hammer able to take influence off of models that have already activated? I don't remember seeing anything in the rule book that a model loses its influence after it activates, so I think it would be ok, I just want to make sure. Thanks!
  4. Can you activate a model with any Influence ? Here is the setup. Playing as Union. Coin and Fangtooth are 1 inch apart. I applied no influence to coin, and one to Fangtooth. Brewers turn: Friday with the battle ran a 3 inches by Coin. Union Turn: I activated Coin, used Bag of Coffer to give Fantooth an extra influnce, then moved 3 inches to engage friday. I figured I was correct because a Jog is free, and Bag of coffers had no cost. Is this correct or did I make a mistake? Thanks
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    Assigning influence

    A new member moved to the area and is being a stickler about something odd. When assigning influence the rulebook says to assign the influence to the models on the pitch. He has interpreted this as the influence token/die must be place next to the model as opposed to on the cards on the sideboard. Is he correct? I can have my players switch if it is right but it seems silly to do if the rules don't require. Thanks!
  6. The first time target enemy model spends Influence on an Attack or Character Play this turn, the cost of the Attack or Character Play is increased by [1] Influence. Does "spending influence on an Attack" include spending influence on a charge, which includes an attack?
  7. This response doesn't really address the OP's question, which is: Can a model with zero influence declare a charge? The Too Flash token is removed after the charge is declared, however declaring a charge carries a cost of 2 INF, causing an insurmountable loop for a model with 0 or 1 INF.
  8. If a model ends its activation with unspent influence, does it keep that influence until the end of the turn when it is reallocated, or does it get "spent" when that model's activation ends? I ask because many of Hammer's tricks are associated with this. RAW seem to indicate that Infiuence not spent stays with a model, but this seems a bit cheesy to me,
  9. Hi there, the he question came up whether misdirection can allocate over a models inf cap. tye relevant phrase seems to be: Allocating Influence When it is a team’s turn to allocate Influence during the Maintenance Phase, it allocates its influence-pool to friendly models on the pitch. Each model may only be allocated Influence up to their max-INF. Models may receive additional Influence during the course of a turn that may take them above their max-INF. ~~ Does this mean that you can push a 2/4 model up to 5 inf as its during the 'action phase', or that you can't because it uses the 'allocate' reserved term? Thanks Tobias
  10. This may be a realy dumb question but i'm new to Guild Ball and don't want to get used to playing incorrectly. I'm using Compound in my Alchemists team and i wanted to check as it's not clear, Do i need to have 2 influence allocated to Compound in order to make a counter charge due to rush keeper? Or is this a free charge. Weirdly i think i do need influence and my opponent thinks i don't. Any help on this would be great. Cheers guys.
  11. I was advised to repost this here as the old forum is about to close and I have had opposite answers already. Dirge is taken out before he had spent his influence. Silence brings him back. He can not be allocate influence this turn. It says that on the card. Can he use the INF he took off with him? I don't think he should. But have had it played against me that he can. The guy appeared to know what he was talking about. I have looked through the forum and can't see it. Bill
  12. Vitruvian Goblin

    Basic Guild Ball Tactics

    Hello all, just written an article for this blog: www.thebattlehammer.com Please take a look at my post: Basic Guild Ball Tactics (Part 1), and let me know what you think. It's a riff about Influence. Wanted to start it as basic as I could for new players. If people like it I'll do more and get more complex as I go, working my way up to specific teams and situations. Sorry about the lack of a straight link but finding it tricky to use on this forum. Any and all feedback truly appreciated. Big hugs!