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Found 176 results

  1. ncw103

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Hi All, I am excited to start the hunters guild for a rookie league at my lgs this week. Does anyone know where I can access the rookie Seenah cards? I do not have an andriod (I have an iPhone) so I do not have GB scrum. Also, has anyone tried rookie Zarola? Any advice if I go with her instead?
  2. ultimogringo

    WTB Minerva model.

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a Minerva model to fill out my "Rockers" team. Interested in the standard or limited sculpt. I'll even take a potato-face Minerva off your hands. I'm located in the state of Florida. Willing to pay international shipping if it is the right price. Peace.
  3. Hunters Guild 6 plus Seenah and Chaska - £48 Hunters Guild boxed 6 £35 Farmers Honest Land £27 Engineers original 6 £35 Resin Chaska £8 Big League kit £8 All unmade and unpainted. Postage and PayPal fees paid by the buyer
  4. Do Skatha's Snowboall goals provide 1INF in S4?
  5. SprkMastr

    Exiles: New Alliances tokens

    I just got a set of the Exiles: New Alliances tokens from Frozen Forge. I only needed the tokens for Vet Decimate so the Hunters and Engineers tokens are available for purchase. Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk $$.
  6. Intergalactic Slacks

    Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    So while everyone else is coming to terms with the new plastics, I'm going backwards and moving beyond the Kick Off set with the older metals (for now, 'Smiths and maybe Farmers will probably happen in time). I thought the mystery box might be a good way to expand my collection, which of course means I'm working with the Hunters. No paint yet, just glue and green-stuff, and coming to terms with these things. Guild Ball has taught me that I like painting, and now that I do not like fitting models together nearly as much. Going to get all 9 (season II + a young Theron) assembled, then think about basing, and eventually get around to paint. I did manage a quick paint job on an Easter Fangtooth to keep me from going mad with all the assembly
  7. So, here's my efforts. I'm much more proud of the Mason's, I don't think the Union turned out quite so well.
  8. Hi there, Very new to the game. With few games that I played I quickly became hooked with the game. I will start painting my minis and look forward to keep playing the game. If you are a noob (like me) in Taipei or in Aguascalientes I would love to play a game (or two) here and there.
  9. the goose09

    H: Hunters - W: Trades

    Have - full hunters team, including vet minx. Partially painted with s2 tokens and dice. Want - Alchemists, union or resin morts, with tokens and dice located in the great state of TN. We can work out shipping.
  10. Hi there, in this thread I'd like to post collections of photos of Guild Ball figures I painted over the years. Which means we're hopping back to (late) 2015 for starters, but it won't be long until we're up to date! First two teams I painted were Butchers and Morticians (naturally): On I went to do some Fishermen! Shortly thereafter I also painted Captain: Thanks for having a look, hope you like the minis and stay tuned for more!
  11. If I were to place three jawbone traps within an inch of an opposing player and they moved would they trigger all 3 and take 6 damage? I am assuming yes but just wanted to check.
  12. vMinx today for all the hunters, as usual her pdf is below the photos GB-S3-Hunters-MinxV.pdf
  13. Forum! Episode 16 is finally out! Sorry for the delay but this episode comes with some big quality improvements. I have fixed the new terrain intro so that it is less vomit-inducing, I have added a new intro, and a new logo. I was also featured on Beard Minis' latest episode where I play this same matchup but with a different captain. Let me know what you guys think and enjoy the match! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Music: Epic - Bensound.com Beard Minis Feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OACpS8sBuE4&t=403s
  14. First up is Seenah. Thanks for any comments or criticisms
  15. Finally got my Mystery Box and I'm not into all of this chibi stuff that seems to be going around. Quite frankly I would like to get rid of this stuff in case it's contagious. Chibi cards for Brewer's (Esters and Quaff) and Hunter's (Theron and Fahad) also got the Ballista and Mainspring chibi pin. On a side note, I also now have an extra set of S3 Plot Cards and Big League. PM me if you are interested in any of it, located in the United States, Arizona.
  16. So there has been some confusion about the interaction of oHearne and Theron with Singled Out and Sun Strike. Since you now have the option to pick a mom result on oHearne and Sun Strike states that when you target an enemy with a successful character play that you get 1 momentum. Now the question is that if I do 3 attacks with oHearne that is benefiting from Sun Strike, can he do 3 Singled Outs and generate 6 momentum? Since the attacks just reapplies Singled Out, and the fact that it's still a successful character play. Just want to make sure.
  17. Tadpoleface

    Tadpoles Pond

    About time I showed off my team, I've gone with a typical autumnal set of colours
  18. Episode 59 In this episode Andrew and Jason talk to Aaron Wilson about the Hunters Guild. They talk about which models he likes taking, how he plays them, and which models he brings to a tournament. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB Eternal thanks to Beardminis for the heartfelt Patreon commerical, find his channel at http://Www.youtube.com/c/BeardMinis
  19. Looking for a few LE Models, and a few cards Models: -LE Blackheart -LE Rage Cards: -Chibi Hammer/Wrecker -Chibi Union -Chibi Farmers (If these exist) I'm in the US, and would like to only buy from someone in the US. Thanks for poking your head in here, y'all. Cheers, -Capt
  20. Howdy! Forgot to post my last blog post up on here, so here you are, how about 3? First up, I discuss Engineers with Greg Day: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/10/legendary-plays-with-greg-day-on.html?m=1 Then I talk Blackheart- I mean, Union with Jason Mountain from the Singled Out Podcast: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-jason-mountain-on.html?m=1 and then this week I spoke to Mike Dam from Crit Damage Miniature Games about his Hunters: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-mike-dam-on.html as always, let me know why you think! lots to go at there! Regards, Mr Hall
  21. TheCaptain

    Engineers go Hunting.

    In a desperate bid to win the favor of Harold the Hat, the Engineers Guild approached the Herald's of Winters Moon and sheepishly begged the would-be opponents to join them on the pitch. Old Man Ballista showed up with his trusty wooden bug, and the four people who responded to his group-text: Salvo the frail, Locus the woodwork abomination, Ratchet the similarly frail, and Velocity the woodperson of questionable usefulness. Skatha and her exceptional forehead accepted the Engineer challenge, and she called forth her finest players to the trampled, well-worn pitch: Snow, the Canid Hero; Ulfr, the Ninjazerker; Seenah, the Ursine Champion of Justice; Egret, the kneeshakingly renowned Woodswoman; and Chaska, the master trapper and shotgun maestro. Ballista elected to receive the kickoff. Ballista manages to get the ball toward center-pitch, and at the beginning of turn 2, scores an easy goal with "Breach!", knocking down Chaska and Snow. Ulfr rubber-bands a goal, and Velocity scores quickly in response. Skatha takes the goal kick, and drives for the goalpost, scoring comfortably. In the last activation of the third turn, the ball is free and Mainspring is left to activate. Mainspring jogs up, scooping the ball into its bug-a-pult. A successful pass from Mainspring, and a few grinding gears, and Velocity swipes her foot, adding to the momentum of the recently bug-launched ball. Velocity, the performer of the day, scores a clean snapshot, netting Ballista an undeserved, close win. Harry the Hat moves closer yet to the mechanical grasp of the Engineers.
  22. The lineups are Engineers: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet and Locus Hunters: Skatha, Snow, Hearne, Chaska, Egret and Seenah Skatha won the roll of and decided to receive. (note - sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't figure out how to submit them without making the pictures ant sized) Locus starts the action off by kicking off far and to the right side of the pitch. This leads to Skatha rushing up to get the ball and passing it back to Seenah without much in the way of an offensive set up. As the hunters players pass the ball along the line Ballista manages to pin Chaska with a well placed deadbolt. This is quickly followed by several of Ratchet's grenades being tossed onto him. Seenah positions aggressively in an attempt to shield her captain from any unforeseen assaults but is punished when an overclocked Locus reaches her and knocks her to the ground and bats her away from her team. Hearne moves in to try and assist but with no way for him to get Seenah off the ground he launches his skewer. His plan backfires as he misses Locus and now is in a terrible spot himself. Salvo shows up only to torment the poor bear further. The engineers make the first move in the next few moments as a result of the crucial momentum the team had built up and not wanting to give the hunters a breather Ballista charges Chaska. Still pinned to the ground and with no way to fight back Chaska is taken out of action and is carried off the field. Seenah stands up and uses what energy she can muster to roar at Locus and swing on Salvo. Locus then returns to the fray and takes he out of the fight. Egret runs the ball up the far left side of the pitch attempting to get in range of the goal and launches arrows at mainspring only to miss time and time again. Hearne goes in on ratchet and with Skatha's help they get Ratchet and Salvo dangerously low. Salvo and Ratchet use their actions to heal up and get in as best positions as possible to take on Hearne in the upcoming moments. In all the commotion Mainspring easily makes it all the way to Egret and prepares to steal the ball. Hoist and Snow try to assist their respective teams but are mostly lending support to the other players. Mainspring takes the next action and after a brief struggle manages to wrestle the ball away from Egret and pass it to Ballista. Skatha activates but is knocked down by Locus while trying to get to Ballista. Standing back up she decides to freeze the engineers around her and begins to beat on Locus to generate momentum. Ballista takes this opportunity to score a goal with an insanely powerful kick after beating Snow with his crossbow and then dodges towards Egret. Backed into a corner Egret had no choice but to go fetch the ball and hope for the best as she made her way back towards the engineers goal. Despite Hearne's best efforts he can't seem to land the finishing blow on either Ratchet or Salvo despite them being both frozen and snared. A once again overclocked and rampaging Locus knocks Skatha to the ground once more and knocks her unconscious. At this point with the odds looking grim for the hunters their coach decides to call the game. Had the coach not been ill or luck been more on their side perhaps events would have transpired differently. This time however engineers can count this game as one step closer to claiming a new companion.
  23. Hello everybody, new poster here that finally took the plunge to be active on this forum. I only recently got into Guild ball and after having built my Butchers, I am now giving the painting side a go. Please note, this is my first proper miniature game (in which miniatures need to be painted, coming in from x-Wing). Thus, every bit of constructive criticism is highly sought after. I hope to neither bore anybody to death. So, here's the first of the bunch: Ox, still very much W.I.P.! not finished on the metals yet, the skin tone needs a lot more work, the base is not yet finished. But, wanted to post something. I will keep this updated and use it to force myself into a more regular painting schedule. Have a great evening, Sebastian
  24. The Brewers guild brought a brawl! No goals only Take Outs!