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Found 7 results

  1. My Theron-led Hunters fought well, but ultimately lost 7-12 to a Shark-led Fishermen team. The Hunters collected their VP through multiple take-outs. Minx started the hunt by retaliating against an early Shark goal and removing him from the pitch. Big man OHearne went against Siren for the second take-out. Theron took advantage of the octopus being out of his element (literally) and snagged another VP. Greyscales and Sakana did a fine job of tying up the Bear, rendering him nearly useless. In the meantime, Shark slipped in close for a second goal. Theron could not let that stand, and went toe-to-toe with the opposing captain and kicked him from the pitch again. But, alas, Shark could not be stopped. During the next turn, he swept up the ball and scored the winning goal. Despite the loss, it was a good showing on the Hunters' part in their endeavor to bring Hemlocke home. (Photos will be added when I can figure out how to compress them properly...)
  2. Hello all! with the announcement of the farmers guild, I've been looking into what I'd like as a future guild, I came up with the idea of the Bankers Guild. below is a blog post about what I think they would look and play like. Do you think they would work? And what are you hoping for? http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-guild-hall-my-wished-for-guild.html
  3. niceas

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Just curious as to what people are thinking of using as their goals? Personally, I'm going to paint up Wurmwood from Privateer Press' model line.
  4. Hey guys. I'm looking to get some advice from more experienced on the forum. I recently started playing Guild Ball and decided on the Hunters as my first guild. I've played two games with the basic Hunters set (no Chaska or Seenah) against Brewers so far. Lost both (12-10 / 12-4). I find the Hunters have so much good synergy but it makes it hard to choose in which order to do things. Does anybody have some good tips regarding how much influence to assign each member, some good combos, where are good positions for each member to start? (I am looking at picking up Chaska in the future). Your advice is greatly appreciated. Regards.
  5. MisterPGibson

    Errata and Updated cards

    Can anyone save me some time and tell me whether the cards that came with the minis have been updated since Salute? Do I need to print out new versions from the website? Thanks!
  6. Hearne was the first Hunter model I chose to paint, he's a bit bigger and looked like the easiest. Plus, I wasn't 100% sure how my palette would turn out, but I think he came out just golden! My personal critique would be lack of blending on his skin. This is probably the best skin I've done on a mini, but I think the skin/brown mix was a little too dark. Next one will have lighter shading and better blending on the muscles. I'm very happy with the base though, definitely worth the extra few bucks for the fancy forest base! C&C appreciated!
  7. Dogs of War Gaming's inaugural Guild Ball tournament will be The Hunter Games! Date: April 16, 2016 Registration Cost: $10.00 Location: Dogs of War Gaming 1240 Clearmont St NE #5 Palm Bay, FL 32905 Prize support: -Winner will receive a Hunters Guild starter box when it releases! -Highest ranked fully painted team other than 1st place receives Hunters Guild Faction dice upon release! -Other prizes to be added, based on participation. Registration starts at 10am Dice roll at 11am Details: Tournament Length - "It's not over till It's over!" (Swiss Round until a single undefeated team remains) Match Win Conditions - "Play to the Final Whistle" (12 VPs win the match) Round Length - "Thinking time" (50 minute Chess Clocks) Roster Selection - "Strength in Depth" (X=6) (Bring Captain, Mascot, and 6 other players, choose 4 of 6 for each match) Match Roster Selection - "Hide the Team Sheet" (Both teams chosen in secret, and revealed simultaneously) Painting not required for this tournament, but encouraged.