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Found 12 results

  1. My friend's newly painted Hunters squared off against the first Blacksmith release box: The scrum in the middle of the pitch gets heavy as Ferrite scores a goal, getting the Blacksmiths back into the game after Ulfr makes an expert goal run: The blacksmiths pull ahead with a second goal from Ferrite: It proves to be too little, as Cinder, Sledge, Iron get taken out, and then Ulfr finishes off Sledge for the win: Even Blacksmiths, in a loss, can see that Hemlocke belongs with the Hunters.
  2. The Farmers Guild, seeking redemption from an earlier loss, again called out Fillet and her maniac Butcher brethren. This time veteran Brisket would take her turn at the kick off. She jogs up the pitch and launches the ball into a forested area where it is retrieved by Grace, who has replaced Windle in the lineup for the rematch. Meantime the mosh pit of mayhem begins to fill with members of both clubs. Boar, Fillet, and Truffles rush to vBriskets aid as the Farmers advance into the frey with Grange, Harrow, and Jacksaw. Farmers draw first blood as vBrisket is taken out by Grange. 2-0 Farmers Turn two... Bushel rushes up the right hand side, calls for a pass from Grace, and pounds it off the post and the Farmers are off to a wonderful startl 6-0. The momentum begins to shift and by turn 3 the Butchers begin to dominate once more. Fillet retaliates against the goal scorer and Bushel is taken out. 6-2 Farmers. Boar makes short work of Harrow. Farmers 6-4 Fillet takes out Jackstraw on turn 4… the score is deadlocked at 6-6 Bushel looking rather sullen after going in for an easy take-away, and possible goal, thwarted by vBrisket moving unpredictable out of harms way. She's back up the field, running and passing, to an awaiting Fillet. The Butcher captain, with some fancy knife work and fancier foot work, takes down Harrow one more time… and the Butcher’s lead is 8-6… but she’s not done there… she has a clear path to the goal…. Butchers claim the match as Fillet puts the ball into the Farmer goal post. Final Score 12-6 in a monumental comeback. Game wrap up: A solid effort from the whole Butcher field, and some encouraging plays on the part of the Farmers at the hands of an inexperienced coach. A very long match that would have been quicker if either of the combatants could roll dice better!
  3. Shrinkydinkman

    State of the Union in Chains 10.17

    Did a rough count of the union in chain forums and it looks like the score is Hunters 31 to Mortician's 35. I ignored any post without pictures and as far as I'm aware the ones posted before the 9th won't count. We're in a much better spot than we were Friday, so good job everyone. About 10 or so of the spooks games are on Vassal, so I think that's whats giving them the edge. If anyone uses vassal, those games count too apparently!
  4. Shrinkydinkman

    Get those numbers up!

    Really good start yesterday, but we gotta get those battle report numbers up if we wanna beat the spooks. I'd have already posted one myself but I had three different people cancel on me yesterday for a game. My goal is to hit three games a week throughout the event. What are everyone else's goals?
  5. Link for full size http://uploads.im/x4dw6.png
  6. Snow

    Hemlocke for Hunters

    Click link for full size Background image credit JJcanvas - deviant art http://uploads.im/g3TJr.jpg
  7. Reagan_Helms

    Green Hemlocke Image

    Hey Hunters! I don't play your team enough to say I'm "one of you," but I hate Spooks and want you guys to win! I've made a green version of Hemlocke, and you can feel free to use it. It's Here on my Dropbox
  8. Yeah it hasn't started yet (hence no decent pics), but a little warmup Spook bashing last night. 12-2. Took Skatha, Snow, Ulfr, Egret, Jaecar and Minx Kicked to the morts who tried to hold up the ball with Ghast twice - mugged him for the goal twice! Once with Ulfr, once with Skatha Also stabbed up Cosset twice, once with Jaecar, once with Minx Only sacrificed Ulfr, after his suicide goal run at the top of turn two #HemlockeForHunters
  9. Vitruvian Goblin

    Ranged Brewers?

    Ahoy-hoy! I've just managed to acquire the beginnings of a Brewers team (Starter box plus Spigot and Scum) but haven't played with them yet. I know that the standard way to play them is as a beaty team but I was going through the cards and it struck me. Esthers, Scum, Stave, Stoker, Hemlocke and Spigot/Friday could be a weird ranged option for the Brewers. Access to Lob Barrel, Blind, Fire Blast and Blast Earth sounds even more condition extreme than the Alchemists. Now, I haven't used this team (not got the minis) but I was wondering what people thought of this idea. Tried it? Is it just plain stupid? Freaking amazeballs? Let me know. I'll also accept rampant abuse.
  10. Pending Forum Suspension

    Hemlocke, where have been all my life!?

    I HATED this card. I looked at it and thought "There is absolutely no way I would run this in any kind of competitive setting. Period." ...I tried her last night in a friendly against my buddy that is running Fillet butchers. Smelling salts was the bane of his existence. I have played minis for quite a while, whereas he is still fairly new but a natural, so I am usually able to outmaneuver him regardless of the team. Outmaneuvering him and busting out a model he hasn't played against much certainly caught him off guard but I think in a Fish v Fillet scenario Hemlocke is simply going to have to be a mainstay for me. Smelling Salts is great. Magical Brew I think of as the jimmy you bring with just in case but hope she doesn't make you use. Slippery was used to hilarious results. Noxious Blast added something new to the team I'd never gotten to do before. And while I didn't have a good opportunity for blind the utility speaks for itself. I hate to admit it but she was pretty darn good for a model I was expecting to flounder. Steamforged you win. I proxied her last night but she'll be the next one I pick up. Send me one and I'll literally eat my hat. You have initiative. All of that being said; what are everyone else's experiences? Any great combos with the fish line up? Prefer Shark or Corsair (I imagine both work great with her?)
  11. Hello friends, I just started playing guildball and read through the rules updates. So are all blinds increased to an AOE3? Should I just sharpe it onto her card? The reason that I ask is because the card has not been changed online.
  12. looking to buy (if price is low enough :p) doesn't matter about condition as long as theS2 models have cards Hemlocke Snakeskin Harry The Hat TenderiseR Esters Mash cheers!