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Found 10 results

  1. After nursing some injuries from their last time on the field, Tapper lead the Brewers onto the field for some revenge. After receiving, the Brewer's used some quick footwork to juggle the ball and around and close the distance on their opponents. The Morticians set up a trap for Hooper, surrounding him for a vicious assault. However, it turned out Hooper was playing the bait, and Tapper and Spigot began punishing the Morticians for getting too close, forcing Scalpel to retreat while taking out Cosset and setting up Graves to be downed by their cat Scum. At this point they Brewer's controlled the field and continued to press their assault. Running short on time, the Morticians made a desperate play for the goal, but were unable to convert before the Brewers isolated and eliminated a couple more members, winning by take-outs and clock-out points. Final Score, 12-2, Brewers Win The Kick-off Doesn't Clear the Center Line, Giving Brewers Early Control The Morticians Close on Hooper Only to be Punished by Tapper Towards the End of the Game. Brewers Control the Field
  2. Gift

    Rage reforge Anvil

    Union wins 12:7 4 TO& goal by Gutter
  3. Morticians wins 12:7 (4 (3x by Memory)TO & goal by Obulus)
  4. I played a lot with Morticians lately because I was training for the WTC so I decided to go with my Masons this time but because I am still a Mortician at heart I am posting this for the Morticians. Unfortunately all of the pictures we took are too big to upload here. I hope that won't be a problem. Our lineups were: Esters, Quaff, Hooper, Stoker, Mash, Spigot Honour, Marbles, Brick, Harmony, Mallet, Flint I won the roll off so I decided to receive and he kicked off with Esters. I spent all my turn planing my last activation first turn goal with Flint staying out of his threat range with everyone. Only Brick was in his threat reange so he took a lot of damage when Esters charged in on him leahing him on very low health. Flint activated to run and then got his second activation and another influence to go back to 4 influence to score the goal. He kicked the ball into space which would lead to me trying to get the ball back during the rest of the game. 4-0 He won the roll off for the second turn and killed Brick in his first activation with Esters. Hooper took some damage from Honour attacking him. I prepared some crowding outs on my left side of the pitch with Marbles and Mallet on the left side of the pitch to be able to take out either Stoker, Spigot or Esters in the next turn. 4-2 I won the roll off for turn 3 and my first activation was Honour killing Stoker who had 3 influnece and full health with 7 influence (I used her legendary). He dealt a lot of damage to Mallet but he managed to survive this turn. Mallet managed to pass the ball succesfully to Flint with 2 dice needing a 5. Flint is now pretty much in the middle of the pitch with the ball and I have a lot of momentum from the take out. 6-2 I have the first activation and I activate Flint to score my second goal with him charging Stoker to get the Momentum and even getting into tap in range. Mallet dies as expected as Esters attacks him. Spigot is in range of Honour and she kills him with the help of some crowd outs (Brick, Marbles) for the last 2 VPs. Final score: 12-4 for the Masons Harmony didn't do a lot in this game but she didn't die so that's ok. It was probably a mistake to walk into his threat range with Brick in the first turn. I wanted to be able to do a countercharge if needed in the first turn already but I didn't realise that the only possible target would be Esters until it was too late and I realised that she had Gluttinous Mass. It was my first game with Honour (and my 5th game with Masons so far) and I definitely like Superior Strategy!
  5. Morticians wins 12:6 4 TO& goal by Memory
  6. Union won 12-6 7xTO(Theronx2,Fahadx2, Ulfrx2, Egret ) It's not easy to take the ball
  7. Great game and a real eye opener vs the true gent that is @WCWW podcast
  8. Saturday morning Guild Ball! Team line ups : Obulus Dirge Brainpan&Memory Cosset Graves Mist Pin Vice Ratchet Mother Hoist Velocity Colossus Engineers Kick Off and the game starts! Both teams move toward the centre of the pitch. Obulus does Puppet Master Hoist into position where he subsequently gets crowded out by him, Dirge and Memory. Cosset is ready to go next and shred Hoist into splinters but Colossus saves the day and his Unexpected Arrival pushes Morticians out of positions and blocks Cosset from going in. Picture at the end of the first turn : Turn 2 Pin Vice Tackles Brainpan, dodges out and scores a goal! 4-0. Morticians feel to confident and leave the free-ball to take out Hoist instead, which backfires as Hoist lives and subsequently Colossus collects the free ball, passes to Pin Vice who takes a Snap Shot from Tap In range for 8-0 for Engineers. In response Graves, Brainpan, Memory and Obulus gang up on Pin Vice to take her out. 8-2. Mist gets the ball and goes for it. 8-6. Beginning of turn 3 : Morticians eventually take out Hoist for 8-8. We both run out of time and start losing VPs. 2 activations each later it's 10-10. The Engineers player kills off badly wounded Cosset with Ratchet for the win. 12-10. Great and tight game! Hemlocke for Morticians!
  9. Union won 12-6 4xTO(Greed, Decimate, Mist Grace ) and goal.
  10. Union won 12-6 three (Drige x2) player takeouts and two goals. At the end use Man Marking ]