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Found 23 results

  1. Hey all, Just played my first hand the other night and really enjoyed the grief and failure. Just like the game I thought it would be great to have an area where everyone interested can meet around the bonfire and discuss STRATEGY. My first lesson: Bosses need good hands, I am talking equipment with more then 2 dmg to get through armour, crazy! RULEBOOK - PDF PRAISE THE SUN!
  2. moobythumb

    New Farm Hand

    Hey guys, I just ordered myself the Old Fathers Harvest set as my first team. I've only ever played one demo of GB so went for rule of cool when buying; however there seems to be a concerning level of negative reactions to S4 changes with Farmers. As such what advice would you give a new player to help make my entry to this game smoother and more enjoyable? I'm happy to buy the original farmers team if needs be, but if I can get advice around the team I'm getting that would be super appreciated too.
  3. masterkdog

    pundit woes

    Hey guys, I'm sitting here on a slightly coldish Autumn evening (actually it's an unseasonably warm 19 degrees celsius) at the end of the world feeling a little frustrated. I am hoping someone can help out or at least give me a false sense of security/reassurance. I appreciate this may not be a topic for the forums but not sure where else to go with this to be honest. So the frustration is because I applied for pundit status in early Feb (2nd of Feb) and so far have not heard anything back (other than confirmation of application email). I had all these hopes of running a launch event for the Falconers and getting in a couple of small tournies as well. I sent an email to the generic SF games feedback address and they responded within 24 hours basically saying to wait I'll hear back soon, that was over a month ago now. We only have 2 pundits in New Zealand (which, fun fact is geographically bigger than England), and they are both located in the same city at the top end of the country. There is not much of a national scene and I would like to change that. Especially given that we have some decent local players. One of my weekly opponents came 2nd at worlds last year after winning the Aussie Nationals, and another just came back from the states where he came 3rd (albeit thanks to the bye). For all the pundits out there, how long did it take for you to get a response etc? If any of you are able to help with my frustration that would be great. I don't mind if it is a sorry we don't need you as a pundit right now response, or even a you suck and got all the answers wrong response, I would just like some sort of response I guess. So frustration vented for now...
  4. Hi all, I want to do saliva/drool/spittle effects on one of my minis. Have seen a few tutes on youtube. All of which involve UHU glue. guy at my LGS suggested PVA and a clear paint by Tamya but can't find any examples online of the results. Does anyone have any suggestions not involving UHU glue? Has any one tried this PVA/Tamiya clear paint technique? Cheers.
  5. Arcnode

    Estus match-ups

    Hi guys, hoping for a little Estus advice. What match ups do you like her into? I'm finding in most games I end up thinking Tapper would have been the better choice. I like Estus into alchemists for the condition removal and to play them at their own game a little but other than that I struggle to place her. I expected to like her vs farmers and masons but in recent games I really struggled to get anything good out of her past turn 1 denial with fire blasts. I often get some good work out of her but I just feel my boii tapper is the heart of the brewers team and makes the team play the way they should. Any help/advice would be appreciated
  6. Okay guys and gals!!! I finały came up with courage to post my blue thoughts here. I have a problem, I won't play minis i dont like. That kinda narrows the perspective of choosing a Guild. Some time ago i decided Butchers. Good minis, simple plan. Kill everyone and anyone on the pitch. Now the problem is, simple plan doesnt mean easy or succesful. My record since i am back to the game in S3 is 2-17, maybe more. And those 2 wins were against Morts and Thresher (cant win any more with the guy that plays him so i say lucky) and thats it. Can you, the marvelous community help me acheive something with our Glorious Supreme Masters Butchers? Or simply git gud and wait for another season? Are there any particularly good plays I am missing? Something borderline OP i am just to stupid to understand? And i dont want Butchers to be OP, i want to have a short at winning P. S. For the record, my community has 2x Fish, 2x Union, Thresher, Morts, Brewers and me. Cheers Varred
  7. Hi all, @Siberys sort of answered this question but now i realise sort of not. I really need the "Christian" or Given name of the great Bacchus Elect Pious VI. Can any one remember if it was in the fluff? It really is the final piece to my hopefully readable scholars guild challenge piece which like all good GB players i had about 85% complete before July and have only just thought to sit down and try and finish it tonight.... Please help folks Actually sorry @Siberys was this his pre Bacchus name here? Prefectus Giuliano Rodrigo Brunetti.
  8. Quwaz

    Why Midas?

    Am I the only person who never liked Midas? I have played Alchemists since I started playing when season 2 came out, and all I heard was: "Midas is so good! OMG Midas best captain in the game! He is so great! Why would anyone ever not run Midas forever?!?" But I never got the hype. He is decent I guess, but I always like the control and synergy of Smoke more than the randomness and influence hogging of Midas. I actually like him a little better now in Season 3 after he lost his terrible power steal ability (which was also over-hyped and never worth the influence cost) and now seems like a point guard to move the ball to Vitriol (but his poor kicking ability is annoying). What am I missing? I just don't get it...
  9. I was wondering if any one knows if the stretch goals as well as the add on dlcs like darkroot basin etc, will be able to be bought at a later date , if u didn't manage to pledge ?
  10. I have come to the realisation that I do not like playing against Alchemists or Fishermen. I just don't get what I'm supposed to be doing and it's not helped by both my local group and the wider tournament scene being awash with these teams at the moment. Any advice gratefully received. Who do you pick and why? Do you try and play football against them or are you laying the smack down and trying to poach a winning goal?
  11. masterkdog

    Brush type advice

    Hey all, i have been using an army painter "hobby Highlighting" brush since I began my GB painting journey last year. It is starting to look a little worn. I was just wondering: how long should I hold onto a brush before putting it out to pasture? what is a decent but cheap brush option that is similar? What is the difference between "hair" types? I.e Toray, sable etc. What is better? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  12. Hello, i just started this game about a week ago and chose the engineers due to their play style and the look of the models. though coming up with a paint scheme has been a bit of a struggle for me, the only thing for certain i know i want the wooden bits on the models to look like they have been burnt and ashy. does anyone know how i could achieve this effect? also any help with paint schemes would be awesome, thanks.
  13. Shonsue

    iPad photo resizing??

    So does anyone have tips to resize photos to post them here? I'm running an iPad, and I can't seem to make my pics small enough to be able to add them directly to a post. I can link to imagur, but I know I personally would rather see the pics in the forum post. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  14. masterkdog

    Micro Art bases help

    So about 10 weeks ago I ordered some bases for my hunters off Micro Art studio (in Poland). Now I may live at the bottom of the world but email works in real time here too and apart from a paypal confirmation of payment I have had no correspondence from Microart studios. So I am just wondering if anyone on here has purchased anything from them before? Were there any issues and how long did it take for product to arrive. I really want the bases so i can get cracking on my Hunters. Cheers all
  15. So I am looking to base my Tenderiser and have not much experience at converting etc. I was hoping for some advice. I have a spare ball and was hoping to have big T smashing down on it and having it popping. Whats the best way to do this? Throw away the ball and make something out of green stuff? Cut the ball in a particular way?? Please advice and suggestions wanted.
  16. DoppleGanger

    How to make underwater minis

    SOOOOOO I got the idea of trying to put my fishermen team in a clear resin so that it looked like they are all underwater. I was thinking a kinda pirates of the Caribbean undead thing. I unno. Any notes on if this would be possible and if so how I would do it so that it is clear and looks good.
  17. Hello everybody! One of the Dark Souls KS backers has problems with registering in this forum. He keeps getting the message: Sorry, there is a problem You are not permitted to register a user account with this site. Error code: 2S129/1 Even after answering the question correctly and solving the three pieces of the puzzle. Do you have any other ideas what could lead to this problem? Thank you kindly, Andreas
  18. Anti-Venom

    New face, Old Gamer

    Howdy everyone! Im completely new to the game. I played a few days ago using Morticians, Fishermen, and my favorite The Brewers. That being said, what are some good tactics and builds for the Brewers. Do y'all have some good paint schemes that fit well with the tartan theme? Please post pics and share with this GB noob
  19. masterkdog

    Ox Errata?????

    So I finally got my season two style cards today and promptly threw them into card sleeves ready for a league match (12-0 victory in turn two btw). I had a massive shock when I activated Ox, I was moving him up near gutter to bring her into my lovely Aura and cast Tough skin on her when I noticed a new ability (new to me) on his card called they aint tough. Wow cool ability I thought. I then remembered seeing this in the version of the rules that I downloaded prior to purchasing my figs around late november 2015. I had assumed this card had been errata'd to what i received with my figure. I was even more surprised the next turn when i walked up to stoker and started wailing on him, I realised my playbook had infact grown one larger and was way different than it is on the other card I have been using. Can someone please clarify have I just missed an Errata and the season two style card is correct or have I got a misprint card, or have i been majorly hallucinating due to insomnia? please help so I can finally sleep.
  20. Dark Fledgling

    I liked the models (so I bought them)

    I thought they looked cool. I play warmachine and have been seeing guild ball getting played more and more around my area. When a good friend of mine bought a starter pack, I couldn't resist and purchased my own, returning the next day to add on the members the members that appealed to me the most. I have not been able to play the whole group yet (only 3-4 players so far) but I hope to not need to purchase anyone else to make my lineup work. Here's who I got. Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, Mash. I guess in theory I have alot of good kickers to try and score/pass with. It sucks that my team is still kinda slow, but I figure It lets me expose Friday to get a goal, and then be in position to score with Mash soon thereafter if I can get him the ball again. Meanwhile Hooper counterattacks with Tapper's aura and tooled up and beats on people. Perhaps planning on scoring 2 goals w/ two knockouts? What advise or thoughts would you have on playing this lineup? Finally, I'd like to eventually add another two players to play an 8 man match. Who would you add to help round it all out? Im really enjoying the few games I've played so far and I'm looking forward to more!
  21. I know the only way to get the ball token from the Guildball store is with a starter kit, but I have a full team after buying them from someone else sadly no ball included, but does anybody know of a site (UK preferable) selling a suitable replacement? I might just have to get a drinking keg and have my brewers boot that around.
  22. Hazard_Syndrome

    My 1st 6

    Hey guys, so I mainly play Morts (don't hate me, I play them badly) and I dabble in Butchers. After getting some Union to play for each team, I ended up getting Blackheart and Coin... I figured I may aswel have a third team. I've got Gutter and Decimate on my painting table, but this is what I have so far as my 1st 6... what are your thoughts on this lineup? Blackheart Coin Rage Mist Minx Fangtooth
  23. JJPearson

    Morticians with Mist

    Afternoon everyone, I'm a new player (5 games so far) and I'm beating my head against my roomates mortician team with Mist. It's getting really frustrating and making me not want to play against him. I've played him 3 times and each time I get stomped like a kitten. I still have not made a pass or scored a goal in all three games. The closest game was 6-12. Basically the inability to tie Mist down and her insane threat range means I can't stop her. Anyone who might stop her gets taken out by Obulus or Ghast with his hordes of influence. He took spigot from full health to KO in one activation. The last game he kicked to me and used puppet master to have mist go get the ball before I could (kicking away from my fast players and towards Esters and Mash). I can do damage to him but his ability to generate tons of momentum means he heals all his players every turn and can increase his defense against my charges. The first game we missed the "heal once per person" aspect of momentous healing, so we're not cheating that way. I've tried: Esters, Mash, Hooper, Spigot, Friday and Esters, Mash, Hooper, Spigot, Stave against him. Lighting him on fire or knocking him down for range doesn't really slow him down as he can generate the momentum to remove all the status effects. Thanks for any help. I'm sure it's just my inexperience and somehow she's not totally broken, but I can't see it right now. Or maybe morticians are just a hard match up for brewers and it's just going to suck for me.