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Found 8 results

  1. So there has been some confusion about the interaction of oHearne and Theron with Singled Out and Sun Strike. Since you now have the option to pick a mom result on oHearne and Sun Strike states that when you target an enemy with a successful character play that you get 1 momentum. Now the question is that if I do 3 attacks with oHearne that is benefiting from Sun Strike, can he do 3 Singled Outs and generate 6 momentum? Since the attacks just reapplies Singled Out, and the fact that it's still a successful character play. Just want to make sure.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering if Vet Hearne can make his Lunar Eclipse reposition when the damage he inflicts takes out the model. I.e. Does he make his jump before the model is taken off the pitch? Thanks in advance
  3. Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
  4. Hey guys I'm back with a brand new blog entry. Check it out! In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month including Adepticon, my experiences with Crucible, and the new Hunters models released this month. I cover where I think they fall within the team from a competitive perspective. A Quick note here guys. Hitting the like button really helps me show up in Youtube's search engine and subscribing will let you guys know the moment my new content is up. Thanks for watching!
  5. dwhite87

    Hunters Season 3 breakdown

    To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry. ~ K.J. Parker Since they were first announced and then released, the Hunters Guild has been greeted with much excitement as well as what I would classify as consternation from certain players. Many theorize that much of the design of the team is really still unseen at the moment with fewer players than the other more established Guilds. Others simply think that they are under-powered and maybe not well developed for where competitive players feels they should be. Let’s just admit that no matter what happens, Hunters are never going to hit as hard as Butchers, knockdown like Brewers, tackle/move/score as good as Fish, or control the board like Morticians. The Hunters are something more unique trying to carve out their own niche in the game, which hopefully will come to fruition with Season 3. For now though, I’ll focus on: summarizing the changes the existing players did receive in Season 3, how some of the global rules changes impact them specifically, and until more releases come, some ideas on rosters/teams based on the new organized play Regional Cup format. http://midwestwargaming.com/hunters-season-3/ -Article written by JSKrush
  6. The core rulebook pg 36 under Parting Blow says the following: "A Parting Blow cannot cause a Reposition or trigger a Character Play." On pg 13 it also says the following: "When a model or marker is placed, it has not made an Advance or Reposition, and it is not considered to have moved." Veteran Hearne's Lunar Eclipse character trait reads as follows: "When this model damages an enemy model that is suffering the snared condition with a Playbook damage result this model may be placed within [1"] of the enemy model." In short, direct placement is not a Reposition, and therefore it is not forbidden by the Parting Blow rules. Meaning that if Veteran Hearne makes a Parting Blow against a snared model then Veteran Hearne may use his Lunar Eclipse rule to teleport. Is this intended? It follows the letter of the rules, but it certainly doesn't seem to follow the spirit of the rules.
  7. Painted up Egret last night, nothing better to do in a storm! Bonus picture with my two painted Hunters, Egret and her pig 'ol pal Hearne. Her hair did not turn out as vibrant as I'd like and her skin is still a little splotchy(hard time working out a good 3 layer skin combo with current paints), but overall I'm pretty happy.
  8. Hearne was the first Hunter model I chose to paint, he's a bit bigger and looked like the easiest. Plus, I wasn't 100% sure how my palette would turn out, but I think he came out just golden! My personal critique would be lack of blending on his skin. This is probably the best skin I've done on a mini, but I think the skin/brown mix was a little too dark. Next one will have lighter shading and better blending on the muscles. I'm very happy with the base though, definitely worth the extra few bucks for the fancy forest base! C&C appreciated!