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Found 16 results

  1. Quwaz


    So veteran "female hat" is going to Engineer guild, but what will happen to my Harry? Will he still be playable with his current errata card rules? For how long? In the keynote the dev said "union players will no longer be available once the matching minor guild is released" so does that mean my Harry is just a useless chunk of metal soon? What about the decimate and A&G I have too? Is Steamforged going to refund my money for selling me non-playable models? I can't exactly sell them to a union player since Union is squashed soon too.
  2. Smoke faced Brisket in a battle over Harry and his inspiring hat today. Lining up for the Solthecians were Brisket, Strongbox, Grace, Benediction, Mist, and Hemlocke. On the other side of the pitch were Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Veteran Katalyst, and Decimate. Calculus kicked off into the nearby forest, and Benediction jogged up and passed the ball to Mist. The rest of the Alchemist team grouped up and launched poison and fire, and Calculus managed to blind Brisket. The Solthecians worked the ball over to Brisket and Hemlocke returned fire at the Alchemists (or poison, rather). Brisket tried some interplay with her nearby teammates, but the Solthecians were unable to complete a single pass. Smoke then spread fire and poison across the entire field, catching the entire enemy team within the clouds. Brisket attempted a second goal run, gliding through the Alchemist lines and managing to tap one home. 0-4, Solthecians. With a poisoned target nearby, Katalyst wasted no time charging in to take Brisket out and bring himself down in a blaze of glory. The crowd goes wild. 4-6, Solthecians. Mercury and Calculus stayed near their captain and continued launching chemicals at the enemy team, and Hemlocke began to falter. Decimate, sensing weakness, danced into range of the witch, who fell quickly to her rapiers. 6-6 all. Shortly afterward the chemicals across the entire field managed to penetrate Flask's clockwork mechanisms and gum them up, and the robot overheated and was temporarily incapacitated. 6-7, Solthecians. Katalyst returned to the field and sensed weakness in nearby Mist and Grace. There was a shared glance between the hulking brute and Decimate, a "you get one, I'll get the other". With this understood, Katalyst charged into Mist, riling up the crowd and showing off his strength once more. 10-9, Alchemists. Before Decimate could reach Grace, however, Brisket sensed an opportunity. Using her immense speed and agility, she first coverd the area Benediction was overseeing, allowing the knight to move and tie up the Alchemist's duelist. Brisket then sprinted over and retrieved the ball from where Katalyst dropped it as he fell, before passing it to Grace and then using Bendiction to pass the message to pass it back. The movement of the ball allowed Brisket to close the distance to the goal, and she shot a screamer for the win. 10-13, Solthecians. In an interview after the game, the Alchemist coach was positive. "Katalyst may have been a little too excitable out there, but I won't fault my players for their enthusiasm. It was a tight game up until the very end and we made an error underestimating Brisket's ability to close the distance quickly. Given just a few more seconds, Decimate had the win wrapped up for us. Sometimes this is the way things go, we'll get them next time."
  3. Bolstered by their tactic's success in their pre-game scrimmage, the Alchemists fielded a never-before-seen lineup in their game against the Hunters yesterday. Midas led the team onto the pitch, followed by Flask, Calculus, Katalyst, Crucible, and Avarisse and Greed. Well... not quite. Crucible, unused to being a starter, apparently returned home with the practice squad, led by the rookie coach from the pre-game scrimmage. Determined to make the tactic work, the head coach asked Compound to do his best Crucible impression. The keeper was happy to oblige and play upfield for a nice change of pace. The Hunters kicked off, with Theron masterfully (luckily?) putting the ball out of reach of the entire Alchemists side. The Alchemists, suddenly unable to play the ball game they love so much, attempted to pivot into a brawl game led by Katalyst and Avarisse and Greede. This is widely regarded as a huge tactical blunder by the coach. Avarisse and Greede and Compound (Crucible?) started forward, while Midas led Katalyst into reach of the enemy team and Calculus attempted to deter Jaecar from retrieving the ball with a poison cloud. Before Katalyst could charge Theron, the Hunters captain pinned the flaming brute and forced him into a forest. Katalyst managed to escape, only to be met with a rain of arrows from Egret, and was unable to reach Theron. Next, the gigantic bear charged poor Katalyst, knocking him down and causing him to bleed, but fulfilling the Alchemist player's dream to catch 'em all. It was at this point that everything suddenly went even further downhill for our poor Alchemists. Hearne showed up with a new bag of tricks the Alchemist's coach had never seen before, knocking down Avarisse and Compound (Crucible. Compcible? Better than Crupound). With the remaining Alchemists unable to do anything but watch, Jaecar finished off Katalyst and Egret sprinted up the field to score. Soon after, Avarisse fell to an aggressive hug from the bear, and Flask, weakened from one of Jaecar's traps, overheated and was out of commission. Midas retrieved the ball and attempted to move both to safer ground and into a position to launch a goal run, but was caught out by Theron's range and succumbed to Egret's poison. The pitch was not a pretty sight for Alchemist fans at the whistle. Final score, Hunters 12 - Alchemists 0. In an interview after the game, the Alchemist coach regretted his excitement to try out his new tactic. "I believe it has promise, but against the kind of game the Hunters play, it was most certainly ill-advised. We needed a completely different game plan. Next time we play them, I think Smoke will be the name at the top of the team sheet."
  4. We've managed to get a peek at a closed-door practice for the Alchemists before their next match against the Hunters. Midas, Calculus, and Flask, the ever present starters, switched between both sides. The first lineup was completed by Katalyst, Crucible, and hired thugs Avarisse and Greede. The second team consisted of Mercury, Compound, and boot-for-hire Mist. The Alchemist's coach appeared to be testing out a new strategy with the first team ahead of their weekly match, and early signs appear to be positive. The second team, led by a rookie member of the Alchemist's coaching staff, played a more traditional goal-scoring style, but the first team managed to seal the victory 12-4, with Midas scoring an early goal through both Compound and Flask, followed by Avarisse and Greede taking out Mercury, and Katalyst taking out Midas. Mist scored a consolation goal for the second team, but Midas then retrieved the ball and slotted it past Compound once again for the win. The game was so lively, our photographer was so enthralled in the action that his camera sat unused for most of the match, although we do have some shots of the final goal to share.
  5. Hey guys, looking for some clarification! Molotov from Harry the Hat specifies when a model ends its activation in the ongoing AOE they gain the burning condition. (Molotov 1 6” AOE 3” All models hit suffer the burning condition. Models entering or ending their activation in this ongoing-effect AOE suffer the burning condition.) Back to the shadows allows minx a 4" dodge at the end of her activation. (At the end of its activation, if this model caused damage to an enemy model during the activation, this model may make a [4”] Dodge) Would minx gain the burning condition or would the dodge finish which had her finish overall outside the AOE avoid the condition? (we played as if the effects were simultaneous but i was concerned as i didnt think multiple abilities could resolve at the same time but instead in an order. The S3 rulebook just specifies to resolve end of activation abilities. it didnt give an order or anything. Thanks in advance!
  6. Tuesday night I was able to get a game in, and it felt appropriate to use Harry on the Engineers if that's who I want to see added. Sadly, the dice were not friendly to me in the early game, so his traits and character plays went mostly unused, but his pushes and knock downs were great. My opponent and I were just playing a standard Season 3 match, he wanted to use his newly-acquired Tater model and I wanted to use Harry, so our teams were revealed to each other as: Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Locus, Ratchet, and Harry versus Grange, Peck, Harrow, Bushel, Tater, and Jack Straw. Round 1: I won the roll-off, and chose to receive, so he set up the terrain with 2 barricades roughly 3 inches off the center line, 2 obstructions more or less opposite the barricades and a fast ground near my starting line. He kicked with Grange, to a spot that turned out to be just a hair over 8" away from Mother (which I really wish I had measured before moving her, but that's on me). Mother's sprint is just shy of the ball, so she only moves to within 4" of Ballista, uses a web to grab the ball and misses her pass. She misses it so badly, that it ends up on Ratchet, who is three full inches away from Ballista. I hate my dice, the only time I can count on rolling a 6 is when I'm scattering the ball and rolling for distance. Harrow Tools Up Grange, Ratchet passes the ball to Ballista, who dodges to 8 inches away from Grange, and drops some rough ground on the Farmer Captain and Harrow, keeping Grange too far to attack Ballista now. People are moved around, I take my time with Ballista, since he has the ball and Bushel hasn't gone yet, and I see that if I knock Grange over with Deadbolt as part of my last activation, I can use Breach to score a goal on this turn. I still have Hoist to go, as well, with one Influence and Overclocked on him. He activates Bushel, leaving only Grange with 6 Influence and Peck with none, so I realize I can go for a goal with Ballista and then possibly get Hoist in position for next turn! I activate Ballista, and start off with the Deadbolt... and roll 2 twos. I have 4 Influence left on Ballista, so while I can charge Grange and likely get the Knockdown, I don't think about how to get out of the way (yeah, I could have Second Winded and/or Run the Length, but I forgot) so I don't want to offer my Captain up for a momentum bomb. Instead, I throw Second Wind on Hoist, and pass him the ball. I miss this pass as well, but at least the ball ends up on Hoist. Instead of being up 3 Momentum, I have 1... Hoist moves up the flank near Locus and Grange just kind of looks on sadly with his Influence stack. Round 2: My dice really hate me. I roll a 3, he rolls a 4, so we re-roll the tie. He rolls a 5, I roll a 1. Grange proceeds to knock down Ballista and farm (ha!) Momentum off of his 2/1 defense, putting up Honest Labor while he's at it. Now up 5 Momentum, I will have a very hard time going first in Round three. Harry moves in, knocks Grange down, and then pushes him 2 inches away, leaving Ballista safe from the Farmer's having 1 extra die and 1 extra damage on him. Yay Harry!! You were helpful - you should totally join our team, alchemists smell of sulfur. With Tater choosing not to charge Harry, it leaves Hoist and Locus in a bit of a bind - probably why he didn't do it. Locus can push Tater from range, but not out of counter-charge range. My opponent activates Tater, Peck, and Jack Straw before I make my move with Hoist - I probably should have waited, but I didn't. I measure where I left him, and he's more than 13" away from the Goal. Worse, he's more than 6" from Locus! After some careful measurement, I find a spot that is 6" from Locus, more than 6" from Tater, and less than 12" from the goal post. I have to sprint to get there, but that's why he has 4 Influence. Hoist Sprints, kicks the ball to a spot 1" in front of him (towards the goal), and the scatter is actually ideal! 5" to the 4 - leaving it just inside 6" of Hoist and 6" of the goal, so I spend my last 2 Influence and Momentum for a 5-dice remote goal shot, using that goal momentum to move Hoist within 6". Of course, Bushel responds with a goal of her own... I knew I should have waited. Ratchet gets the kick-in, and the round is over, 4-4 all. Round 3: He wins initiative easily, and chooses to go first. His first action is to have Tater drop Harry the Hat, score 6-4 Farmers. Ratchet passes the ball to Locus and hits Jack Straw from some little Momentum. Grange goes and piles up all of the Momentum in the world off Ballista, finally getting him into single-digits for health. Locus charges Tater, only getting the first-column Knockdown on 9 dice... However, the momentum is useful as it lets him pass to Hoist, who spends 3 Momentum for a bonus-timed snap-shot, which comes up 3,3,2,1,5. Good thing I still have Momentum? He can't get to the ball, and Harrow doesn't get enough damage on Ballista for me to be too scared, so I take my time, finally hitting Grange with Deadbolt to unengage, and hitting Harrow for some extra momentum, then as my last activation (he still has 1 up on me thanks to Harry's status) I have Hoist borrow remote kick again, move within 4" and this time get 4,5,5,6 for an almost screamer, and when I need 3s. All I ask is for these things to smooth out, dice, really! His kick in goes right to Peck, who stands up Grange with his Heroic and gives the ball to Tater by unsnapping it. The good news is that I'm up 5-2 Momentum, and 8-6 in score! The bad news is that he rolls a 6 for Initiative, and I roll a 2. He goes first. Round 4: Tater picks up some momentum by Mowing Down Ratchet, Ballista, Peck, Locus, and Grange, then getting a little extra by attacking Ballista some more before passing to Bushel for a Snap Shot. She makes it, but he only then realizes that the score is now 8-10 Farmers, and I have the ball. Rather than make things drag out, I have Locus hit Tater twice for Momentum, then spend 2 Influence to pass the loose ball to Hoist, making a Snap Shot for the win.
  7. boffin777

    Hats Off to The Union!

    LADY's, GENTLEMEN, MECHANICA! The union on behalf of the engineers on this glorious day scored a 12-4 (15 - 4) victory over the fish using Harry and his all inspiring hat! The game included for union; Blackheart, Rage, Harry, Minx, Gutter and Coin! (GIC Free 2 MP if no initiative) The fish used (and will need confirming); Shark, Salt, Gutter, Siren, Greyscales and Kraken! (GIC Free 2" dodge) Play started off rough with the fish scoring turn one goal courtesy of shark. Rage went furious charging shark dealing very little damage... i mean pitiful! roughly remembering 10 dice on his charge against a def 4 arm 1 and rolled 2 successes... (CRY)... dealt a little damage but took harry and minx to also charge in to really beat on him. from then it was player assassination. after shark TO (4-2 to the fish at this point) turn 2 became even more bloody. The ball had been scattered 6" from my friendly goal and minx was playing defence! with a bit of movement the ball was retrieved by salts amazing sprint and passed to enemy gutter. The beat down began. Gutter was set upon by rage giving her bleed killing her in the following maintenance phase and before this minx finished off the weasel as the last player so LC wasnt relevant. black heart tried hitting siren but protection kraken proved too strong as he wasted 5 INF against a def 5 arm 1 siren. turn 2 finished 5-4 to the union. Turn three came even more bloodshed and some goals! a well placed molotov from harry had gutter and greyscales gasping for water and a successful Goad on greyscales prevented his 3 stack of INF from running to take the easy goal. Minx ran in for the tackled and pinched it very quickly. Sharks return to the pitch allowed rage to unleash fury on the wing once again by charging the already battered captain. with help from gutter shark was bleeding out with 1hp and the risky move from the fish captain... a run away by shark with 4INF against 2 parting blows... Rage in his element rolling 9 dice thanks to gutter sliced the slippery fish into sushi and generated 2VP for the friendly team. after some movement and pushes blackheart SCREAMED LEGENDARY! harry, blackheart, coin all dodged 2"! Blackheart then swang his massive sword knocking down the old body of greyscales. Kraken with some repositioning felt powerless to stop the union at this point. Harry charged salt needing to free minx who at this point now had the ball. KD! Salt was dealt with and with a delightful 2" melee gutter who had returned to annoy minx was the next target. even with his errated card he swung... A PUSH! minx was free to sprint and score.... Score 11-4... Upon the next turn the ball returned to the pitch infront of goal and center... shark returning to the pitch to try and defend the goal line. Minx using furious might charged and the extremely broken captain fetching the ball on the way through... 9 dice... def 4 arm 1... 6 Successes after armour, A WRAP!! 3DMG << momentously and another momentous < !... 2 MP at this point, no longer engaged and in tap in with 2 INF... a kick was declared, make or break... a bonus time was decided... 3 dice... GOOOOOAL! a 3, 2, and a 5! Lesson learnt... although i forgot my engineers case and thus had to play my union, i loved playing them every second and enjoyed every moment. even if the dice at the begining were playing mind tricks! ALL FOR THE HAT! HARRY! HARRY! HARRY! Pictures to follow but the size is always too big? O.o
  8. Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
  9. Gorilla_with_a_Brush

    Harry the Hat

  10. Greetings forum-ites! I am back with another game play commentary for my series Run the Length. This one is against Pat VanValue from Strictly the worst. Can I break my losing streak vs the Strictly the Worst guys find out below. Let me know what you guys thought about the game and tell me about my mistakes in the comments. Go subscribe over on Youtube if you want to know when new content gets put up and while you are over there hit the like button it helps the channel a lot. The Plugs: Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  11. Episode 3 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys like this one! This week I am playing against my practice partner Nick who's Masons beat both me and Alex Botts at the Grognard Games tourney last month. I would also love feedback on how the community would like their match reports. Everything from camera angle to what kind of overlays you guys want let me know!
  12. [Sorry if this is somewhere else answered, but a search didn't results in anything clearly discussion this interaction.] 1. So my opponent's Venin gets in on my Harry 'the Hat' and applies Sacrificial Puppet. Rising Anger wasn't triggered yet. 2. On the next activation, I send in Esters who does 1 DMG "to Venin", strips the Sacrificial Puppet and the 1 DMG is applied to Harry 'The Hat' instead. So the question is, does this damage to Harry 'The Hat' trigger Rising Anger? My opponent and I agreed to play it that it does NOT trigger Rising Anger under the rationale that, despite Sacrificial Puppet being an enemy model's (Venin) Character Play, the source of the damage was a friendly model (Esters). An onlooker to our game was certain that Rising Anger would trigger for precisely the opposite reason. Just looking for clarification. Thanks in advance.
  13. Does Rising Anger trigger when the model with it, moves into Ballista's Minefield and suffers 4 damage? Because as worded, rising anger triggers on being damaged by and enemy model..... so mine field is not the model, so I assume the damage taken does not trigger it.
  14. I've read a lot about how Harry is useless, but for a game against Hunters I needed someone who didn't need any influence and who would generate me some momentum to clear those pesky conditions. This was my first time using both Harry and Veteran Rage (it might have been my first time with Gutter too, I can't recall). It was also my first in a long time for using Snakeskin, who I had relegated to the bench as soon as I got Mist painted. This time I wanted to use her good defense against the Hunter's ranged plays. Here's how it went..... My team selection was thus: Coin chooses himself and Decimate rarely leaves my side. Snakeskin has the high defense and dodges to get past the Hunter's plays. Harry was there as a no influence buff. Gutter was to get those pesky mobile hunters in range. Finally I didn't have a serious beating stick, so as much as my heart belongs to Blackheart, I needed the VRage hurt/momentum machine. My Line up was (from left to right) Decimate, Harry, Snakeskin, Gutter, VRage. Coin sat just behind Gutter. There was a forest to the left, just inside my half of the pitch, an obstruction on the left just outside of his deployment zone, a patch of rough terrain on the halfway line right side and an obstacle about 4" in front my deployment zone. There were a few more obstacles, but they played no part in the game. Facing me (from my left to right) was Hearne, Fahad, Egret, Theron, Minx and Jaecar. I kicked, moving Snakeskin onto the obstacle and it scattered a couple of inches into his half almost central. He moves Egret up, retrieves the ball and attempts to hit Snakeskin with two plays, but both miss. Decimate shuffles up and puts Second Wind on Snakeskin. Theron moves up and tries to pin Snakeskin, but he's needing 5s so it didn't pay off. He places a forest between Snakeskin and Egret. Coin gives Bag of Coffers to Gutter and slithers behind Snakeskin's obstacle. Hearne moves closer to the forest. Gutter sprints up and uses the Bag of Coffers to pull Theron towards her and get some momentum from attacks. Minx trots forward near to Theron and makes Gutter a Marked Target. Now Snakeskin makes the move that effectively wins the game. She dodges off the obstacle and just enough to the left to see Egret around Theron's forest. She charges in and gets tackle and dodge. Taking the ball she edges to within kicking range of the goal, scores and then Second Winds out of Egret's range (taking minimal damage from the parting blow) and away from Jaecar, putting the obstruction between herself and Fahad. The ball gets punted right into the rough ground. Fahad is out of range of everybody and jogs up. Harry uses the momentum for the hat and jogs just within 3" behind Gutter. Jaecar makes his move, though he'd been waiting for Rage to get closer and had run out of time. He uses the Marked Target to charge close to but not touch Gutter. He attacks, getting a little damage and momentum, but Gutter counter attacks, using a plot card to add dice. She gets enough for a push, making the rest of his influence useless. He dodges away into the rough ground,closer to the ball, forgetting to lay his pit trap beforehand so laying it at the end between himself and Gutter. Rage needs to use Quicktime to get within charge range of Theron. With this low amount of influence left he only gets a little damage (boosted by the hat - yay!), but puts him on his arse. 4-0 Second turn as I've been selecting non-momentous knockdowns, scoring, using the hat and counterattacking I've used most of my momentum and he gets initiative. His first job is to send Minx in to tie up Rage. She causes a little damage but gets a healthy amount of momentum. Rage wants Jaecar before he gets the ball, but Minx is now in the way. He has to take two attacks to knock her down and push her away enough to have a shot on Jaecar, leaving her pretty badly bruised. I also forgot to pop his legendary until before the second attack, but I don't think it would have changed anything. Rage charges Jaecar, activating the pit trap, knocks him down and gets a little damage in, then clears his snare and bleed conditions. He stands Theron up who damages Gutter pretty bad and puts another forest between Gutter and Egret. Harry pops the hat and shuffles up to the knocked down Minx, Gutter and Theron. Jaecar uses the momentum to stand up, make Rage bleed, dodge away and position close to the ball (right now he's got a stack of MP growing). At this point I realise half his team is asking for an unloading of Scything Blow (Theron and Minx side by side with Egret only the distance of a forest template away), but I get greedy and this could have cost me the game. I move Coin onto the obstacle to Bag of Coffers Gutter. Seeing what I'm about to do he charges Fahad into Gutter with bonus time and support from Theron. I defensive stance and try to counter attack, but a 5+ dog is pretty hard to beat down. Fahad eats Gutter's face and I've just lost the chance for a three person take out - oh and he's got even more momentum. Decimate had been stood opposite Fahad, but the dog's diversion meant she was going to get sucked into the scrummage in the middle. She can just draw line of sight around Fahad to Theron. She charges in, causing a few cuts to Theron, aided by Harry and the hat, which generates the momentum she needs to patch together a quite poorly Rage. Egret moves to the right, deciding this time to shoot at the easier target of Harry, generating some MP for me. She then poisons Rage, who is starting to look ropey, but at least gets me MP. With all her bouncing she gets close to the ball. Finally Snakeskin dodges then charges into the very weak Minx, finishing her off but generating no MP. Desperate to keep Rage alive she clears his bleed and poison. Hearne is the only person not activated, but Decimate was the only player near him and she had legged it to the centre. He uses the forest on the left to move forward and jog towards Coin. 6-2 Third turn starts with him having a pile of momentum and me having very little from trying to keep Gutter and Rage alive. Minx comes back on and jogs down the right side of the field to Egret and Jaecar and within range of both Rage and Snakeskin. Gutter comes on too and tentatively positions herself on the right side of my goal. He starts by charging Jaecar over the rough ground and unloading on Rage. A blizzard of attacks leaves him bleeding, still poisoned from the previous turn, Gut & Stringed and perilously on one point. I have learned that Decimate, who I consider one of the best players in the game, wishes she was half as good as Jaecar! He then dodges back into the rough ground, safe in the knowledge the heavily impeded Rage can't get near to him or the ball. But Rage has other plans. If he's going out, he's going out swinging. He turns right back around and charges into the centre scrum, finishing off Theron and letting Decimate take a swing at Fahad with red fury. He then heals himself. At this point I'm waiting for Minx to come charging in so I can counter attack and put the game away. Instead Egret shoots at Rage, poisoning him, Harry and Snakeskin, but I get four more MP. She then moves and dodges an impressive distance putting her on the right hand edge of my deployment. Harry uses the hat and jogs over to Fahad. Minx runs down to back up Egret. Decimate puts a thousand cuts on Fahad and does a little damage (again aided by the hat). Hearne tries to close the distance to Coin. Coin shuffles over to Gutter to bag of coffers her. He decides not to move Fahad. Up to now I'd been looking for a second goal, using Gutter to get the ball and using a plot card to feed it to Snakeskin to score. Measuring up it's clear that I'm out of range, but I'm sat on a pool of momentum and he's pretty bust up. Snakeskin moves onto Fahad and slices him up with the help of Decimate, Harry, the hat and Thousand cuts. Let's see that ruddy 5+ save you from that Fido! Finally Gutter knows she's going first next turn and sprints as close a she can to Minx and Egret. 10-2 The last turn is a formality as Gutter jogs up to Minx and tears her down. 12-2 I'm not convinced that Harry is the answer to my influence worries, but at least he payed off here. I was also happy to see VRage is as lethal on the field as he looks in theory, and Snakeskin is going to get a reprieve for a bit and join the team more often. Two take outs and a first turn goal? Happy with that!
  15. Hall Of Legends

    W:Ox, Tenderiser, Harry The Hat H:£££

    As the title says, I'm looking for a standard Ox, Harry and Tenderiser. have PayPal waiting and I'm UK Based
  16. looking to buy (if price is low enough :p) doesn't matter about condition as long as theS2 models have cards Hemlocke Snakeskin Harry The Hat TenderiseR Esters Mash cheers!