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Found 14 results

  1. supertzar

    What to do with Hammer?

    I've had a few games with the rats now and I seem to have a problem. How do you control/counter Hammer? He seems to always come from downtown and just delete models at will. If I go in for the goals I get double counter charges applied to the face. If Itry and hang back it just seems like I am playing just the game Hammer wants where he will get all the buffs he wants and then just casually stroll in, take out a model and probably getting a goal in just for laughs. I know Scourge is perfectly capable of deleting Hammer but he's usually quite easily dodged with knock back. I don't like sacrificing Piper with haunting melody just to keep Hammer back for one turn, but it seems to me like it's kind of the only option?
  2. Bloodymason

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Now that SteamCon has past and been, I have recently changed my league team from the Masons Kick Off 6 to the following; Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mallet and Tower. Only played two games with this team. Lost the testing game against Morts 12-11 (best match I ever had tbh) and lost the first league game with this team 12-4 against Blacksmiths. Is there any hints and tips that a new hammer user could learn and even apply in future games?
  3. Oddman

    Thoughts on Granite

    So I've been playing a bit with Granite lately, and I have to agree with previous posts that she's a hard nut to crack, namely due to her incredibly slow movement. However, I find with the right team build (namely hammer/v.harmony or just honour), you can turn granite into a surprising powerhouse. The following abilities are essential, depending on your team build. My preference is with hammer/v.harmony, but if you want more of a influence-friendly build, use Honour as her quick time will allow you to get those extra inches he desperately needs. When using hammer you have to sacrifice momentum to use Hammer's heroic play, allowing granite to be able to use his Punishing March ability, providing an extra 2". Combine that with V.Harmony's Marked target and granite gains an impressive 4" movement, allowing her to now put on some serious pressure (10" threat). I tend to use this at the right moment rather than all the time and ensure that granite is always centered within the action, so that if necessary I can dig her in more easily. She's absolutely useless against some teams, as she's too easily locked down or easily avoided - namely Fish or Alchemists (their constant burning means Granite basically goes nowhere). However, I quite like using her against brewers or butchers, where her Tar Pit and KD 2 ensures she can get some work done. Final point, I also find Wrecker to be very useful with her as he can zip around pushing players closer to her, without any real fear of being taken out easily (even if he is, it's only 1 VP and by then Granite should have taken out a player on her own, or caused a lot of issues. The main problem I see with Granite is she really needs a lot of support. She needs movement buffs and her short melee range really limits her choices due to the number of models with unpredictable movement. Overall, I have seen some success with her but only at the cost of other players I'd probably rather field. V.Harmony I love taking with her, but again that choice is very situational (brewers or alchemists). I feel if granite was brought up to 4/6" movement (same as brick), her utility would be much more improved, but Brick's counter-charge ensures that he gets the spot in most games.
  4. Is Hammer able to take influence off of models that have already activated? I don't remember seeing anything in the rule book that a model loses its influence after it activates, so I think it would be ok, I just want to make sure. Thanks!
  5. In this episode we chat with German National Champ, Christian Metz, about raising Hammer from the depths of obscurity to national hero status. We also touch on Union, the control meta and living with tabletop autism. Double Dodge!! Knockback City!! http://doubledodge.com.au/index.php/2-uncategorised/27-episode-25-hammer-time
  6. Rage and Hammer met at the finals of the Fall Footy and even at a great distance it was clear that neither man was willing to conceed an inch. Mist kicked off and was swift to dart and weave, under the cover of Hemlocke's choking smoke, between the masons and shame their captain with an early goal only to be battered into retaliatory submission. Flint barely eluded Minx, but Gutter was ready to intercept him and with the Veteran Rogue out of the picture, there was no one to stop the Mysterious Shadow from scoring a second goal. Blinded by frustration, the Superstar poured all his effort into the Usurper, but his labor proved vain and the Broken made short work of the brawling stone layers. Final score: Union 12, Masons 6 Hemlocke commented after the match. "Mist and I make a great team. I'd be a real shame if guild politics ever prevented us from playing together."
  7. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  8. Sideburns

    Masons Civil War

    So tomorrow the Gamers Guild Guildball League comes to a close with the Masons Vs Masons Final. 18 Coaches set out to be the best but in the end only the 2 masons coaches are left. We(Fabian & me),overconfindentally, predicted this at the start of the league ;-) but never knew it might become a reality. To make sure we don't play mirror, this is the system we are going to use: - Roll of - winning coach can pick captain first. - Then we alternate, choosing the remaining roster. - 6th player will be a union model. Harmony & VetHarmony count as 1 model, so whoever takes Harmony has the option of playing regular or veteran. Who will come out victorius in the Mason Civil War! Bets can be placed with the Parlay, the Bookmakers Guild captain.
  9. Sideburns

    Civil War ended

    Last night Civil war was fought. But who do you think won. Vote now!
  10. I usually contribute to this section of the forums as an Alchemist player, as that's the team I've been playing since launch day. However, this time I need your help as Mason players. At Wyldhammer in Yarmouth last month, I was lucky enough to win The Battlehammer's WAAC raffle and am now the owner of a complete painted Masons team (w00t!). I've told Parker if he can paint up the promised Hammer model by the 17th, I'll play Hammer Masons in the Norfolk Autumn Open in Norwich. Problem is, I've played Masons three times in casual games and only once with Hammer (in which I foolishly let him get triple-teamed by Decimate, Compound and Calculus, almost an exact replica of how I killed him myself the only time my Alchemists have faced him). I've seen a great Honour-based tactica here, but I haven't found anything giving me advice on how to play Hammer yet. So far, I get the idea Masons really want to travel around the pitch close together (except maybe Flint), especially with Hammer to take advantage of Hammer Time, Iron Fist et al. This obviously makes them very vulnerable to ranged guilds (Alchemists...) I'm thinking they might need to take the 1st turn slow and not risk getting someone isolated unless they can guarantee the initiative t2. I'm seeing a starting line up of Hammer, Marbles, Flint, Mallet, Brick, Chisel, with Decimate and Mist on the bench. I have access to Tower and Harmony (I don't think they'll be so useful, but correct me if I'm wrong) but don't own A&G (I'm one of those players who will actually avoid something if it seems too broken/good - it'd feel dirty to play them, but I could be persuaded to find/borrow them now I'm using someone other than the Alchys). So help me! I'm not bad with Alchemists, but I have very little experience with Hammer Masons. Give me some pointers on how to setup, tactics, things to be wary of and anything else you think might stop me going 0-48 on Saturday...
  11. Zombiestate

    How to tackle Hammer

    Hey all, I am playing Hammer this evening in my GB league, and having only played against Honour in the past I am not sure how best to approach the game and deal with the Superstar. I will be using; Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Mist and either Fangtooth or A&G. I'm not sure on his line up, but if I'd like to plan for the worst; Hammer, Marbles, Flint, Mist, Mallet, Brick I'm leaning towards FT over A&G, as if I can get burning up on Hammer and throw FT at him, Foul Odour will help slow him down even further (disregarding the 5/6" of pushes he will surely get). Also I'm not confident about having Dirge and Greede knocking about as an easy 4vps. Has anyone played against the big man yet, and have any tips?
  12. So I've been reading through Hammer's card and I've noticed it states; This Character play may only be used once per turn. My question is when Hammer uses Hammer Time! Does this mean only 1 instance of each of his character plays can be used across the whole team? Example; Can Chisel and Hammer both use Iron Fist in the same turn? Or if Hammer uses it; does it prevent anyone else popping it?
  13. If a model ends its activation with unspent influence, does it keep that influence until the end of the turn when it is reallocated, or does it get "spent" when that model's activation ends? I ask because many of Hammer's tricks are associated with this. RAW seem to indicate that Infiuence not spent stays with a model, but this seems a bit cheesy to me,
  14. JJLayfield

    Hammer Time!

    So we have seen 2 of the new captains in full which means the remainder are not far behind! Both Esters and Corsair have some pretty crazy buffs and new tricks to add to their teams. I am thinking Hammer is going to be along the line of a control based Mason Captain. A Legendary entitled STOP! or similar would surprise me, with drastic movement reductions or similar. I can see him tying into the beginning of the control game that Tower brings us. Based on what we have seen as a direction shift for Brewers and Fish Captains, what are we thinking for the man himself now?