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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I just starting playing Guild Ball a few months ago and picked up the Fisherman as my main guild. In looking at the Fish for S4, I have a few questions about some rules interactions that I want to make sure I am getting right. In particular, these revolve around Kraken. Kraken has two new traits for S4 Gravity Well and Protective Instinct. The questions revolves around what engagement means for models. Gravity Well states "When an enemy model ends an advance engaging this model, the enemy model..." Protective Instinct states "While engaging this model, an enemy model can't..." Here are the questions... 1. If Stave, who has a melee zone of 1", ends their advance within 2" of Kraken but out of 1", will Stave be pulled in by Gravity Well? 2. If Stave is out of 1" but still within 2" of Kraken, can he declare attacks against other models because he is not engaging Kraken (even if Kraken is engaging him)? 3. Is Gravity Well optional on my part or does it have to happen? Thank you for the help on these questions!