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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Suppose a model with Gravedigger or Snack Break attacks a model at 1HP and wraps, such that they can choose a playbook result and a damage result. In Gravedigger's case, will they be able to target the model they are about to kill to gain extra VPs? In Snack Break's case, will the Snack Break boon be in effect when the enemy model takes the damage result, gaining extra vps? Thank you.
  2. Greetings, I've recently acquired a nearly full team of Morticians and have ordered the last two to make a full list and have been proxying them in the mean time. So I've been running Casket, Veteran Graves for their bonus VP's because I think it's amazing. The rest of my lineup is Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, and Avarisse and Greede(A&G). A&G- because they have become imo deadly now with their extra damage and constant knockdowns. 21 damage and 6 KD with full wraps with Ganging up from Greede and Singled out. Cosset- Furious charge is always amazing and Lure is useful essentially a mini puppet master if she kills something too fast. I can do 15 damage from the charge with Dirge, Ganging up from Dirge, and Singled out. And then 12 damage for each influence at full wraps for each attack. Veteran Graves- his only job is to put Grave Digger on the target and possibly knockdown. Casket- his job is to last hit with his legendary to secure the kill and gain those sweet VP's. He can do roughly 5 damage off a charge or 3 and Heavy burden someone else or else I could just do 2>>mom, 2 mom. Dirge- provide singled out and just engage to trigger Asssist [Dirge] on Cosset. Obulus hands out the 5 influence to make everyone else do their job. Or he keeps it to make a goal happen all depending on the state of the board. I tried not to include any combos in my calculation besides Dirge and Cosset engaging the same target. If there was anyone I'd switch out it'd be everyone but Casket and Veteran Graves I'm open to any and all suggestions. My plan is to get 5 VP in one round with a Casket and Gravedigger combo. Or at minimum pull off a Casket time. So 3 take outs with Grave digger and one with Casket time puts me at 10 VP's. Then I can either score a goal or go for another take out. So hopefully T1 looks like Grave Digger takeout. T2 looks like Grave digger and Casket time takeout. T3 Grave digger kill + 2 more vp or a goal and a normal mascot take out. It's definitely a lot more fighty then I expected to make a Morticians list. I'm thinking I need ghast for the 2 inches and fear or brainpan and memory for the momentous damage and snapshot potential though Obulus and Veteran Graves can handle the scoring imo. Any suggestions on how to make this more efficient or explain why going my plan won't work. Currently in a scoring heavy meta where everyone measures to be exactly out of all charge ranges and ability ranges if they can be. Which makes for a slow turn one.