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Found 11 results

  1. Do Skatha's Snowboall goals provide 1INF in S4?
  2. Hello guys, I'm new player and I would like to make my own Morticians goal. I have no idea where to start. It would be nice, if you can give me advice, about what materials/tools/paint should I use. I would like to make me a coffin (something like on the picture attached, sorry for stealing to whoever did that great goal). I've been googling, but I'm little bit confused. Thanks for any advice! PS.: (I couldn't find any thread like this, so hopefully it will not be deleted, thank you.)
  3. It's a little annoying that the picture size requirement to upload onto these forums is so small. Well, after about 6 re-sizes, here you go: A Union Goal, inspired by a friend of mine. What is more appropriate than a pile of gold? For the step-by-step on how I made it: http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/09/diy-goal-post-for-guild-ball-pile-of.html
  4. I'm new to the game, and just have a starter set at the moment. Dirge, Ghast and Bonesaw are on their way, along with a pitch mat. They haven't been my favourite painting project to be honest. I'm used to painting plastic minis, and I've had lots of problems with paint chipping, parts breaking etc. It's all a learning process though. I made a goal marker using an old Warhammer Fantasy wizard and an aftershave lid! The idea is it's a graveyard statue.
  5. Devils Reject

    Devils Morticians ( & Friends )

    Hey Guys, thought I would get some pictures up of my Morticians I painted a little while back, a few of their Union mates joined them for the team photo! Tell me what you think?
  6. Hello Guys, I have a quick question, if I have a model with Second Wind up and it shoots a goal what triggers first? The Second Wind advance or the ball scatter? Thanks a lot and greetings from your Tara
  7. Fenestra


    Hey Guys, I am super new to all of this and this is my first mini's game! I love my Masons and want to keep my mason pride going but I have no idea what to do for a goal? What have others done. Would love to see my pics and descriptions (so I can know where I might be able to find it). Thanks!
  8. I have had a search and come up fruitless so just want to confirm something to ensure I'm playing it correctly. In the Collected Clarifications thread a missed shot on goal scatter is down as a normal 'kick scatter'. This leads me on to 2 questions (linked, and simple so I hope they're ok in one thread). Question 1) Can you intercept a missed shot on goal attempt, using standard interception rules. Question 2) According to page 27 the goal token is treated as a barrier, meaning by my logic the ball would often hit it on a scatter from a missed shot. I've got 2 examples of the same scatter below. Example A shows the balls landing spot following the scatter, Example B shows where (assuming I've got this right) where the ball would land using the rule of least disturbance due to the ball hitting a barrier. Is this correct? Or would the ball simply land behind the goal in the position of the original scatter? I apologise if this has been covered before, as previously mentioned searchess came up fruitless. Cheers, Alex
  9. Literally the title. Played a game last night and was trying to figure out if players can advance through goal tokens.
  10. This is my guild ball log, the first guild I'm working on are the brewers. First, like so many others, the ball: And some wip picture of my goal
  11. Been playing Guild Ball for almost 2 months now, so I figured it was about time I got a goal built for at least one of my teams! So behold, the mighty Captain Grabby Hands! It's worth pointing out that "Captain" is his name, not a real naval rank. ...he's actually a Rear Admiral.