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Found 1 result

  1. The_Question_NL

    GOTOW Presents Here Be Dragons GB Tournaments

    Hi Guys/Gals, On the 23rd of July we'll be hosting our very first GB tournament. As a lot of players will be new to the game we'll have a more /simple approach to the games so no chess clocks here We'll be holding 4 rounds Sing-up: E-mail to gotowclub@gmail.com Location: Diepstraat 3-B, 6101 AT Echt (Limburg, The Netherlands) Timetable: 10:00-11:00: 1st round 3 vs 3 11:00-11:15: Break 11:15-12:20: 2nd Round 4 vs 4 12:20-12:50: Break 12:50-14:50: 3rd Round 5 vs 5 14:50-15:10 Break 15:10-17:40: 4th Round 6 vs 6 17:40-18:00: Cleaning/scores Teamformation: People fill in a list of the 8 ( 1 captain, 1 mascot and 6 goons) players they are bringing (sheet is provided after signing up) they can choose each round which players they are using of the list provided. 1st Round: Captain + 2 players 2nd Round: Captain +2 players + mascot 3rd Round: Captain +3 players + mascot 4th Round: Captain + 4 players + mascot Pitch Size: 1st Round: 2'x2' 2nd Round 2'x2' 3rd Round: 3'x3' 4th Round: 3'x3' Game: 1st Round: First till 6 vp wins 2nd Round: First till 8 vp wins 3rd Round: First till 10 vp wins 4th Round: First till 12 vp wins In case the match can not be decided in time the player currently having the most VP wins. Score: Winn= 3 pts Draw= 1 pts Loss= 0 Pts Winning the Tournament: The Winner of the tournament is the person having scored the most points if there's a draw then the total VP scored will determine the winner.