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Found 3 results

  1. I thought I had saw this question asked before, but i cant find the answer now. If either Vet Cinder or Furnace hits for 1 point of dmg on a tough hide model. Does it still trigger the Searing Strike and the Burning or are all of the effects ignored with it. Same would apply to Dirty Knives on any of the players that have that play also.
  2. Listening to one of the UK streams, they talked about Furnace’s character play “One at a Time Lads!” would cancel the effects of Bloody Coin against Veteran Rage. Is this correct? The wording on Bloody Coin says +1 Tac and Damage against enemy models engaged by friendly models, so my assumption is you lose crowding out dice, but still gain Bloody Coin dice if they are engaged by a friendly model.

    Captain Selection

    For those who have gotten games in already who have you been taking for your captain? I've seen a lot of people choosing Furnace but I'm not sure why. Ferrite seems as if she can do more with the extra two influence on her goal runs and even setting up several disarms in one turn. If anything Anvil would be my second choice as tough hide for an entire teams turn seems incredible.