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Found 5 results

  1. I just finished painting my Engineers. So I was watching a Youtube game and the application of the penalty from minefield did not seem either consistent or right all game. It seems to me that if you stand still in a minefield there is no damage. (Getting up from is not moving) Being pushed or dodging or "Where did they go" are not 'advances' but feel as though they should suffer the 4DMG. Is the damage applied for dodges or pushes ? Does it affect figures that can fly? I can't find specific mention of this in the clarifications. Sorry if I missed it.
  2. Fastenhate


    If dirge activates in a forest and then makes an advance does he ignore the -2/-2? He has the penalty on him as he is in the terrain when he activates but flying removes it as soon as he starts the advance? Flying states: when this model moves it ignores other model bases, terrain and ground.
  3. Hello, Suppose Dirge is placed on top of an obstruction. 1) Can another friendly model push Dirge off of the Obstruction? Pushes are a type of movement, and Flying makes Dirge ignore terrain while moving (IE the thing that would be stopping the push). If the answer to 1 is Yes... 1B) How about an enemy-controlled push Thank you. S3, Dirge: Flying When this model moves it ignores other model’s bases, terrain and ground. It cannot end its movement overlapping another base or barrier terrain. S3, Page 24: A model being moved by a Push stops if it contacts another model’s base, an obstruction or a barrier. S3, Page 48: While a Player is in control of another Player’s model, that model may not move over obstructions.
  4. Theoretical scenario. Dirge receives the ball and is behind an obstruction. Dirge has visions of glory. Dirge flies over said obstruction while in possession of the ball. Since Dirge has possession, can it take the ball "through" the obstruction? Or would the ball act as a Free Ball and contact the obstruction?
  5. Flying states that u can move over intervening models and terrain. That's fine. It doesn't however clarify if it still triggers Parting blows while leaving melee zones. - please can an Admin / Rules boss clarify? I can only assume that without specifically saying otherwise, that Flying and other similar abilities still DO trigger Parting Blows from leaving Melee Zones.