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Found 36 results

  1. malladin.ben

    Transfer Window...?

    Apart from a few exceptions based around the whole union/church sub plot, one thing that strikes me about Guild Ball is the lack of a transfer market. I don't know if I might be preempting an idea for a future community event, or if it's one that's been considered and ruled out... but let's say if there was a transfer window in Guild Ball, which player from another guild would you like your guild to sign? Who would you like to put up for sale? I appreciate that I'm posting this between seasons, so it's at a point where we don't know who are going to be the auto includes and never-takens of the new season, but to some extent that makes it feel to me like the right time to make the call, so we can make it based entirely on fluff grounds. From a Butchers POV I'd like to see Tenderiser put of for sale. From a gaming POV I just don't like the negative mindset that taking a GK puts you in, but more importantly from a fluff POV I can see the storyline where he gets betrayed by a Fillet who is clinging on to power post-cooks alliance and has to make a choice between losing Meathook or Tenderiser and chooses love in a humanising episode for her. Tenderiser, as this shadowy enforcer type who seems to currently have Fillet's back but is really a tool of the guild to watch them all and keep them all in line would, I think, be first on the rest of the team's hit list for who to get rid of, but the guild would strongly resist. Boar and Shank are other players I could see making the list, but they're likely strong fan favourites, so it'd be difficult for a weak guild leadership to suggest them. From a player I'd like to sign into butchers, I've always thought oChisel (before the changes this week) would make a good Butcher. Sadism, Feel my Pain, etc, all feel like they have a place in a Butchers team. But the fluff for vChisel suggests she's converted to the Honour style of play and so I think I'd be taking her off the list. A player I've always liked the fluff for is Venin. I love the fact that he's just a massive dick to his team mates and just enjoys messing with everyone. Sounds like something that would fit right in with Butchers to me. Plus an ability to manipulate bleed and poison would be pretty cool in a Butchers team, too. So, for Butchers I'd say: Sell: Tenderiser Buy Venin What about you? Ben
  2. I recently picked up the 'season 2' Morts box. I am absolutely in love with the Brainpan and Memory mechanic, and the models are top notch. On close inspection of Brainpan (ensuring I was covering everything with undercoat) I noticed he has a face not too dissimilar to The Mouth of Sauron; the wide grin, peeled back lips, long teeth... so just what is he? I am waaaaay behind on the story, so no idea who any of the guys are outside of teh S1 rule book, but he really is a mystery.
  3. Zerachial

    Zarola fluff question

    Hey So I notice the rookie Zarola is carrying what appears to be a Solthecian themed set of bolas. Is this something that is consistent with her fluff? I thought there was some competing theology between the Hunter's pantheon of Sun Father/Moon Goddess and Solthecius? Or is it commonly held that the Sun Father and Solthecius are different faces of the same god?
  4. I just want to say that GB's fluff is hands down the best fluff I have ever read in a minis game. The lore is deep, dark, gritty, interesting and damn well written. You really love or hate (and love to do so) the characters ! SPOILERS --------------------------------------------------------------------- This last piece of UiC fluff just blew my mind ! Rage having the memories of BH show us that he wasn't mad all along and that he really had a part of BH mind inside his head. He feels rage no more and the pirate king is back ! Which makes me guess at a vBH more than a third incarnation of rage. Pirate subguild anyone ? =) (I am really excited to see this )
  5. Good evening everybody, just jumped on the hype train that is the Blacksmith's guild. Loving the sculpts and mechanisms. However, I also somewhat love the lore of this game. Is there any piece(s) of lore/fluff regarding the Blacksmiths available yet? I glanced through the Season books and obviously found none. I also can't find anything on SFGs main site. I just found that some people commented on Blacksmith fluff in this sub-forum and was curious as to where the information came from. :-) Thank you for your time and have a nice evening!
  6. Pending Forum Suspension

    Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    *****[[Potential Fluff Spoilers]]***** Hey all! I was thinking about the summer writing challenge and was trying to get the creative juices flowing but I ran into a snag. I've not yet gotten a chance to read the season 3 fluff. I won't ask for a summary of the story or even high points but I'd hate to write a story with players in it that are supposed to be dead. I thought at one point when season 2 came out we had a "Who is dead" thread but I can't find it. Could we come up with a list of players that are no longer with us? Or if there already is one could someone link it? If this is a no-no then moderators feel free to delete the post I will list the dead players in white so their names are hidden, you'll need to highlight to see them to save anyone unintended spoilers. It has been a hot minute since I've read the fluff so I will only list the ones I remember FOR SURE or have heard from others with certainty. I'll update as folks post. You can post in white or PM me and I'll add them, whatever you'd like (or I spose it is probably safe to post in black since anyone who doesn't want to know should have stopped reading by now.) Off the top of my head I know of the following: Blackheart Greyscales Coin Ghast Thresher Snakeskin Original Harry the Hat
  7. (English is not my native language, sorry if you find some errors in my post. Fell free to point them out though ) It was a beautiful day, the air pure and crisp cold on this early autumn morning, a perfect time for a guildball game some might say. Flint hated it, it was not noon yet but he had the feeling that this might be one of those days where everyone and everything was intent on vexing him. For starters his new captain had decided to play this game without him and no one had said anything. He was the best scorer of the team by far, the best scorer of the entire league last season and no one had had the idea, or more likely the gut, to tell his hulking but mushed brain captain that he might be needed on the pitch if they wanted to win versus the butchers. Well Hammer was not mushed brain at all, truth be told he was a sly and cunning bastard; it was so unfair for someone to have the whole package like he did. Well at least he had the decency to be an utter asshole. It was madness to want to fight the butcher. Flint’s problem was not that Angel (the smug bitch) had taken the first position on the league best scorers leaderboard, not at all, he was just altruistic and wanted his team to win. How could they not see that he was a plain better choice than the unreliable union player that Mist was? Still brooding, Flint made his way to the stands in order to find the best spot to watch the inevitable demise of his team. Of course he did not want his team to lose but he would enjoy the fact that they would see what a corner stone he was to this team! On the pitch the teams were taking position: Ox, boar, shank, brisket, Meathook and the pig. It was a ridiculous idea to name it and Flint refused to remember its name, who could say if it was even the same pig form one game to another... On the other side, Hammer, Tower, Mallet, the Monkey, Brick and Mist were taking position. The masons were kicking the ball, one of the reasons the captain had favored Mist over him Mallet had said. Flint liked the old guy but sometime he was just an old senile fool... When he got to the stands, some of the masons fans started to cheer at his sight, poor lads, they weren't going to see much ball play today, not that anyone could match his skill anyway, but todays opposition was going to be an insult to the art of football. Mist walked up the pitch getting into cover behind a barrel and kicked the ball into a difficult spot behind some trees, not a bad move Flint grudgingly admitted to himself. Shank darted to retrieve the ball and passed it back toward his team. Hammer was bellowing something to Mist. It was just like Hammer to bellow order to the top of his voice and you better had to follow them or the big bully would make you regret it. Mist nodded, or rather his hood nodded, and he sprinted toward the whole butcher team. It was madness, pure madness; he was going to get torn to pieces. Mist managed to take the ball from Meathook and to pass it back before five angry butchers slammed into him and sent him to the apothecaries... Well Flint was happy he hadn’t had to take that beating. The Butchers having shed the first blood sprinted up the pitch like madmen, bellowing challenge and curses. This strategy was not going to work of course, no team knew how to keep their head cool and maintain their cold tactics like the masons. Tower retrieved the ball and passed it to Mallet who passed it back to the former and charged Shank. Shank tried to fight back but soon enough Mallet weapon connected with his temple and he fell on the ground knocked down and mallet engaged Ox. Flint was still thinking of the size of stones one must have in order to willingly run at the master butcher, when Hammer entered the fray. Whatever his failings, and the grudge Flint had with his captain for benching him, the sight of the big bald guy hammering something, or someone, was something to see, and would put awe in the eyes of anyone, guildball lover or not. The guy was made for violence and his body, like a statue of a god, looked like it had been cut from liquid rock by a master sculptor. Hammer slammed into Ox like a wrecking ball and took him out in a matter of seconds. The next fight was even shorter lived and the confrontation between Hammer, Tower, Mallet on the Mason’s side and Meathook, Boar and Shank on the Butchers one resulted on three almost dead butchers to the infirmary. Before the dust could settle on the pitch, Mist made a pass to Tower who sprinted toward the enemy side and flattened the ball on the goal post. The crowd was silent for several seconds, processing what had just happened, then erupted chanting Tower and Hammer's name. A bloody bad day indeed, Flint was happy enough that his team won, but the way Hammer and his plan destroyed the opposing team would encourage his captain to take this same roster next time they would encounter a fighting oriented team… And those days it seemed like no one cared about the beauty off ball play. Big ugly brutes where everything a captain dreamed for. No finesse, no style, just mindless brawling. All Flint wanted now was to get thoroughly drunk and wait for this day to end. With a little luck some big fool with a staff would have the decency to shatter Angel’s shin, during the brewers versus fishermen match tonight, and take her out for the rest of the season.
  8. supertzar

    Bestiary of the free cities?

    I've just started painting the heralds and hearne really wears a kind of strange pelt over the furry one. It clearly has feathers but but it's shaped like it has arms over his shoulders and it even has fangs in there. I haven't read all the fluff and I don't know if it has been covered, but it kind of reminded me about the classic owlbear Also both theron and ulfr wear scaly lizard skin or something similar. This got me thinking about the world these characters live in. It's not clearly a fantasy setting, but we have semi-sentient mechapersons and bears on the pitch. Are there any mentions in the fluff about the more unusual animals? Maybe the blacksmiths will have an owlbear as a mascot?
  9. masterkdog

    Where's the fluff at yo?

    Again the question that we are all wanting answered but not asking. Is there an ETA on the S3 fluff? Also will it include the player bios this time around? Sorry Steamforged this is just one of the problems of producing a great product with a great business model and having Sherwin write great fluff. People want it all and they want it now!!
  10. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/504590-episode-31-talking-theron-and-hunter-fluff-with-sherwin Andrew, Jason and Sherwin discuss the fluff of the Hunters Guild, and the backstory to Theron, their captain. This ties into the Theron backstory that can be found on the Steamforged website at http://steamforged.com/blog/ You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Visit the Singled Out Blog, click on the Element Games banner, and obtain your shiny new man dollies from their great web store. Singled Out Blog: https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/
  11. Hello Sports Fans! The Season 3 Book is nearly released (April 21), when it is available you'll be able to continue you to follow the overarching story in the world of Guild Ball. If you've been neglecting the story, joined recently or want a refresher then read these summary stories. Season One It’s the opening day of the season, and the Fisherman’s Guild face off against their fierce rivals in the Butcher’s Guild. But this is no mere game for the Butcher’s Guild, and unbeknownst to the men and women of the Fisherman’s Guild, tragedy awaits. At the behest of a mysterious figure from the Union known only as Longshanks, Ox, the Master Butcher, brutally maims Corsair, captain of the Fisherman’s Guild. The Fisherman side take away a victory, but leave behind their captain… It is but a handful of days since the bloody events of match day, and already the Master Butcher is back on his feet, overseeing the training of new recruits. He lords over a brutal regime in the yard, an exercise in drumming out the weak from the strong. Meanwhile, the Union are active once more; from the safety of the shadows, Avarisse and Greede break into the undercity, under contract from their shadowy and unknown Principal. Are these orders from the Union itself though, or another party? Guild Ball is not just about the action on the pitch, and the Union’s vile reach pervades everywhere. Whilst emissaries from the Butcher’s Guild and the Mortician’s Guild meet to settle old treaties and bonds of favour behind the scenes, it is the fraternity of Longshanks pulling the strings. In the ruling house of the Fisherman’s Guild, Vincent de Laurentis, Lord Chamberlain of the Fisherman’s Guild, also encounters such an individual. The demand is simple… exile the injured Corsair from the team, and replace him with Shark. It is a dark humour indeed that possesses a man such as the Master Butcher, his cold eyes finding mirth in the death and destruction left behind by rioting during a match between the Brewer’s Guild and Mason’s Guild. Although no man alive would dare cross his path, the same is not true of the dead; on his return to the Butcher’s Guild, Ox is forced to confront the memory of his long-lost brother, Jacques, a ghost from his past. His brother has been cold in the ground for decades, but what about Ox’s honour? With Shark at their head, the Fisherman’s Guild resume their Sovereign State Championship campaign, their opponents for this game the Alchemist’s Guild, led by the inimitable Midas. It is a young and untried squad which the Fang of the Seas has inherited, and they are pitted against a strong team, but through sheer determination he is able to steer their course true and take home a much-needed victory. And so, is the reign of the pirate over, and does that of the predator begin… Once more the Fisherman’s Guild faces the Butcher’s Guild in the semi-finals of the Sovereign States Championship, with more at stake than ever before. Yet, again it is Union involvement which will rule the day. Disguised as a rookie Fisherman, Snakeskin savagely attacks Brisket and leaves her for dead, distracting the Butcher’s Guild and allowing the Fisherman side to claim victory over their rivals. But even as the game is won by the Fisherman team, the Master Butcher vows a bloody oath of retribution… Frustrated beyond compare at the recent bloodshed, Vincent de Laurentis finally sees his opportunity to be rid of the meddling Union once and for all. Seizing his moment, he captures the Longshanks appointed to the Fisherman’s Guild, and imprisons the duplicitous man in the dungeons below the Fisherman’s Guild. Avarisse and Greede are charged with investigating their associates disappearance, their methods brutal, and their hunt relentless. Before long, they discover the truth – but what will be their next step? It is the final of the Sovereign States Championship, and the Fisherman’s Guild face the Mason’s Guild, led by Honour, the First Lady of Guild Ball. Their opponents take an early lead, and it falls to the old veteran Greyscales to guide the team, Shark’s natural talent and athleticism unable to replace a lack of experience. Despite dramatic attempts to keep the Fisherman’s Guild in the game, it is thanks to the tactical acumen of the First Lady and her inspirational leadership that the Mason’s Guild emerge victorious, and take home the title. The final may be over, the fanfare of the crowds now past, but the Master Butcher remembers his debt of vengeance all too well. After nightfall, Ox leads a gang of Butcher henchmen through the shadows, breaking into the Fisherman’s Guild’s ruling house, and assassinating Vincent de Laurentis in cold blood. As he drives the blade home, the Master Butcher leans in, and whispers the last words that the Lord Chamberlain will ever hear… ‘That was for Brisket.’ A disguised Snakeskin watches from the shadows, her satisfaction clear. But the evening is yet over. Even as the Butcher’s make their escape from the guards alerted by the fighting, Snakeskin must make her own escape. Fate is a fickle mistress, and for all that the darkness conceals the Chameleon from those who would seek to do her harm, so it conceals her enemies also. Mortally wounded in her flight, she escapes to the sewers, where she discovers the Union have been divided; Avarisse and Greede have turned on their masters, murdering both the Longshanks held by Laurentis, and then Snakeskin herself. Ox and Boar, the only survivors of the raid on the Fisherman’s Guild, are confronted by the Solthecian church as they return to the sanctuary of the Butcher’s Guild. Confrontation seems inevitable, but first, Boar is given a choice. Stand with the Master Butcher, and fight by his side, or walk away, and abandon Ox to his fate. In an evening of betrayal, this is but the last, Boar’s promise to his captain that the Butcher’s Guild will live on as hollow as it sounds. As the last moments of the night flee before the rising sun, Ox prepares to sell himself dearly… Season Two Months have passed since the final of the Sovereign States Championship, and the assassination of the Lord Chamberlain of the Fisherman’s Guild. All of the Guilds reel from the death of such a prominent figure, a vicious attack the likes of which have been unknown before. Whilst no-one knows who truly ordered this dark deed, one thing seems obvious – none of the Guilds can trust each other, any more than they did before. Is anyone truly safe? In the aftermath of the assassination, not all are at a disadvantage however, and for a pragmatic soul, there is opportunity. Free at last from his exile, Corsair is returned to the Fisherman’s Guild to retake his place at the head of the crew. Although Shark is content to step aside for the good of the team, others cannot but wonder what this might mean for the team; Corsair brings with him unknown allies from his travels in the far east, and a vicious approach to the game that the Fisherman have shied away from until now. The Alchemist’s Guild are the first to try and capitalise upon the upheaval, investing heavily in the opening tournament of the new season, the Frontiers Cup. Despite being a minor event, the prestige for a team that takes home the Frontiers is enormous, a statement of intent for the rest of the season. Manipulating the Alchemist’s Guild’s High Council into sponsoring Smoke as captain, Calculus intends for this to not only provide her Guild with fame and fortune, but to steal power from Midas also… The Alchemists are not the only figures with plans in motion, or that scheme and plot from the shadows. The strings of the puppet master, Obulus, captain of the Mortician’s Guild, are everywhere. At last is the time for a scheme he has nurtured for decades to go into motion, beginning as a clandestine meeting with the mysterious and savage Hunter’s Guild. The men and women of this brotherhood have not seen civilization of generations – what will they bring to the world of Guild Ball? Without the Master Butcher, missing since the night of Laurentis’ assassination, the Butcher’s Guild has been thrown into turmoil. The Guild have appointed a new captain, a young woman known as the Flashing Blade, rumoured as the most lethal duellist of her time. Still, Fillet is unable to unite the old guard behind her, clashing with a returned Brisket, now finally recovered from the grievous wounds she suffered at Snakeskin’s hands. The future of the Butcher’s Guild is uncertain for the first time in years… The Engineer’s Guild defeat the Alchemist’s Guild in the early stages of the Frontiers Cup, and they crash out of the tournament. In the aftermath of the game, their team has been decimated, a result of internal bickering and politicking. Midas has been forced out of the team, but Calculus’ own support will likely dry up in wake of their failure. Worse still, in wake of betrayal from within by Venin, Katalyst is reduced to a hulking monster, completely incapable of rational thought and leaving little trace of the man which once was. In a day that promises to change the face of Guild Ball, Blackheart, the Pirate King that terrorised an entire nation, and leader of the Union, is betrayed by Rage. The Usurper cuts down his master during a game, even a bloodthirsty crowd muted by his barbarity. But the deed is not done there, for next Rage guts Coin, and wrenches free the Pirate King’s fortune. If ever there was proof that jackals know only loyalty to the coin it is proven this bloody day, as one by one they cross the threshold to join their new captain, each taking a grisly doubloon in hand. With the dominant Mason’s Guild already through to the final, the second semi-final pits the Mortician’s Guild against the Hunter’s Guild. The team that wins will face the reigning champions, but the Ferryman remembers his debt all too well. With his scheme still in motion and his hand yet to be dealt, Obulus orders Scalpel to stand aside and not avert disaster; and so it comes to pass that whilst the horrified crowd and players look on, Ghast is sacrificed to the Hunters primordial gods, their fealty now sealed by the lifeblood of the Silent Terror. It is the day of the final, but only one team is here to play. Ignoring the proud banners and the glory at their fingertips, the Hunter’s Guild fulfil their promise to Obulus, leaving Honour crippled and unmoving, even as the crowds cheer Flint scoring the winning goal. The Mason’s Guild take the title once more, to add to a cabinet already full of trophies, but leave their honour behind, as the sun sets… what might this mean for the future of the most successful team in recent Guild Ball history? Well there you have it. You're all caught up with the Story of Guild Ball, let us know what you though by commenting below or by speaking to us on Facebook.com/guildball or twitter.com/guildball
  12. other than the main Guilds we all know and love the offical fluff mentions a number of other Guilds. Messengers Scholars Physicians Steamstress Fools Chandlers Are there any others out there that I have forgotten?
  13. tandgproductions

    Guild Ball Starter Sets: The Hunters

    Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Hunters starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  14. tandgproductions

    Guild Ball Starter Sets: The Union

    Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Union starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  15. Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Alchemists starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  16. tandgproductions

    Guild Ball Starter Sets: The Engineers

    Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Engineers starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  17. tandgproductions

    Guild Ball Starter Sets: The Masons

    Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Masons starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  18. tandgproductions

    Guild Ball Starter Sets: The Brewers

    Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Drunks starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  19. Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Morts starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  20. Hello Guild Ballers! I have put up yet another bit of fan fiction for those interested go have a read: An Alternate Future - Part II Feel free to reply there, or here, I'll try to respond ASAP. Have fun reading!
  21. Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Fishes starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  22. Hello Guild Ballers! Bob here with yet another link to my blog: Read up on it here! This time I've created some more characters fitting a 'new' guild. Seamstresses (since concubines or whores sounds a bit offensive?) First you'll have a bit of fluff around existing characters and the relation they have with this new guild. After you'll find some players for that new guild. I did not spell-check this and only just finished up on writing it, so if you want to share your thoughts, I'm open to suggestions/corrections. If you read my blog regularly you'll find the story I've used also touches this part of my blog. Where I have some fiction up on the Brewers after season 2. Hope you enjoy the read! See you soon! Bob Out.
  23. tandgproductions

    Guild Ball Starter Sets: The Butchers

    Hi all, Here's a short introduction video to the Butchers starter set and beyond, it is designed to be a short overview to get new and veteran players up to date with their new team. I hope it's useful!
  24. So finally having had time to finish reading the Fluff in the rule book. It pretty well written and has me asking WTF is going to happen next. For those that haven't read it yet and dont like spoilers i suggest you stay away from this thread. So Snakeskin is kinda screwed. What are Avarisse and Greed up to? Will Ox make it out alive? Boar how could you?
  25. tandgproductions

    Season Two Introduction Series

    Hi all, As a new player to Guild Ball i spent ages asking my friends for summaries of the teams before I made the plunge, thought that some players might not have the luxury going into season two so I decided to make a short series on each guild going into S2. they are designed to be short/fluffy snapshots to get new and veteran players up to date on the competition. Eight guilds are done as of posting and more each day. The feedback i have had so far has been great and many have suggested I go back and address the original lineups after. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I hope they are a fun and informative way to get the info across! Thanks, Playlist here: