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Found 33 results

  1. From a previous thread: I'm a little confused on this - does Burnish ignore the pulse's effects? Consider Fillet's Blood Rain, where "Target enemy model suffers [2] DMG. Enemy models within the pulse suffer the bleed condition." Burnish definitely ignores the 2 dmg component, but what about the pulse? Thank you.
  2. Fry

    Butchers VS Farmers

    Last week I decided to head to a new FLGS, although not all that local with a 40 minute drive, at a new area that I've recently moved into. They were very welcoming and I had fun getting to know some of the other players, but I had another goal in mind, getting Gutter on the Butchers. Granted this is my first and only post for this cause... They gave me a choice of people to play against and I chose the Farmers because I've only played against them once before and loss terribly against them. This time I had one change to the line up I was bringing in hopes of bringing a victory against them. I figured I would go against the usual lineup, for obvious reasons, of Grange, Harrow, Peck, Windle, Jackstraw and Tater. I brought Fillet, Meathook, Vet Ox, Boar, Princess and, my new idea, Tenderizer (that's how we spell it this side of the pond). My opponent won the starting roll and chose to receive. I gave Tenderizer the ball and moved him up the pitch and sent the ball as far left from his starting right position as I could. My opponent decided to line all his players nearly base to base to the left of his pitch, my right. I had my players fairly spilt down the middle with Fillet front and center flanked by Princess to her left and Meathook to her right. Beyond Princess sat Ox and just on the other side of Meathook was Boar. I had started Tenderizer to the right of Boar and moved him up and over, just ahead of and in between Boar and Meathook. he sent it sailing, sort of..., to the left of his line up leaving only his bird to go get it. He sent Peck over to retrieve the ball and rather than dropping the ball and snapping it to the next player he kicked it, as much as a rooster can kick, only to miss straight down the line. Leaving Jackstraw to pick it, I believe... It's here that my memory of specifics get blurry and I'll just go into the brief highlights. Maybe next time I'll actually write down some notes. Turn one was the standard positioning and set up for the next round. After one more failed pass my opponent finally managed to make a pass. Tenderizer managed to get up the field and do what I brought him to do, disrupt everything he possibly could. Getting a successful Ground and Pound, I managed to damage and knock down half of his team. The next round I was feeling pretty good and managed to deal out quite a bit of damage, but also put Fillet in a dangerous situation, made even more dangerous by that jerk of a bird's Heroic Play "When the Cock Crows..." Fillet was basically done for the following round, but not before I up the Knockdown game going with Tenderizer and tried to keep Harrow away from healing everyone before Bleed could do its job. I got a little over zealous with that attempt and ended up damaging and taking out Meathook after she had already taking some blows from the Farmers. So 2 VPs from me to him... Jackstraw worked his disappearing act and got a goal after his team mates took Fillet out. I managed to work some of my own magic and slice a player down. At this point it was looking fairly grim, and to be honest the round are getting mixed up in my recollection, but i managed to bring the game to a bit of a heat. I had taken out Windle, finally, Grange and Harrow. Jackstraw was far up the field toward my goal and the mascots were circling each other mid field. Tater was on his last leg and I kept the women off of him. The next and final round started. It was 6 to 8 and I had brought Fillet back previously and picked up the ball after Jackstraw's goal. I used Fillet first, who had Windle and Grange coming back on her wing, and punted the ball as best I could away from the Farmers. I then took some frustration out on Windle, hoping it might do some good after surviving this round, but the damage dealt wasn't nearly enough. Harrow came in from the back and near the goal, not too far from where the ball Fillet sent away sat. He managed to pick up it and get it to Jackstraw, I forgot until now that at the end of the previous round he worked his poof act back toward Fillet. Now he has the ball and needs one goal to win. I needed 3 kills and wasn't thinking about a goal anymore. Tenderizer made mash potatoes tying the game. All I could hope for was for the scarecrow come up short. He put down his harvest marker, Wizard of Oz'ed himself, then crop dusted and jumped again to the closest harvest to the goal. He had the momentum and he had the influence, but did he have the distance? We placed the 8" template down from Jackstraw and as it hit the table it was clear he had the range for his shot, barely, but enough that no one could argue. My opponent bonus timed, picked up his dice and shook them. I had a chance if he missed to take out Harrow and Windle or possibly put the hurt on Grange over Windle. I played out those scenarios in my head as the dice rolled to a stop on the mat. I saw the first die had missed then as I scanned to the other two I saw he had made it... I had lost to the Farmers for a second time, 2 goals and 2 kills, one of them from me.. But walking away from the pitch I looked back and was happy knowing that Tenderizer did what he was meant to do and I had out killed the planters.
  3. Goldfinger590

    Butchers get smoked

    Played my Alchemists into Butchers. Using Smoke for the first time (2nd game with Alchemists overall) Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Vet Kat, and Vitriol Butchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Vet Ox, Boar, and Meathook. Butchers got some early kills in but wore thin on the condition game and they lost their leader after failure to shoot a tap in goal. Alchemists win 12 - 6.
  4. Skuloth

    A slaughter in the forest

    Today I played a game with Butchers against the Hunters. I was playing: Fillet Pig Boiler Hook vBrisky and vOx He was playing: Theron Doggo vHearne Chaska Jaecar and Minx The game starts off with me losing the dice roll and kicking off with Fillet. I went for a short kick to get the hunters to come closer to me in case they managed to hit fillet with a couple of plays. The turn goes fairly normally, starting off with Chaska retrieving the ball and missing a boombox on Fillet followed by boiler swift stancing her. We both spend a few activations shuffling up the board when finally Theron goes and fails to hit fillet with any arrows. Last activation comes and Fillet murders theron catching both hearne and jaecar in the blood rain and activates man marking. Turn 2: Here's where the game begins to get a little rough. I lose a +3 roll for initiative. Theron walks onto the board from near the goal and proceeds to beat fillet to death in a single activation from full health. I did not expect him to down her in one go and lost a full stack of influence for the turn putting me on the back foot. I send Ox in to knock down Jaecar and Hearne and try to regain some pressure despite being massively down on influence this turn. The pig and meathook keep minx busy and unable to charge while the hunters gang up on Ox leaving him pretty low on hp at the end of the turn. Boiler is able to pump a handful of damage into Chaska and earns enough momentum to get me the initiative for turn 3 with an even dice roll. Turn 3 begins with Fillet charging in from the side taking out both Jaecar and Chaska a long with 2 influence on each of them. Earning me back a sizable portion of the tempo lost the previous turn. She heals Ox Boiler and Herself to prevent Theron and Hearne from as easily causing a huge problem. Theron kills Ox, while hearne meanders over towards meathook and minx. Boiler and brisky position around hearne to set up a few crowd outs for an easy take out in turn 4. Also positioning themselves close to the dog who has the ball on top of the obstruction near his goal. Going into turn 4 I lose initiative again and watch Theron perform another miracle deleting Fillet from 12 hp. His dice have been spiking all game so I had only given her 3 influence this turn in case of this exact problem. Following Fillet going down, boiler erases Hearne. At this point the hunters are on the back foot with butchers at 8 vp with several people located near enough to the ball. Minx attempts to tie up brisket, while Meathook walks up to the dog takes the ball and sinks a goal to end the game. 12 - 4 for the butchers.
  5. The Union and Butchers matched wits and blades on the pitch last Saturday. Utilizing an unconventional take on the pug missile, the smell of blood spured Fillet to cross the pitch in record time, incapacitating captain Rage just as Mist scored the first goal of the match. The Usurper proved more tenatious than the Flashing Blade anticipated and was quick to return the favor, even as he was forced to sacrifice underling after underling to placate Boar's wraith. The loose band of sellswords ultimately prevailed, as Mist was able to snatch a second goal from between Brisket's feet and Decimate, inspired by her captain's example, sent Fillet back to the dug out as soon as she stepped foot back onto the battlefield. Final score: Union 12, Butchers 9 Benediction was reached for comment after the match, but the Shield of Faith just stared at this reporter scornfully.
  6. This evening the the battle for gutter was fought with the butchers representing themselves against the masons. My line up was Fillet Piggy Hook vBrisky Boar and vOx His line up was Honour Marble Brick oHarmony Mallet Flint The game started out with the butchers receiving and turn one progressing about how you'd expect. Everyone advanced forward a bit to get into position for turn two, while Fillet rocketed into the enemy line using Brisky's quick time and the ball. She charged into brick unleashing a blood rain on honour marbles and harmony. Eventually dodging out of melee from harmony and marbles and killing brick with her legendary. At the end of the turn Honour walks into her and push dodges her towards harmony while accidently leaving base to base allowing fillet to dodge back out of range forcing Honour to quick time back into melee. The turn ends with masons up in momentum by one allowing them to win the initiative. He leads off the turn with a sisters double activation for 9 influence, killing fillet and scoring a goal with Harmony. The butchers lead off with a boar activation finishing off Honour who was wounded due to fillet's turn one shenanigans. At this point the butchers have most of their influence still on the board with minimal mason influence remaining and brisky in possession of the ball just forward of the deployment line. Vox and piggy tie up Mallet and Harmony allowing meathook to get in the damage necessary to kill harmony with a bleed tick. At this point the game is a 6/6 tie, and the turn ends with Brisky killing marbles who decided to try and tie up Boar. Leading into turn three the butchers have enough momentum to guarantee initiative and they occupy the entire center of the board with wounded players on all sides. The path to victory is relatively clear with the dead masons all walking back onto the pitch from the left out of range of Brisky. Boar leads off the turn again by murdering mallet who is knocked down and surrounded. Hes also able to knock down flint. Flint in a last ditch effort steals the ball from Brisky and sinks a shot putting the game at 9 to 10 in favor of the masons. However Brisky is able to retrieve the kick off and sink a shot of her own to end the game.
  7. I am currently playing Farmers, but throwing my support in this event behind my beloved Butchers! I played Grange, Peck, Windle, Tater, Harrow, and Jack, my opponent brought Fillet, Princess, vOx, Boar, Meathook, and Minx. We set up using alternate deployment and Grange kicked off. The ball was promptly ignored and a massive scrum was developed in the center of the pitch with Tater, Grange, and Windle on one side, and Fillet, Boar, Meathook, and Princess on the other. Boar successfully pushed Grange into a position that protected Fillet from Windle, and turn one ended with Princess killed by a Big Breakfast'd Windle, and Meathook bloodied badly. 2-0 Farmers Turn two Windle killed Fillet and Meathook, netting another 5vp (with Big Breakfast again). VOx and Minx murdered Harrow and the ball continued sitting alone and afraid. 7-2 Farmers. Turn three Grange and Windle tag teamed Boar for another 3vp, Tater's Counter Charge was unsuccessful in saving Harrow from vOx's rage, and then is massacred himself by the newly returned Fillet. Favorite moment of the game happens with Peck Sic 'Em charges Fillet for a massive 1 Momentous Damage. She counters and kills the bird. 10-7 Farmers. Top of turn four Grange engages Fillet and vOx, knocks them both down, puts up Honest Labor, and softens up both targets. My next activation Windle lumbered over and took out vOx, ending the game at 12-7. Victory for the Farmers, and another vote for Butchers Gutter!
  8. Goldfinger590

    Butchers get lost in the woods

    Played my Hunters into Butchers the other day trying out some of the Winters Moon models for the first time. Hunters: Skatha, Fahad, Vet Hearne, Jaecar, Minx, and Seenah. Buchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Meathook, and Vet Ox Hunters won the roll off and chose to receive believing that threatening the goal game against Butchers was the way to go. Fillet kicked the ball away from Skatha trying to hide it out of reach of Vet Hearne. After retrieving the ball I managed to pass it down the lines attempting to keep out of Fillet death range and managing to end it in the hands of Skatha, who set up fast ground for both her and Seenah to profit from. I managed to score first turn with Skatha and popped legendary while within range of 4 enemy models. Fillet managed to do a little hurt but Minx managed to dodge away on the counter leaving her to pain circle. Seenah managed to put a good hurt on Meathook who over extended a bit on tooling up Fillet. Hunters manage to win initiative and we start with the Bear who kills Meathook and charges Fillet putting a decent hurt and knockdown. Skatha gets ravaged by Butchers being stuck in the back field but managed to live. Minx and Hearne manage to finish off Fillet. Its now 8-0 Hunters but some of my guys are fairly bleed out and Butchers are playing some keep away. When stack of Fillet comes back on the pitch she managed to take out both an injured Minx and Vet Hearne securing herself the ball hoping to score if the game goes on. Skatha actives early and between her and Fahad try's to put some damage on Vet Ox before making her bloody exit... it's now 8-6... Seenah being the beast she is managed to Bear hug Vet Ox and left Jaecar to finish the poor dog... Hunters win 12-6 which what started out as just a walk in the forest ended up very bloody.
  9. Pending Forum Suspension

    Taking on Fillet Butchers

    Hey all, Got a hunters team in my mystery box and played them for the first time since the errata last night. Really dig Theron for control. Coming from post errata Fish the range control is familiar and makes for a fun time trying to frustrate my friends. Played Tapper Brewers and, while the score was close, I felt like I was running the show the whole game. Really bullied Tapper with Theron and some terrain that wasn't big enough to stop on. I think Tapper maybe swung 5 times the whole game and I could've prevented all of them if I paid a little closer attention to the line of directly towards. Wouldn't have been AS close if I had played Fahad better (or just played snow instead.) The guy I play the most games against plays Fillet pretty religiously. After my game last night I was racking my brain on how I would deal with her. I struggle against her anyway (she is just a damn good unit) but I wasn't sure what everyone has been playing into her. More than anything I really don't know which captain to take. Snared is great but they are going to be up on momentum to clear conditions since healing is weak for them and pinned is not only kinda risky on a DEF 5 but it just brings her to the model she wants to swing at anyway. I imagine Snow is the better mascot since he can disengage friendlies from the onslaught. How are you dealing with her? Out footballing with Skatha? Pinning and using some terrain she can't make it over? Eating the damage and boom boxing her while she is snared? Just looking for ideas so I don't walk into this game like a lamb to the slaughter.
  10. Granite's trait Between a Rock and... states: Once per turn, when an other friendly model within this aura suffers damage from an enemy Attack or Play, after the Attack or Play is resolved, this model may make a Jog. When is a play considered to be resolved? For example, some sustained character plays such as Minefield and Feel My Pain deal damage after they are first used and their effects don't end until the end of turn. When, if ever, do these plays trigger Between a Rock? Legendary Plays, such as Chemical Shower and Exsanguinate, last until the end of turn (afaik only Rigor Mortis doesn't). Are these ever resolved for the purpose of Between a Rock? Similarly, heroic plays such as Stave's Explosive Barrel, last all turn. Is the damage from Explosive Barrel, which resolved previously, or Lob Barrel which just resolved? The Forceful Blow trait deals 3 damage on the charge. In an Honor vs Hammer match, Honor's Mallet charges Hammer's Brick selecting 1 damage, which is prevented by Tough Hide but triggers Forceful Blow. Does this trigger Hammer's Granite's Between a Rock?
  11. Hi all, I've got a question with regards to Fillets 'Pain Circle' effect specifically the bleed and when/if it gets triggered. First Scenario: A role to 'hit' fails but the pain circle is still touching an enemy model, if this model then activates and moves out of the pain circle, does the enemy model take the 'Bleed' condition as it moves through the pain circle? Second scenario: A role to 'hit' fails but the pain circle is still touching an enemy model, if this model then activates and elects NOT to move out (and not move at all), does this model suffer the bleed condition at the end of it's activation? Thanks!
  12. Phlop Donkus

    Corsair vs Fillet Help

    I am having trouble making Corsair work into a Fillet lineup. While I am great at dealing with single targets, the second I have a crowd of butchers descending into my group, they just die! I am not trying to outfight them, as that is a fight I will not win, but keeping kickers alive is really tough. I usually play Shark into this lineup with varying amounts of success, but I want to change things up, as a Shark lineup feels like I am running around trying not to die and score as fast as possible, plus corsair has been fun into other match ups. Is this a lost cause? Anyone have any words of wisdom?
  13. Hey all, first video battle report and it was a doozy of a game. Definitely stay tuned until the end for a fun ending. Esters Scum Mash Pint Pot Vet Spigot Friday VS Fillet Princess Vet Oxe Vet Brisket Boiler Meathook
  14. tandgproductions

    Match Report - Hunters vs. Butchers

    Hi guys, We're back with another match report as we throw our vengeance rosters into the mix to see how they fare! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! Enjoy!
  15. So as an experienced Mason's, fish, alchemists, and union player, I finally got the chance to put fillet on the table. I was so excited to get her into combat. At the end of my first combat with fillet, four morticians suffered the take out condition on one turn. It all felt too easy, and Fillet felt broken. The whole ride home, I was on an emotional high, that is until I realized that blood rain does 2 damage to the TARGET and bleeding to everyone within 3", but NOT 2 damage to everyone. I have never played with a more broken player that game as I neted 36 damage illegally... ? Lesson learned
  16. Hello all, my 8th instalment in my path to Butchery. This is a tournament blog of a local 16 man tournament in the SE of the UK. A lot is on the line. Both a title defence for myself and also a chance to push up to the top two butchers in the rankings. But the local meta is getting super tough! Hope you enjoy my writing! http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/06/19/Guildball---A-Path-to-Butchery-8---Guild-times---10th-June-2017---Galleon-Games
  17. My 'path' to Butchery continues where I take a look at the two butchers captains and how I see them in season 3! ive been playing butchers since season 1 and managed to claw myself to 3rd spot in the unofficial rankings. So hopefully some insight on how I tend to use them and what I see as the pros and cons. http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/06/13/Guild-Ball---A-Bath-To-Butchery-7---Ox-or-Fillet
  18. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  19. Preface: In the Tournament 9 discussion I talked about the list I won the regional qualifier with, which is Fillet, Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket Meathook, Boar, Tenderiser, and Minx With the core 6 being: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, oBrisket, Meathook and Minx. I plan on making plenty of changes to the list, the most obvious being removing Ox. He was only in there because...well because. I'm going to post match reports here trying different line-ups against different teams and try and tune my 9 for the championships. I've played some different line ups since I posted in that thread, but I don't remember all the details but I did win all of them. I will start recording them from here out in this thread. Warning, I can be long winded (read my S2 Mason reports). Match Report 1: Alright so tonight I played against SBrisket. This is my second game against her, I won the first I believe 12-4 with the Line-up I've been using all year. Tonight I played a different line up. Line ups: Butchers: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Boiler, VBrisket, VOx, Boar, Tenderiser and Harry "The Hat" Union: Blackheart, SBrisket, Coin, Harry "The Hat, Gutter, Decimate, Snakeskin, Minx and Avarisse and Greede. Pre-Game: I am receiving. There are 4 pieces of terrain. There is fast ground on the right, near the center line but more on his side. There is forest on his side of the pitch on the left near the deployment line. An obstruction a couple inches away from his line on the right and an obstruction on my side on the right as well. My plot cards were (bold i chose): Knee Slider, Super Fan, Match Fixing, Composure and Good Marker. Knee Slider is great. Not super pumped about any of the cards I got, but I got most of the relevant kicking cards which means he didn't, so this is fine. Took Super Fan just because....because I guess. Not very useful but I don't think it really mattered. Got some of the worst cards. Drafting: I will say, that going into this I suspected SBrisket because I know my opponent has been wanting to play her some more. (Bold will be his picks) Fillet, Coin, Truffles, A&G, Meathook, Mist, Harry "The Hat", Harry "The Hat", VBrisket, Snakeskin, VOx, SBrisket. So going into the draft, I knew I was taking, Harry and VBrisket. Meathook and Boar were the next slot and VOx and Tenderiser the last. He didn't take much 2" melee so I felt really comfortable bringing Meathook. Tenderiser probably could delay a goal run but I felt confident in my turn one goal and my ability to race after that so I took VOx for more 2" melee for UM and to hand out KD. Turn 1: He deploys in right to left, fairly spread out A&G, Mist, Coin, Brisket, Harry, Snakeskin. I deploy Meathook, Truffles, Fillet, Harry, VBrisket, VOx. He kicks with SBrisket, putting it past an obstruction. I give Meathook 2, Truffles 0, Fillet 4, Harry 3, VBriskest 4, and VOx 0. He gives A&G 4, Brisket 4 , Mist 2, Harry 1 and Snakeskin 2. Meathook sprints to get the ball and hides behind the obstruction and kicks to Truffles who dodges back behind Fillet and Harry for free using Harry's aura. I'm very wary of SBrisket ability to score a goal here. He uses harry to throw down a molotov. Pig drops the ball 1" from Harry who leaves it on the ground to avoid a Route One threat. He gives Bag of Coffers to Brisket. Harry snaps the ball up passes to Fillet, sprints up and sets Brisket on Fire. Mist moves a crazy distance and gets on the other side of the obstruction Meathook is at. VOx moves up the field. He moves up snakeskin into the forest and puts up Clone. I notice two things here. My opponent position in a way that I would have to go into the forest and around snakeskin for my goal. My original plan was to charge Harry and end up on the other side of him and dodge out of melee and into goal range so I would have the momentum to bonus time. Going through the forest left me with no way to bonus time and missing this goal would be big. The other thing was that I had no reasonable way to stop the A&G return goal. I use Fillet to put Quick Foot onto VBrisket and pass to her, dodging her up. I sprint over to A&G's side of the pitch to try and be as annoying as I can for the return goal. He charges Harry with Brisket and does some dodging and forgetting Rising Anger, damages him which is great for me. He makes three momentum from this. I go for the goal, going through the forest and using Quick Time to get there and make the 4 dice shot. I don't use Knee Slider cause I'm fairly ok where she is. He kicks over to A&G and makes the goal on a 4 dice shot as well. He is up momentum and better set-up for turn two than I am. I take a risky goal kick off to the left in no man's land and the scatter puts it just over my goal line. Not good. But no one can get to easily (except VOx) Butchers: 4 Union: 4 Turn 2: He wins the roll off as we both roll 2's. He chooses to go first. I get no momentum (awesome). He loads up Brisket, gives Mist 2, Harry 3, Snakeskin 3. I give Fillet a full stack, Meathook 3, Truffles 1, VOx 1, VBrisket 2 and Harry 2. He uses Snakeskin to engage VOx and hits on him a couple time just taking dodges. I see he is setting up Brisket's legendary to get the ball. I take a parting blow with VOx and get poisoned and run to get the ball to at least make the attempt harder. He activates Brisket and hits on harry to double dodge into range to legendary. He does so and jumps to Snakeskin and moves them both to engage Ox. He takes 3 attacks and takes two momentous dodges (using 1 to tackle the ball) and one With Aplomb , sitting at 1" of VOx. He has two influence left. He takes another attack and whiffs, missing the two hits he needs the double dodge (He is a little less than 9" away). So he can't make the goal and he just buys another attack and hits almost all of them and just takes a dodge. I was able to snapback goal without him being able to so I was ready for him to make the goal, but this made things alot easier. I use Harry to attack his Harry and hit all 7 dice. Do 3 and a KD, and use the other attack to push him into my Harry and in range of Fillet. I heal Harry. He use Coin to bag of coffer's Harry. I use Truffles and charge Greede, netting 0 hits. Harry stands up and wails on Harry leaving him at 9 and moving Harry out of Fillet's threat range. I use Meathook tool up Fillet. I walk over to Greede and hit him getting the 1 success I need to Hook and Bleed him. Attack again and do 3 damage. He runs Mist back away from Fillet, attempting to set him up from a return goal in turn 3 if I score. Greede is at 3 and I consider just using Exsanguinate to kill him and go for Avarrise but decide to save it and just attack and kill him getting 2" of dodging putting me back into threat of Harry. I spend 2 to stand my Harry up for a crowd out. I charge his Harry. He uses Brace for Impact (the only plot card I see), defensive stance and Counter attack. I hit 4 hits down to 3 and do 3 damage. He hits 5 successes on 6 dice and does 2 damage and a double push to Fillet. Fillet uses 2 to drop Pain Circle on him, hitting and leaving him at 4 HP. I should have used my legendary here but for some reason decided to save it. He moves Avarisse into a safer position. I charge Harry hoping for a wrap of one to kill him but miss it by 1 hit leaving him at 1. I'm up 2 momentum (8 to 6) and I'm in a really good spot if I win the roll off and I do. Butchers: 6 Union: 4 Turn 3: He is going to score with Brisket but Harry is at 1 and that will put me at 8 and if he scores I just score back. I load up Fillet, Harry, and Brisket and give VOx one. He loads up Brisket, Mist (for a goal run if things go badly for me) and gives 2 to snakesking and Avarrise. I start with Harry and kill his Harry, I move Harry to engage the snake and Mist, hoping to KD the snake and push Mist out of cover, and I whiff all three attacks. He has no one left who can fight my guys so decides to go for the goal anyways. He does some dodging off of Ox (and a With Aplomb) and makes the goal. I send position it so Brisket or Fillet will get it. It lands at Fillet's feet. She Quick Foots and runs to be withing 4" of the goal and taps it in for the win. Butchers: 12 Union: 8 After game thoughts: So right off the bat, I should have positioned in a way to better stop the Greede goal. I could have kept Harry back so Brisket could not have made the momentum but he probably would have been able to reach him anyways. This was my first game using VOx. His only contribution was grabbing the ball once. I will be giving him more time on the pitch for sure, but I did not utilize him much. While I'm glad I finally got to use VOx I think Tenderiser was the right call in the draft and I talked myself out of it wanting to use VOx. Harry over Minx is still agonizing me but I'll probably stick to Harry. I do miss marked target and her mobility (snared is also big. Helps a lot with the math.) This game felt a lot more difficult than the last time I played SBrisket with my usual line-up but I think that is due to me being so familiar and comfortable with those models. The goal kick after the Greede goal was a mistake too. I could have positioned it better to where I would the scatter would have to been really terrible. And where is landed made it possible for Brisket to get the goal, where if I had done it better should wouldn't have been able to dodge far enough off of Ox. One change I'm thinking of making is dropping Boiler (Or VOx depending on future playtests) for oBrisket. I pretty much only want to play VBrisket when I'm receiving. And not against every team, so I really want both in my list. If I do decide to only keep one, it will probably be oBrisket. Anyways, hope it wasn't to unbearably long. I'd love to hear any feedback. Thanks in advance.
  20. Strahleo

    Path to Butchery 6

    Hi there, I have been writing a review of my Butchers attendance to tournaments for a while. I must admit my heady heights and wins of 2016 and season 2 have been hard to replicate for me in season 3. But please take a little look at another recent tournament. If you want to find out more check back to the Fishy blog as o have more Guildball to come! http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/05/07/Galleon---Guild-Times---11th-March-2017---A-path-to-Butchery-6
  21. malladin.ben

    Butcher Civil War actual play

    Hi all, Kieran and I played a Butchers Civil War game yesterday at the club, and it was a real nail-biter. I've spent a bit of time writing it up for effect: Foreshadowing Ox stood, arms folded, in the centre of the pitch. He surveyed his players as they went about their training: Boiler throwing a marker ahead of him, then sprinting after it, Princess barking at his heels; Tenderiser driving the ball with his massive hammer like a Maldriven nobleman on the links; Shank weaving between straw-stuffed mannequins, slashing them into ribbons with his chains and blades. In another corner their Union loanees went through their own drills: Gutted whirling her chains as Harry attempted (largely unsuccessfully, Ox noted with a chuckle) out of the way. His attention was drawn to the women, practicing together. There was an hostility to their play that, in the Master Butcher’s experience, women seemed to specialise in. Meathook was lofting balls towards Brisket and the new girl, Fillet, who were fighting to intercept the ball. Normally during a practice this close to a big game they would train with dulled practice blades, but the “ladies” had ditched these for the steely glint of sharpened daggers. He revelled in their rivalry. Brisket had something in her, a natural leader if she but in need of maturing and gaining some focus. Fillet, on the other hand, was all about brutal focus. Ox had not seen a player of her skill in all his time at the guild. She would be one of the all-time greats. But he doubted she would make any friends on the way. Boar emerged from the privy, news sheet tucked under his arm (Ox doubted the big murderer could read, the paper just for show) and joined the captain in the middle of the field. Clocking his emergence, Ox decided it was time. “Butchers, gather!” he called. “And you, too,” he nodded to the Union pair. The players stopped their exercises and jogged over to heed their master’s call. “It’s time we switch things up a bit. It’s the final next and it’s likely to be out toughest match yet. Practice blades away. Time for the real thing. A full game, play to twelve. Show no mercy. Fillet, Brisket, you pick the teams.” The women turned to face each other. The master butcher could sense the tension in the air and was well pleased. “Your first pick,” Brisket smiled playfully at her rival. “Meathook.” Fillet stated coldly, the erskirii maiden moved to stand behind her partner. “Hmmm,” Brisket said, surveying the assembled players with a mischievous grin. She stops on the master butcher. “Captain,” she claimed. “What?” Fillet objected, “That’s not fair!” “He never said he wasn’t available to pick!” Ox surveyed the women, squaring up against each other, hands on the hilts of their knives. “You’re right, Brisket. I didn’t say I wouldn’t play. Your pick, Fillet.” Fillet muttered something in Valentian under her breath, probably a curse, but then regained her composure. “I’ll take the Cutter, then,” she said, claiming the vice-captain, Shank, for her team. “Boiler,” Brisket said playfully. “Get over here, kid!” She ruffled the young lad’s hair as he bounded over to her team. Brisket noted Fillet’s scowl. She knew the Valentian enjoyed playing with the boy, his play style supported hers perfectly. Brisket smiled smugly at her rival. “Tenderiser.” Fillet called, a cold smile cracking across her lips. She knew the big ‘keeper would cause maximum problems for Brisket’s game. Brisket shrugged. “Boar.” The big man smiled evilly at Fillet. “Good call, girlie.” He complemented Brisket. “I’m gonna enjoy this!” Fillet looked over the remaining players. Mascots and union mercenaries only remaining. She was torn. Gutter was clearly the better of the two mercenaries, but Fillet knew that Brisket would happily lumber her with that useless dog, who’d probably just follow boiler around anyway. She pondered on it. She could get some use out of the Hat. “Truffles.” She called. Brisket sniggered. “Nice choice,” she commented snidely. “Suits you.” “I could say the same for you and the bitch,” Fillet retorted. “Ouch! You cut so deep.” Brisket taunted, her tone dripping with sarcasm. “I’ll take Gutter and princess, then, you get Harry. Don’t go too hard on me, big man,” she said, blowing Harry a kiss. “Right, places, then. Ox called. Fillet, your choice. Kick or receive.” He could see the Valentian was riled and wasn’t thinking straight. “Kick,” Fillet said. * * * Meathook kicks off, knocking the ball over the line on the opposite side of the pitch to Brisket. Ox sprints to collect the ball and drops back, passing the ball to Brisket. Boiler moves up in support, but Fillet pushes forward and sends her knives whirling off towards the boy and the master butcher, encircling them in pain. Ox manages to sidestep the blades, but Boiler takes a deep gash to the bicep and starts gushing blood. But Fillet has come too far forward and Gutter starts to whirl her chains. Luckily, though, the flashing blade is too swift for the psychotic mercenary and manages to evade every attempt to drag her into enemy territory. Brisket starts to take control, passing the ball to Boar, who dodges forward to threaten Fillet. Harry moves up at a surprisingly fast rate in support of his temporary captain and starts to hurl inventive insults at the big beast, distracting him from his intended target. It’s too much for Boar, who charges forward and slams into the Hat, toe-to-toe. Harry counters, swinging his heavy wrench. He can’t get Boar away from him, so he shoves him deeper into Fillet’s territory. Boar’s onslaughts continues and the hat falls to the ground as Harry is carted off for treatment. “2-0 Team Brisket!” the Master Butcher calls. Shank catches a blade from Meathook and goes in heavily on the big killer, but it’s not enough as the whistle goes on the first round. Harry jogs back on at the wing but it’s Boar who acts quickest, knocking shank flat before he can counter attack. He charges Fillet, but the wily captain-in-the-making is too much for the deranged lunatic and she survives his onslaught. Meathook responds, running to her lover’s aid, catching Boar with a nasty hook that leaves him pouring blood and yells at Shank to get to his feet. Unfortunately for the cutter it’s not enough, as the master butcher sprints up, knocks him back down and dispatches him in just three cuts. Fillet curses. Looks like she will have to do it all herself. Again. She draws her knives and threshes and dances around Boar and Ox, finishing the berserker and then slinking away into cover. Safe, for now. Tenderiser charges his captain, on the opposing team for today, and knocks him flat, spilling the ball loose, but it bounces straight to Brisket. The goal is left open, but with Fillet and Truffles protecting the wing she cannot find a way through and takes the ball wide to safety. The whistle blows again on the round. Whilst Team Brisket are clearly ahead 4-2, control of play is poised on a knife edge. And it’s Team Fillet who act fastest going into round three. Fillet strikes with a vengeance, bringing Ox to within an inch of his life before swinging by Boiler and Princess. With all three of them bleeding, Fillet seems to pull the blood out of the by the sheer force of her will and the Master Butcher slumps to the floor. “Four-all, bitch” She screams at Brisket. Unfortunately her triumph is short-lived. Boar has returned to play and has Harry the Hat back in his sights. The madman makes short work of the crazy guy in the hat for the second time in the match. “You were saying? Brisket taunts, spying the gap Fillet left. She jogs forward casually, takes aim from long range and lets fly. “Ten-four!” Brisket whooped. “Bitch!” But the game isn’t over and Meathook is in a great position. The erskirii slices into Boiler with her hooks, dispatching him in two strikes, then moves up to pressure Gutter, hooking her too. Tenderiser charges in, too, knocking the mercenary psycho flat and leaving her bruised. But the game is not over for Gutter yet and she shakes off her injuries and swings her chains at Tenderiser, slicing Meathook in the process. Despite the score, Fillet is in control of the game as the whistle blows on round three, but a newly returned Shank is in range of Brisket’s knives with only two points left in it for Team Brisket to win. The final round starts with palpable tension. Fillet’s only viable takeout target is Princess, so she can’t win the game on her own. She eyes up the goal for herself, and sends her paramour Meathook to bring them to within reach of victory. Meathook swings back into Gutter. Just as with Boiler it only takes two cuts to finish her off. All eyes turn to Brisket, with Shank in her sights, she goes in, toe-to-toe to deny the master cutter the chance to escape. She cuts him once, but Shank counters giving it everything he’s got… And he pulls out the dodge of the game, escaping brisket’s reach. She vainly throws her dirty knives after him, but they thump into the ground at his feet as he skips away laughing. Now it’s all down to Fillet. She spies the goal, charging Princess and taking her out before teeing up the shot. It’s eight-ten. If she can hit the target it’s game over for Brisket. She shoots… GGGOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!! * * * Fillet celebrated the game with her teammates, watching smugly as Brisket and her comrades slunk off. The master butcher walked over to her. “Congratulations, girl.” He said. “You played well.” “Thank you, captain.” She says the words, Ox thought, but there is no respect in her voice. He paused, eyes narrowing in on Fillet. “A word of caution, girl.” He said. “You may have won the game, but I don’t think you’ve won yourself any friends.” Fillet cocked a curious eyebrow at her captain. “Friends? Unlike you to be bothered by such things.” “Loyalty is all.” He said ominously, turning away. “But it needs to be earned.” We used S3 rules where we had them, but S1/2 where not. We didn't use plot cards, but did play the "home crowd" momentum rule. Given that we were playing an S3 mascot in Princess we fudged Truffles into a S3 version by giving him 9hp and his icy sponge on 5, and played that mascots earn only 1VP when taken out. As far as player analysis goes... S3 Fillet is not the same beast that she once was. You need to be very careful with her. I messed up turn 1 and left her in range of gutter (who thankfully fluffed 4 attempts to chain grab her), and only a 4" dodge away from a Boar charge. I was playing without Boiler, so I could probably have coped better with him in the team for Swift Stance, but even still, the new counter attack possibilities, and the improved playbooks of many models, make her a riskier prospect to stack up with influence. That said, she does very good work with 4 or 5 in support, or a late activation to come in for damage. Doing so brings the rest of the team to life. It might only be 1 or 2 fewer influence, but it really made a difference. She synergises really well with S3 Meathook, too. They give you so much flexibility as a pair as they turn each other on (in more ways than one if you've read the S2 fuff). In turn 1 I had meathook ready to charge deep against Boiler after Fillet set her up with Pain Circle, later in the game they both had opportunity to set each other up by putting out bleed to trigger each other's damage bonuses, etc. S3 Meathook is a beast. It's a bloody (excuse the pun) good job she can only take 3 INF, because with 4 she would be seriously broken. She always was great at generating momentum, but often whiffed a bit at damage and then was just easily taken out. Now she's resilient, Hooked means she's much more reliably hitting the 2 dmg results on her playbook, and she's not lost much on momentum generation (still 1:1 ratio, but can only do it 3 times). And then you add in the control she can help out with from pushes and she's monstrous. She synergises so well with Fillet as previously mentioned, but under Ox I suspect the pushes will be even more useful, and he turns up her damage. S1/2 Meathook reliably did 7 dmg and 4 MP for 3 net INF, S3 does 7dmg and 3MP for net 1 INF. And thats without taking into account the 2" of pushes that will usually generate and the Hooked. She's an auto include with both captains, I feel, now. S3 Mascots the 1 VP thing makes a bog difference. It's not worth sinking an INF into killing them unless you can do it early in the game so you've got chance to do it again. New loved creature is meh. I triggered it and didn't really worry about it too much. S3 Boar is a beast. The shortened playbook has really ramped up his damage output. He gets to 3 more often on a normal hit and wraps more often on the charge. DEF 3 makes a difference, too, but not a massive one. But then I had Hooked. Life Drinker is a much more important part of his defensive tech. Wraps are really useful on the charge as you can KD or push to prevent the counter and take the 1DMG on the wrap to trigger berserk. S3 Harry is a useful if fragile tool. He doesn't get as much mileage out of Crazy as Cosset, and if he uses it he's effectively a 3/1 with 16HP. Not very tough at all. Goad potentially won me the game. If Fillet had taken the brunt of Boar's charge I don't think she would have survived, and without her I wouldn't have been able to claw my way back into the game. (Those masons players moaning about Marbles should take note!) I didn't get chance to use Molotov, but I had plans to use it if it wasn't for messing up Fillet's positioning turn 1. He's not the brawler I was expecting him to be, but then maybe I was misguided in expecting him to be. He's possibly better as a tenderiser replacement in butchers, as a well placed Goad or molotov can stop a goal better than Goal Defence or Rush Keeper.
  22. Steamforged

    Season 3: Fillet and Minx

    Hello Coaches! Today on the Blog we're looking at the Season 3 changes for Fillet and Minx! http://bit.ly/2fZ7bJc Let us know what you think of the changes below!
  23. Hi all, We've had some awesome and humbling feedback from our first attempt at a match report and are now back with another!! We've added terrain this time around for variety and Georgie is continuing to expand her cosplay requests while our guest Ian is one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to play!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?)) Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Cosset's magical healing skills!!!)
  24. Hi all, We've been super busy as of late editing our very first match report! We would love some feedback on the format/angles/layout as we have gone for something a little more sports-style with the scoreboard and cards. Its worth noting that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use scenery or plot cards next time around? Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Rage forgetting his extra dice on the knocked down bear!!)
  25. Hello all! I just had it in my mind that I wanted to have my Fillet really do a Blood Dance. It's a bit over-the-top and anime-esque. But it turned out how I imagined it to. Just thought I'd share. http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/09/try-converting-model-guild-ball-fillet.html