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Found 3 results

  1. If Ferris charges an opponent and makes base contact does she get her free atrack from impact before the charge attack? It feels like she should based on the wording of "Impact".
  2. So in the write up they talk about her using Impact for the free attack in the middle of a Sprint movement and then continuing to move afterwards. But I have a few questions: Doesnt the opponents model get a free disengage attack when you are continuing to move? I could see Impact being really strong with a 1 or 2 hit KD result, but Farris only has KD on 4 hits, and that's really hard to hit on 6 dice especially since you don't get the charge +4. I guess I don't really see the utility of the ability unless the model you are hitting is already KD or if you can take it out with the 1-2 damage you can probably inflict. Am I missing something? Do they not get a disengage? Or is it more for just free chip damage hit on a KD opponent?
  3. It has previously been ruled that Hog Wild can not interrupt another advance. Does this apply to other reactive advances, such as Granite's Between a Rock...? For example, suppose Farris uses Impact to attack Harmony during a sprint and does 1 damage to her. Can Granite make a jog or does Farris's active advance prevent it? Can reactive dodges, such as Peck's Pain Response and Snow's Pack Mentality, interrupt an advance in the same situation? How do reactive pushes, such as Farris might experience as a result of a counter attack off her Impact attack, interact with her in progress advance? Do pushes on other players, such as from the Chain Grab or Drag character players, behave differently from those on Farris? Do models pushed into Ballista's Minefield as a result of a counter attack during Farris's sprint count as entering it as part of an advance?