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Found 70 results

  1. On youtube already: SFG plays post errata Thresher vs Rats with Game Plan deck. I’ve not had time to see it yet, but I guess there are quite a bit of info on the game plan deck in it and also the post errata Thresher in action.
  2. Vs Farmers

    1) So now that Farmers have been nerfed does it change anything? I'm playing My First Morts games versus Farmers having finally got a handle on pre-nerf Thresher with my Alchs. I was Going to proably take Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Ghast, Brainpan & Memory and 1 other. I want Obulus Because although I like Scalpel, against Farmers her AP is wasted (especially with millstone nerf) I figure Graves for 2" and Tooled up. Ghast for easy KD, Fear and 2" melee. Brainpan and memory for using memory to block charge lanes (and not set off Counter charge) and to setup a goal, and for damage (and to not give up VP) Dirge for Signled out (and not being Vileswarm) I can't decide who else. Casket seems like a good shout, but then I lack speed for scoring. Pellage or Cosset for damage, but then they can die quick. Bonesaw for Scoring. 2) help?
  3. Forum! Episode 16 is finally out! Sorry for the delay but this episode comes with some big quality improvements. I have fixed the new terrain intro so that it is less vomit-inducing, I have added a new intro, and a new logo. I was also featured on Beard Minis' latest episode where I play this same matchup but with a different captain. Let me know what you guys think and enjoy the match! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Music: Epic - Bensound.com Beard Minis Feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OACpS8sBuE4&t=403s
  4. Themed terrain and goals

    Greetings fellow laborers, Looking to make some themed terrain for the best team out there and was hoping for some inspiration. I already have a windmill goal in construction. What kinds of terrain/goals have you constructed? I would love to see them.
  5. Forum! Episode 15 of RTL is out! I'm really excited about this episode for so many reasons new guilds, the world champ is guest starring, and the game is really close! The other reason I'm excited is that this was the first RTL that I edited with the new software that was paid for by my amazing backers over at Patreon and it includes some of the new graphical improvements that working with professional software brings. Let me know what you think of the changes. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Follow Alex on Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/
  6. Hipster Ball 2: Flannels and FarmersSaturday, March 3rdLocated at: Nu Brand Gaming194 31st streetBrooklyn, NY 11232Registration at 10:00amFirst Round at 11:00amPrizes at 6:30pm or 8:30pm (depending on number of rounds) Entry Fee: $15 \ $10 if you are a Nu Brand Gaming member. We will follow the Regional Cup format from the organized play document. 10 player rosters, 45 minute player clocks, 110 minute round timers. No painting requirement. Prize Support: Main prize is a Farmers Box for first as well as store credit divided up for the top finishers and best painted Captain model, values scaling with the number of participants. We will also have spot prizes each round, which will include prizes from the Farmers Release Kit, and a few unopened models. All participants go home with a Harvest Marker! So whether its Pitchfork or pitchforks, come on down and play. Hope to see you there! www.NuBrandGaming.com https://www.facebook.com/NuBrandGaming/ (516) 321-0856
  7. Hi folks. I've got a friendly game against farmers coming up this week. We'll play tournament draft and I know he likes Grange, but I suspect he might want to try Tresher. Any tips? Play ball with Honor or beat the way through his support with Hammer?
  8. Hello from MIchigan

    Hey everyone! New player here. Got the farmer's box. Looking forward to the new one. I have a league starting on the 20th and got one going on two friends into the game with me. All I need to find now is a reliable win against butchers. The other thing I'm hoping is that brewers will get fixed next season because I really like them.
  9. The Rookie

    So I've been somewhat loathed to post a link here for some reason, but I guess I really should I started The Rookie podcast towards the end of last year and have recently released my 3rd episode. At best this is a the ramblings of a "completely new" player trying to get to grips with the game of Guild Ball, around not having a lot of time, and a small child on hand to take up whatever moments I have spare. In either case, its about as open as I can be about what I think of this game, as well as a desperate plea for someone to help me "Get Good". From this I hope great epic stories will unfold and a new world will open before me... or otherwise I can make a few friends and get hopelessly drunk at weekend tournaments. Both potentially being the same thing. Anyway, I hope you listen, and either discard this to the out bin in your office. Or keep it on your app of choice, should you be so kind. http://www.buzzsprout.com/135717 It is on iTunes as well should that help.
  10. Hi, I’ve spent a while looking for this answer so apologies if it’s already been answered. I have always played under the impression that the Character Plays listed with a cost of GB can only be triggered from a successful result following an attack. In this instance the “Sow the Seeds” from Harrow is listed as a cost of GB. I would take this as it means he needs a net result of 2 following an attack to use this (as it is column 2 on his Playbook). I have just watched a video interview on TheBeastsOfWar with the guys from Steamforge Games where they are reviewing the Farmer cards. They go on to say that Harrow can have up to 3 influence and can use “Sow the Seeds” up to 3 times as it’s not a OPT play. Surely this is not correct as if the cost was 1/GB then I could see this being the case. Basically can Harrow use his influence to use his “Sow the Seeds” (as the Steamforge Team state in the interview) or does it have to be as a result of his playbook result (as per my understanding of the rules around Playbook cost)? Cheers
  11. Hello guys, We have farmers coming around and I have some ideas to deal with them but it’s all theorycraft and nothing really tested. So I’ll ask you guys what team would you pick, what would be your plan? I would choose a Fillet team focused on football with 2 goals and 2 takeouts. Fillet being a support and deterrent piece first turn to enable a first turn goal with Brisket (super shot, quick foot, sprint and goal) if receiving. With Something like Boiler and princess, Brisket, Meathook and a last piece that would be either Shank or vetOx. I think vetOx would perform well if he is not one rounded by Thresher, he can disable Tater counter charge, drag a lot of farmers as they tend to be packed to work together and do his job as a support/target piece while the rest of the team focus on getting the ball and Fillet go for One or two Kills. So what is your opinion? Your game plan?
  12. Hi guys. This has been touched on but I wanted to clarify exactly when Millstones ability triggers. So. Situation is that Thresher is within her aura so she can take his conditions. Thresher is attacked and the opponent generates a wrap. They have the possibility to choose 2 KD results. I assume they choose both results before I choose if I use Millstones ability or not. Or do the results get applied individually. So they could choose KD. I choose to take it or not with Millstone. If I choose not to they could then take damage with the second result or anything else from their playbook. Also if I choose not to take it on Millstone with the first result and Thresher is KD and both results are momentus I presume only 1 Momentum will be generated. Thanks in advance.
  13. For clarity's sake, the phrase "Playbook results that include damage that hit this model" is different from "Playbook damage results" so am I right in assuming this includes for example momentous guild ball results that trigger a character play that results in damage to Windle? A couple examples: Flask sic 'em charges a conditioned Windle and gets an arbitrary number of Intensifies >= 1. Do they generate momentum? Flask sic 'em charges a conditioned Grange such that he ends up within 3" of a conditioned Windle. He gets at least one Intensify, damaging both models. Do they generate momentum?
  14. Protective Instinct While an enemy model is engaging this model, the enemy model cannot declare an Attack against any other model. Does this trait prevent counterattacks from being declared if Farrow is not the attacking model? Does this trait prevent the use of Red Fury to make a model attack a non-Farrow model if they are engaging Farrow?
  15. Does tater's sweeping charge activate if he does one net hit, and chooses 1dmg, against a tough hide opponent? Sweeping charge states "During Charge, in addition to one or more Playbook damage results[...]" So it is different to other similar effects, which usually say when enemy is damaged (also it states damage results, not damage done). Also if it does trigger, then would said attack give momentum, as playbook doesn't do anything, but trait does? If tater wrapped then would I gain 2 momentum if I chose 2 damage results, but one of them beong m1? What if I chose only 1 damage result. Thanks for taking your time answering this question
  16. Butchers VS Farmers

    Last week I decided to head to a new FLGS, although not all that local with a 40 minute drive, at a new area that I've recently moved into. They were very welcoming and I had fun getting to know some of the other players, but I had another goal in mind, getting Gutter on the Butchers. Granted this is my first and only post for this cause... They gave me a choice of people to play against and I chose the Farmers because I've only played against them once before and loss terribly against them. This time I had one change to the line up I was bringing in hopes of bringing a victory against them. I figured I would go against the usual lineup, for obvious reasons, of Grange, Harrow, Peck, Windle, Jackstraw and Tater. I brought Fillet, Meathook, Vet Ox, Boar, Princess and, my new idea, Tenderizer (that's how we spell it this side of the pond). My opponent won the starting roll and chose to receive. I gave Tenderizer the ball and moved him up the pitch and sent the ball as far left from his starting right position as I could. My opponent decided to line all his players nearly base to base to the left of his pitch, my right. I had my players fairly spilt down the middle with Fillet front and center flanked by Princess to her left and Meathook to her right. Beyond Princess sat Ox and just on the other side of Meathook was Boar. I had started Tenderizer to the right of Boar and moved him up and over, just ahead of and in between Boar and Meathook. he sent it sailing, sort of..., to the left of his line up leaving only his bird to go get it. He sent Peck over to retrieve the ball and rather than dropping the ball and snapping it to the next player he kicked it, as much as a rooster can kick, only to miss straight down the line. Leaving Jackstraw to pick it, I believe... It's here that my memory of specifics get blurry and I'll just go into the brief highlights. Maybe next time I'll actually write down some notes. Turn one was the standard positioning and set up for the next round. After one more failed pass my opponent finally managed to make a pass. Tenderizer managed to get up the field and do what I brought him to do, disrupt everything he possibly could. Getting a successful Ground and Pound, I managed to damage and knock down half of his team. The next round I was feeling pretty good and managed to deal out quite a bit of damage, but also put Fillet in a dangerous situation, made even more dangerous by that jerk of a bird's Heroic Play "When the Cock Crows..." Fillet was basically done for the following round, but not before I up the Knockdown game going with Tenderizer and tried to keep Harrow away from healing everyone before Bleed could do its job. I got a little over zealous with that attempt and ended up damaging and taking out Meathook after she had already taking some blows from the Farmers. So 2 VPs from me to him... Jackstraw worked his disappearing act and got a goal after his team mates took Fillet out. I managed to work some of my own magic and slice a player down. At this point it was looking fairly grim, and to be honest the round are getting mixed up in my recollection, but i managed to bring the game to a bit of a heat. I had taken out Windle, finally, Grange and Harrow. Jackstraw was far up the field toward my goal and the mascots were circling each other mid field. Tater was on his last leg and I kept the women off of him. The next and final round started. It was 6 to 8 and I had brought Fillet back previously and picked up the ball after Jackstraw's goal. I used Fillet first, who had Windle and Grange coming back on her wing, and punted the ball as best I could away from the Farmers. I then took some frustration out on Windle, hoping it might do some good after surviving this round, but the damage dealt wasn't nearly enough. Harrow came in from the back and near the goal, not too far from where the ball Fillet sent away sat. He managed to pick up it and get it to Jackstraw, I forgot until now that at the end of the previous round he worked his poof act back toward Fillet. Now he has the ball and needs one goal to win. I needed 3 kills and wasn't thinking about a goal anymore. Tenderizer made mash potatoes tying the game. All I could hope for was for the scarecrow come up short. He put down his harvest marker, Wizard of Oz'ed himself, then crop dusted and jumped again to the closest harvest to the goal. He had the momentum and he had the influence, but did he have the distance? We placed the 8" template down from Jackstraw and as it hit the table it was clear he had the range for his shot, barely, but enough that no one could argue. My opponent bonus timed, picked up his dice and shook them. I had a chance if he missed to take out Harrow and Windle or possibly put the hurt on Grange over Windle. I played out those scenarios in my head as the dice rolled to a stop on the mat. I saw the first die had missed then as I scanned to the other two I saw he had made it... I had lost to the Farmers for a second time, 2 goals and 2 kills, one of them from me.. But walking away from the pitch I looked back and was happy knowing that Tenderizer did what he was meant to do and I had out killed the planters.
  17. Played Alchemists vs. Farmers Alchemists: Watch the World Burn, Smoke (C), Flask (M), Calculus, Katalyst (Vet.), Mercury, Vitriol Farmers: Eat Hearty, Thresher (C), Buckwheat (M), Harrow, Jackstraw, Millstone, Tater Starting Setup The Start of turn 2. Starting with Vet. Katalyst Tater knocks down Vet Katalyst after healing 16 Hp. The start of turn 3 [Hint: It's bad for Smoke :( ] The end of the game with a Vet. Kat. Witness on Millstone A close call to be honest even though Vet. Kat. kill Harrow and Millstone with a Witness and Vitriol scoring a goal. If it had ended even one activation later Tater would have finished Virtiol (3 Hp) with a charge on a surrounded Mercury scoring 4 points and Thesher could have scoreded a goal next. Good Game :)
  18. Fishermen vs Farmers: Shark, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, Hag and Salt Grange, Windle, Bushel, Harrow, Jackstraw and Peck Sakana kicks off for the fishermen. Harrow swiftly retrieves the ball and passes to Bushel. The players charge in to the centre of the pitch as turn one draws to a close. The fishermen win priority. Shark runs down the wing, tackles the ball from Bushel and scores. 4-0 to the fish. Grange moves in for revenge against the opposing captain. Shark is knocked to the ground. Meanwhile, at the other end of the pitch, Windle finishes his breakfast before moving in to attack Jac. But the fisherman's tough hide keeps him safe. He pushes Windle away with his trident, then moves in to knock down Harrow, who is saved only by Peck's cry. Turn three sees the battle continue. Grange takes out Shark, the first two points for the farmers, but Jac and Sakana team up to take out Harrow. While the battle is raging, the wiley Greyscales skirts round the side of Shark and scores his team's second goal. Behind eight points at the start of turn 4, the farmers are worried, and Bushel makes a run for the opposition goal, but gets caught up in a Sakana counter-attack. Shark returns to the pitch, takes the ball and passes to Greyscales, who is still hanging by the farmers' goal. The farmers are out of options to stop the unpredictable player, who taps-in the ball for a 14-2 win. ............................................................... Greyscales tapped the ball into the goal once more, the distance no challenge for the veteran player, despite a nagging pain in his knee that somehow seemed to signal darker times to come. Windle, pausing from his attempts to unwrap a second breakfast, glanced across the pitch and roared his disapproval at his team's loss. Why hadn't they just kept the ball at the back of the pitch, away from those slippery fish? In the crowd a family of engineers watched as the game drew to a close. The daughter raised her hand to shield her eyes from the glaring sun that had dazzled the spectators throughout the closing moments of the match. Perhaps, she thought, it was time to find a hat ...
  19. Don't forget the Potatoes

    The moral to the story is, don't forget countercharge. Playing into Midas, the game was always going to be about the midfield. I received with Grange, Peck, Tater, Grace, Harrow, Jack. I knew it would be a cagy game, in the end I waited until the last activation, setup Grange as a bait piece and let a Lure of gold Katalyst come at Grange.... Tater said no and this setup a turn 2 goal run and kill of Kat.The counter goal was academic, but I had the midfield. We played a bit more with the Farmer healing being important to stop andy easy takeouts. Jakob hunted the ball and I hunted his players. But turn 3 I had another kill and was looking for a goal. A great play off to my right saw Venin tackle dodge and fire a pass to Crucible for a snapshot and it went to 8-8. the Game was in a grind, I kicked it up the middle and while Jakob tried to get the ball back I went about killing another model. In the end I managed to get the ball onto Jack in goal range with a teleport and shot with enough Momentum for the bonus time. Jakob charged with Vitriol (who had a vengence token on her) and I chose to let him try, but countered as I would automatically get the Tackle and KD....... he had to roll 6 x 5s..... to wrap and get the tackle push dodge.... which he did. So then he passed off to an engaged crucible for another snapshot.... this time the dice said no. So it turns out that Grande can kill midas no worries when he is on 7.... so I did this and won the game.
  20. Lineups: Corsair – Greyscales – Siren (2) – Avarice and Greede – Hag – Tentacles Thresher – Tater – Grace – Jack Straw – Peck - Harrow Farmers kicked off in what would turn out to be a game defined by defensive play. The fish tried attacking early with greyscales receiving the ball and moving forwards to threaten the goal only to be taken out by Thresher before he had a chance to do anything. Corsair, Siren and Avarice and Greede tried to boss the centre of the pitch while Greyscales came back on after a quick icy sponge to tussle with Grace for the ball. Grace won the race to the ball on the right wing passing the ball back along her lines to Jack Straw. It was then that the shenanigans that so often come to bedevil the modern game started to dominate the game. Avarice and Greede made no pretence at all of going for the ball and instead chose to beat on Thresher until he had to leave the pitch. Jack Straw lost the ball to Corsair who passed to hag and then on to Greyscales who this time chose to take the ball wide. Tater charged into the fisherman defensive formation finishing off Avarice and nearly taking Siren down as well, she managed to only temporarily escape her fate however as Jack Straw soon got in behind the fish defence to take her out too. In an interesting play from the fisherman Greyscales chose to hold onto the ball despite being in scoring range while Corsair and a returned Avarice and Greede ganged up on Tater and took him out. The farmers attempted to return the favour and remove Corsair from the game but seemed intimidated by Siren’s steely glare and stymied by a small wall Corsair was taking cover behind. The farmers unable to score or take out any more players soon started incurring time wasting penalties from the ref, after seeing those penalties take the fisherman within one goal of victory greyscales finally moved up and tapped in the goal for a Fisherman victory. Though the game lacked in spectacular goals it was not short in controversy with claims that Avarice and Greede had been paid off to take out Thresher before the game. The fishermen next play the butchers in what looks to be a more exciting game with Shark having recovered from the crossbow injury he sustained against the engineers.
  21. Given Lend a hand affects the planter models, and not the attacking model, an attacker should loose 2 dice per planter engaging them right?
  22. So pictures of the new box have surfaced. Finally get to see Fallow! Release date is 12th January 2018. The Guild Ball official Twitter account has some painted ones (Fallow looks different though!)
  23. Idea for Thresher Change

    played a game the other day with thresher and loved him. my opponent however didn't and though he was a bit over powered, which apparently is what most of the internet is saying as well. While I think he's not over powered and there are ways to play around him, It got me thinking on what I would do to tone him down a bit but still keep his play style and this is what I came up with. its basically remove "Extended Reach" and change Crow scarer to "While this model is within [4"] of a friendly harvest-marker, this model melee zone is 3"." this removes some of his defensiveness as he can no longer get a free counter attack while at the same time giving him the same play stye but just with more set up and allowing your opponent to remove the markers before he activates allowing for counter play. it also effects the range of his "don't fear the..." as if there is only one harvest marker with in 4' at the time when it gets removed his melee will shrink to 2" meaning if you want the most out of him 2 harvest markers need to be within 4" of him. It does give him a large control bubble as his parting blow range will be 3" if with in range of a harvest marker but that still has counter play. I thought these where quit good changes that kept to his theme and design space but just toned him down and made him require more set to be the killing monster he is. Please let me know your thoughts and what you think would be a good change for him (not that he needs it). cheers
  24. Exploding Farmers of hypocrisy

    Farmers faced a full strength Smoke line up. Farmers - Grange, Peck, Tater, Grace, Harrow, Jackstraw Alchys - Smoke, Flask, VetKat, Vitriol, Mercury Calculus. This was a funny game, the Grace and Harrow healing did most of the work to keep off the conditions....Farmers went up 6-0 early with a 6 point activation by grange in turn 2. But then grange who is the soak for the team, was out of position. Jakob, then started to push through my team. I found out that while keeping poison at bay with Harrows healing, it meant that by not clearing the condition, Vet Kat had a field day. Grange did some more killing of mercury, and had the ball off to the side turn 4. Vet Kat then did the amazing and came in blowing up 3 models in 1 activation. No armour and low def made for a perfect storm for Vet Kat to get higher into his playbook. In the end It was about 1 activation in it. Jakob cleaned up 2 more models who had been depleted and used a witness me to finish things. The game ended 12-10, and was a massive comeback from 8-10. Grange and Tater got to do their usual things but like all smoke games.... she feels like she is losing until the last turn where everything starts to die.
  25. Images of game - https://imgur.com/a/sJx9d This was another game against my roommate practicing Smoke Alchemists. I played Thresher Farmers. Really short game at 2 turns, with the Farmers just barely winning in the end. Turn 1 - Jackstraw and Peck deployed up front, Tater kicked off. Alchs got the ball to Smoke, who scored with a sprint and a teleport from the deploy line then knee slider. Harrow and Millstone dropped harvest markers, and tooled up Thresher. Peck gave cocky to jackstraw and engaged Vet Kat. Vet Kat killed Peck. Thresher attacked Vet Kat doing 5-6 dmg per attack, left him low. Tater finished off Vet Kat and passed the ball after receiving the goal kick to Jackstraw, who dodged to goal threat. Jackstraw jogged and shot 2 dice on goal, and missed. It scattered next to the goal. Score 4 - 2 Alchemists Turn 2 - I forget what the Alchs did first activation, but didn't move the ball, and Jackstraw dropped crop dusting, teleported to the harvest marker, jogged to the ball, and shot again, this time scored! Alchemists dropped poison and fire, and vitriol got the ball to smoke midfield. Smoke then teleport scored again. I played a plot card to give the ball right to Harrow, he jogged up and tooled up Tater, and passed to Thresher, who no one could reach. Vet Kat and Mercury were trying to kill jackstraw, and ended up popping Reanimate. But Tater tooled up charged Vitriol and did 2 attacks, was able to kill her and spend 2 MP to heal Jackstraw. Then Thresher was able to just sprint 8" and kick 8" to score the final goal. Score 12 - 9 Farmers. If he could have killed Jackstraw it would have been a Witness Me kill for the win. Also of note, he never did Smoke's legendary play and if he had been able to damage Jackstraw with it he would have been able to kill him earlier and win first. Great game.