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Found 15 results

  1. Intergalactic Slacks

    Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    So while everyone else is coming to terms with the new plastics, I'm going backwards and moving beyond the Kick Off set with the older metals (for now, 'Smiths and maybe Farmers will probably happen in time). I thought the mystery box might be a good way to expand my collection, which of course means I'm working with the Hunters. No paint yet, just glue and green-stuff, and coming to terms with these things. Guild Ball has taught me that I like painting, and now that I do not like fitting models together nearly as much. Going to get all 9 (season II + a young Theron) assembled, then think about basing, and eventually get around to paint. I did manage a quick paint job on an Easter Fangtooth to keep me from going mad with all the assembly
  2. Quick question since I can't seem to locate an answer to this or anything remotely similar, beyond the usual reference to the Regional Cup document (sorry if I missed one that did answer this query)... What players can the rookie models stand-in for? Their regular version, their veteran version, either, neither? This is effectively in regards to Fangtooth and Chisel, since none of the other rookies has a veteran card (planned) yet, but I figure it could eventually become relevant too...
  3. Sharky

    Hello union team

    So that crept up quickly. Originally I just owned Fangtooth(cause Easter Fangtooth was too cool to pass up) however since then I have somehow gotten more and more added in. I now own Fangtooth Harry Gutter & Coin(fractured loyalties) Benediction Grace So my question to everyone is if I picked up vet rage is there anything you'd suggest adding or removing from this . Anny advice to a new union player
  4. Thought I should go ahead and post this here for my fellow fishes. TL;DR - I went 5*-1 with Fishermen to win 4th place at Spring Fling, winning best in guild in the process. I ran Fangtooth in all 6 matches and he had a several awesome highlights. https://momentoustackle.wordpress.com/2018/04/30/fangtooths-big-adventure-at-spring-fling/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. If vDecimate uses her heroic play Duelist's Advance and then attacks a player benefiting from the Clone character play or the Glutenous Mass trait, can she make a free dodge or does the defensive trigger prevent Duelist's Advance from triggering?
  6. Reading page 32 of the season three rulebook, both the Sequence of an Attack and the Sequence of a Character Play share step 3. Check for taken-out. Is the entire character play sequence resolved when a character play is triggered from a playbook guildball result? Obviously steps 2.1 through 2.3 are skipped since the character play automatically hits and there's no reason to generate a dice pool. Suppose Gutter charges vSiren and spikes, getting 6 net hits. The union player chooses on the wrap and as her playbook results. First the is resolved, triggering the Scything Blow character play. The 3 damage from this play is enough to reduce vSiren to 0 hit points. Does Escaping Fate trigger here at step 3 of the character play's resolution? If so, is vSiren then taken out by the 1 playbook damage which is resolved second at the end of step 3 of the attack sequence?
  7. From Page 14 of the Season 3 Rulebook (bold added for emphasis): Target Number Tests Many actions a model may make are resolved using a target number (TN) test. Models use their attributes and apply all relevant modifiers to gather a number of six-sided dice (D6), in order to generate a dice-pool. Each relevant action confers a base number of dice to the dice-pool; action specific modifiers are then applied. All other applicable modifiers are then applied from Character Traits, Plays and other in-game effects and abilities. This will provide a total dice-pool for the action. The target number needed is shown as a number in brackets. When making a TN test, each individual die rolled in the dice-pool that equals or exceeds the target number generates a successful hit. Any die that rolls less than the target number is unsuccessful. Some actions will have modifiers that affect the number of successful hits after the dice-pool has been rolled. A TN test is successful if it generates at least [1] net-hit. In many TN tests, additional hits improve the overall result. The character play Clone used by Snakeskin and Vitriol reads: Clone 2/ S - The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2”] Dodge. The trait Glutenous Mass reads: the pulse suffer [3] DMG and the poison condition. Gluttonous Mass The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. Some character plays like Piledriver, Tutelage and Midas Touch and some Plot cards like Who Are Ya? and Vengeance can grant additional net hits to an attack. What does it mean for a model to be hit by an attack? Does it mean that the attack is successful? Does it mean that some dice in the target number test generated a successful hit? Based on previous rulings that Clone and Glutenous Mass affect character plays triggered off of playbooks, I'd guess it's the former. Suppose an attack against a model benefiting from Clone or Glutenous Mass generates no hits; the TN test is not successful. A token is removed, added net hits to the attack. Is the attack successful now? Since it wasn't successful when the dice pool was rolled, does the attack 'hit' and trigger Clone or Glutenous Mass? Do character plays that grant net-hits behave differently to tokens that grant net-hits?
  8. Imagine a scenario where Egret aims at Spigot with a flurry, she hits and causes him 1 dmg and poison, but around Spigot stands Egret, Pintpot with his heroic On, and Fangtooth. All within 2" of Spigot. What happens to those gluttons?
  9. winnebagel

    Fangtooth in Season 3

    Hey everybody- So wanted to hear some input on how people run Fangtooth. Looking to pick him up maybe next month, mainly because I love his model, and he has some pretty cool effects on his card. I'm just having trouble figuring out when you would field him. I can see how he runs well with oRage by him as a beater duo, just wondering if anyone's had any success with him on a vRage team, and what kind of setup you generally look for with him. Right now I've been running- vRage Strongbox A&G Harry Gutter Minx/Decimate Also own Blackheart, and have sBrisket, Mist, Grace and Benediction due in the mail soon. Thanks!
  10. ADG

    Special edition Fangtooth

    For anyone who didn't see already:
  11. MechMage

    Unleashing Fangtooth

    Has anyone ever used Fangtooth's Heroic play? It seems like 99/100 times you'd consider using it it isn't worth the 5 damage he takes, let alone the damage he does to any friendly models nearby. Maybe if you really need that one more damage for a take out or if you're denying a Casket Time it'd be worth it but that seems incredibly situational. Does anyone have experience using it effectively?
  12. Hello all! Feel free to check out my work on Fangtooth: Here I still have to do some small cleanups and touchups (as in the seams of the trousers f.i.) and the base hasn't been touched yet appart from the primer and the greenstuff with pebbles on there... Tips are welcome! As the title says!
  13. Devils Reject

    Devils Morticians ( & Friends )

    Hey Guys, thought I would get some pictures up of my Morticians I painted a little while back, a few of their Union mates joined them for the team photo! Tell me what you think?
  14. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Fangtooth

    Next Union model down, and the first of their big guys! I have to admit when I first saw the render for this model I didn't think I'd like it, but it grew on me when I saw it in person, and he was quite a nice, simple model to paint So I'm officially now a Fangtooth fan.
  15. Hobbybutterfly

    Fangtooth finished

    Finished my Fangtooth, needless to say more union will soon follow. https://hobbybutterfly.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/painting-guildball-union-fangtooth/