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Found 10 results

  1. Hall Of Legends

    Forum Challenge - Making the Cut

    Just do it. Slit his throat. He's lying there, waiting. "No" she said. The man in the barber chair opened his eyes looking up at her, her thick black fringe sticking to her forehead, she was profusely sweating. "I-is everything alright?" He stuttered. Valerie just smiled, before sliding her straight edge back across his supple throat, then back down again, taking away the soap with it. She wiped the blade on the flannel over his shoulder, "DONE" she exclaimed; an odd tone of relief rang through her voice. What a waste of time. She left him in the chair, getting some cold water to drink in the back of shop- "cool and calm" she said to herself quietly, staring straight at the water settling down after her swig. "Cool and calm". "Valerie." Edge interrupted her thoughts, "its time, get your kit, we're about to kick off." Valerie nodded at Edge, "I'll be there shortly." The Barbers Guild team captain, nodded and replied, "good, don't want to lose our star so soon." He winked and left, laughing. What was so funny, she thought to herself- probably at what you did to that baker boy last week. She shook the voice from her head and walked back into the barber shop. The Barbers Guild were relatively new to the game of Guild Ball, but each district the guild was in, were trying players out for the main team. Valerie was the newest of this team, having only played one game, which she was reluctant to play in. She said she wouldn't play again after the incident but Edge had insisted she had to play one more game. One more game to impress the Longshanks. Edge had big plans for his team, really get the Barbers on the map, or as he would say "get a slice of the pie." Edge was the one who took her in when she had nowhere to go, he hadn't said he'd figured out where she'd come from, but Valerie thought he probably had guessed. Edge was different, the only person she'd met that she didn't have to stop her self from harming, she hadn't worked out why yet. There were quite a few people int he crowd, all Local to their region, but none Valerie knew, the rest of her team were waving and shouting to their friends and family. The opposing team were doing the same, members drawn in from the local Gardeners Guild. Gardening was a trade only the wealthy could afford, so it was obvious how they had special kits made up embroidered and clean. Valerie's kit wouldn't come clean. The stain of the baker boys blood still splattered up her sleeves. The Gardeners were all glaring at her, the Baker whose blood she was sporting was the cousin of the Gardeners team captain, so she thought he wouldn't be the most easy going in this game. The gardener captain was a tall man, white, styled hair, clean shaven with a little knick just below his chin. Clearly the sign he's started shaving his own face after last weeks game. Let's open that cut up "Stop it." She said to herself, "it's just a game, no one needs to get hurt." But someone will, either us, or them. Valerie hated to admit it, but she was right. The two captains shook hands and the Gardener whispered in Edges ear. Edge, a stocky man, bald head and a thick beard, turned round, his face white and ghost like. What he heard must have chilled him deeply. The score was in favour of the Gardeners and they were outnumbering the Barbers with 6 to 4, it was just Edge, Valerie, Soap, and old barber, a veteran of the century war and Tyson, Edge's pet chihuahua. A very small animal with a styled Mohawk between his ears. As He looked ridiculous, had little impact on the game, but he was very distracting and the crowd loved him. Whilst she was looking at the miniature dog, she saw him barking at Edge, who had two Gardeners laying into him. They stepped back as he collapsed, a pile of black cloth, beard and tattoos. She saw them laughing as time seemed to slow, and squaring up to Tyson, ready to attack the mascot. Tyson! "Don't worry Valerie, we've got this" she said reassuring the voice in her head. Valerie charged the two Gardeners before they could get too close to the dog, she slit the throats of the young one in one quick flurry with her straight edge. At the same time she grabbed the ponytail of the other and dragged him to the floor then started kicking his head, turning it to a bloody mush, glistening on the grounds. The crowd went silent, clearly in shock of this display of violence. She let out a deep breath, then slowly turned to the Gardener captain, his face whiter than Edge's was at the start of the match. Valerie wasn't in control now. She flicked her straight edge, cleaning it in an instant, she'd clearly done this before the Garner worried... "Her", Longshanks said to his hooded associate. "We want her in the Barbers Guild." "But, but she's uncontrollable, unhinged, unhealthy!" "She's perfect. She's fury, rage and beauty." The associate looked across the pitch at Valerie. Her thick black hair, messy and stuck to her face in a mix of blood, saliva and sweat. "Beauty?" He questioned, "are, are we looking at the same woman?" "Just picture it, the revenue. She'll draw them in for her beauty before the match, then keep them there with her displays of violence. Perfect to elevate this start up Guild to the big leagues." Longshanks started to laugh, the only sound in the crowd of people watching Valerie sat in the middle of the pitch, stroking Tyson, both of them covered in the Gardeners teams blood. "Calm and Cool. Calm and Cool." Valerie repeated over and over to herself and the little dog.
  2. Bob The Builder

    Bob's Guild Ball Blog

    Hello all!! It has been a while since I put up a link to my guild ball blog. Today I would very much like to do so again. My latest post on there is a new guild I came up with and I would very much like to hear what you guys think about it! In short, it's the miners guild. Not a very fast team (short of breath with dust in the lungs). But very football oriented! I put in some new plays and traits for the guild . So here goes: Bob's Guild Ball Blog Thank you for reading! See you ! Bob Out
  3. Bob The Builder

    Sake, a fictional brewer

    Hello guild ballers, It has been a while since I posted in these forums, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! A lot of content was added to my blog so feel free to Read more than just my latest creation, linked below: My blog This time I made another fictional player. Let me know if you'd field him or not... Also if anybody out there is willing to walk me through how to create an actual Card for my creations, I'm eager to learn! Greetings Bob
  4. Hello Guild Ballers! I have put up yet another bit of fan fiction for those interested go have a read: An Alternate Future - Part II Feel free to reply there, or here, I'll try to respond ASAP. Have fun reading!
  5. Hello Guild Ballers! Bob here with yet another link to my blog: Read up on it here! This time I've created some more characters fitting a 'new' guild. Seamstresses (since concubines or whores sounds a bit offensive?) First you'll have a bit of fluff around existing characters and the relation they have with this new guild. After you'll find some players for that new guild. I did not spell-check this and only just finished up on writing it, so if you want to share your thoughts, I'm open to suggestions/corrections. If you read my blog regularly you'll find the story I've used also touches this part of my blog. Where I have some fiction up on the Brewers after season 2. Hope you enjoy the read! See you soon! Bob Out.
  6. As I had a bit of spare time on my hands at home with nobody to play against (I don't use Vassal for some reason) I wrote up a bit of a story. In short it tells you a bit about what's going on between the masons and the brewers after the hunters shattered Honour's leggs... About why Spigot has sobered up... See if you like it: Read up on it here! Enjoy and see you around! Bob Out
  7. Bob The Builder

    Meet Shadow, a union player

    Hello Guild ballers! I'm happy to say I've had another player born in my mind! Read up on Shadow here: Bob's Guild Ball Blog Would you play Shadow? Do you think he's OP ? Let me know!
  8. Bob The Builder

    Meet Necro, a morticians player

    Hello Guild Ballers! Yet another player arises from the gray matter that is my brain. Have a look and see if you would like to have Steamforged create a similar model or not! Meet Necro, a figment of my imagination! See you soon! Bob Out.
  9. Bob The Builder

    Meet Concrete, a Masons player

    Hello Guild Ballers! I've yet again made some effort into creating a new player, just for giggles, interested? Go check it out on my blog: Meet Concrete, a Masons player Have fun!
  10. malladin.ben

    Keeping The Peace

    Hi all, As much as I'm loving the game for Guild Ball, I'm loving the background. I'd really intrigued by events off pitch, and even outside of the game entirely. I've been thinking about what a Guild Ball novel might look like - a balance of intrigue and violence, and whilst some on-pitch action is an almost obligatory component, I don't think the story should be limited to the "Game." I've got a few ideas to work out yet, but I thought I'd share with you my ideas and the story. Feel free to comment. I'll keep actual story material in italics so that it's easy to work out what's the story and what's comment... So let's begin...