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Found 1 result

  1. So we know that season 4 is on the horizon and from the limited bits of scuttlebutt coming out of SFGs it sounds like it will be a lot like the transition to season 3, which was a lot like the transition to season 2, namely a few core rules tweaks and a balance pass. To my mind that means very little is probably going to change with the Fish because for the most part the team has a good internal balance. Personally I'ld like to see Shark get a rework from the ground up like Midas did but all I think we can expect at best is for Stagger to be replaced with something useful. Corsair will likely remain unchanged but with the loss of all Union options before season 4 it means we'll not know what kind of state he will be in meaning he could see some tweaking. Angel I can see getting 2" melee as her fix, as that bit of extra melee range could help her massively in the ball retrieval game which. Kraken... I just dont know. He is definitely one of the team's most underused models at the moment but I'm not sure how I would actually make him more attractive in his current design space. Maybe let him bring 2Inf and give him a 3/6" kick to better mesh with the team? vSiren. The 2017 nerf made her place on a roster very rocky and the loss of A&G means there is less low def scrums needing her help, but I think all she really needs is a 2nd character play that can be used at range. Sakana is probably overused in season 3 but I think that is more down to him not having much competition for his slot on a team so I dont know if a nerf is what he needs.