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Found 21 results

  1. Shojo

    Season Four Blog

    I was curious what everyone thought of the season four blog for the brewers. I'm personally excited, I think the changes make esters an interesting captain choice, but I really don't have any idea how good she'll be until we see the rest of the guilds heroic plays and changes. I like the changes, but i'm anxious to see what happens to this glorious guild. link to blog here: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-esters
  2. If vDecimate uses her heroic play Duelist's Advance and then attacks a player benefiting from the Clone character play or the Glutenous Mass trait, can she make a free dodge or does the defensive trigger prevent Duelist's Advance from triggering?
  3. From Page 14 of the Season 3 Rulebook (bold added for emphasis): Target Number Tests Many actions a model may make are resolved using a target number (TN) test. Models use their attributes and apply all relevant modifiers to gather a number of six-sided dice (D6), in order to generate a dice-pool. Each relevant action confers a base number of dice to the dice-pool; action specific modifiers are then applied. All other applicable modifiers are then applied from Character Traits, Plays and other in-game effects and abilities. This will provide a total dice-pool for the action. The target number needed is shown as a number in brackets. When making a TN test, each individual die rolled in the dice-pool that equals or exceeds the target number generates a successful hit. Any die that rolls less than the target number is unsuccessful. Some actions will have modifiers that affect the number of successful hits after the dice-pool has been rolled. A TN test is successful if it generates at least [1] net-hit. In many TN tests, additional hits improve the overall result. The character play Clone used by Snakeskin and Vitriol reads: Clone 2/ S - The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2”] Dodge. The trait Glutenous Mass reads: the pulse suffer [3] DMG and the poison condition. Gluttonous Mass The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. Some character plays like Piledriver, Tutelage and Midas Touch and some Plot cards like Who Are Ya? and Vengeance can grant additional net hits to an attack. What does it mean for a model to be hit by an attack? Does it mean that the attack is successful? Does it mean that some dice in the target number test generated a successful hit? Based on previous rulings that Clone and Glutenous Mass affect character plays triggered off of playbooks, I'd guess it's the former. Suppose an attack against a model benefiting from Clone or Glutenous Mass generates no hits; the TN test is not successful. A token is removed, added net hits to the attack. Is the attack successful now? Since it wasn't successful when the dice pool was rolled, does the attack 'hit' and trigger Clone or Glutenous Mass? Do character plays that grant net-hits behave differently to tokens that grant net-hits?
  4. I played a match against my good friend Drew who recently joined the ranks of Guild Ball players. He's a canny opponent and an experienced gamer whilst I am a flailing idiot so we were well matched... In this match, Esters went on a recruitment drive that Brisket objected to in strong terms... I played Esters, Friday, Stoker, Scum, Spigot, Hemlocke. Drew's lineup was Brisket, Coin, Mist, Avarisse and Greede, Grace, Benediction. Esters received, a benefit I completely negated by deploying badly and watching the ball get hoofed by Brisket from one side of the pitch to the other and out of reach due to the bad placement of Friday and Scum. Ah well. Turn one proceeded with Esters setting Brisket on fire for her efforts,laying out rough ground and then hanging back. Despite Stoker putting a fire aoe onto the ball, Mist did Mist things and set Brisket up for an early goal. She duly scored and in return was soundly beaten to a pulp by Scum for initiative momentum. Score 4-0 Turn two opened with Esters casually taking out well scummed Brisket, with Friday and Scum hanging out for gang ups. Unfortunately this was the first time I'd seen new Avarisse and Greede in action...so in answer Def buffed and fully loaded Friday got deleted by the very players she was set up to mess with. Not good. Scum and Stoker did a number on Mist in return and although Stoker whiffed the final attack and left him on one hit, Mist died to a poison aoe from Hemlocke thanks to bonus time. Score 6-4 Into turn three and Esters opened once more, electing to Def boost herself, Hemlocke and damage boost Spigot. Avarisse tried for a quick takeout on Hemlocke but Def 6 and a crowd out saw her survive on three hits. She promptly stood, whacked him for a double push dodge to cover and shoved him up into Esters and Spigot threat. I made a critical mistake here, deciding I could activate Friday next ,get a gang up on Avarisse and pull Scum into position. So after a dead Coin activation I did just that. However, choosing this over my other plan of passing off Spigot to Friday and hiding the ball this turn meant that Brisket, from where she had jogged on, could do some run, legendary, tackle dodge bananas and shoot on goal from a gap between four of my players that was exactly big enough for her base with a 1mm gap between her and any melee zone. It was a thing of beauty right up until the final shot dice roll, which missed. Not a single 3 or better. Ouch. Seizing this unexpected bonus, Spigot quickly knocked her down, slapped a few points into her for a takeout, knocked Avarisse down and called it a day. Scum scummed Avarisse to two hits and won initiative. Score 6-6 Esters opened once again and flattened Avarisse, grabbed the ball and passed to Spigot who dodged. Mist related Jank saw him try to take the ball from Spigot, but although he landed the tackle he'd got too close, necessary for a chance on goal but it meant Spigot countered and landed balls gone and rocketed it out to Friday who dodged forward. There was some post watershed language from Drew at this point. With Mist done and nobody near her , Friday was clear to do her thing and a goal sealed the game 12-6 Drew played an amazing game considering this was only his fourth full game. We both felt the second Brisket goal was a lock and we should have been at 10-6 at that point. However, on reflection I think the rest of the game played out the same regardless as Brisket gets taken out exactly the same whether the ball went in or not...the only difference would have been I had more choice over where the free ball was. So victory to Esters and her fire 🔥 and poison 💀 cocktail party! Bring Decimate home! Brisket reconsidering her life choices... https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZqI0GSQagaQBJTTH2 Benny doing his thing. Rare image of him not on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 https://photos.app.goo.gl/L1bEChJWZ9hXlHTJ3 Spigot baiting Avarisse into the trap. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PDdFVTOoHVf3fWFq2 "This round, I am mostly punching things to death..." https://photos.app.goo.gl/sCrIFZ3vxvBLNOIJ3
  5. In Episode 3 Lance & Dan bring on a guest, Mike White. They all start with a discussion on the news from Steamforged, their holiday themed undead farmers, Octoberfest esters and pumpkin obulus. Lance updates everyone on the Union in Chains event and Dan then talks about the inclusion of Guild Ball at the ATC. The rest of the episode is Mike and Lance discussing Esters and Dan being tipsy. The Pitch is a podcast focused on discussing Steamforged’s sport-themed-wargame, Guild Ball. Lance Becker and Dan White are both Iowa coaches who love the game and wanted to promote Guild Ball more in our area as well as give a midwest perspective on tactics and teams. http://museonminis.com/the-pitch-ep-3/
  6. Following a dispute on pricing Esters and Grange decided to settle the dispute with a good ole game of Guild Ball. Lineups Esters Scum Spigot Stoker Friday Hemlocke - Mash was ill and Hemlocke has been drafted in to help her. vs Grange Peck Harrow Jackstraw Bushel Windle Summary Esters won the coin toss and elected to Receive. Lobbing out a few conditions the game got off to a controlling start for the Brewers. Scum emblazoned with fury sprinted at Windle and unleashed a hellish assault leaving the big guy confused. Friday Slots home a goal. The ball somehow ends up on Windle following the kick off. Spigot managed to tackle and pass the ball to Friday and then finishes off the Big Guy. Friday Scores a Second - She is on fire (well actually grange is on Fire). kick out ends up near Grange who avenges Windle then slots Home a goal. Harrow suffers Dirty Knives and an Assault from Scum. Stoker turns into a Ball of Fire in turn igniting Harrow and then proceeds to grind him into the ground. Brewers win 12-2
  7. It has previously been ruled that if two different players Goad the same model, the later Goad overrides the earlier one as effects with the same name can not concurrently apply to the same model, even if the effects are not stacking bonuses. How does this apply to Ester's trait Empowering Voice under the effect of her Legendary Play, It's not over until...? If Hooper is benefiting from Empowering Voice (Strength) and Esters uses Empowering Voice (Speed) on him, does it clear off Empowering Voice (Strength)?
  8. dwhite87

    Esters is Besters

    The internet is wrong. Esters is an excellent captain and in this article DoubleCheeze will explain why he thinks she's two scoops of great. http://midwestwargaming.com/esters-is-besters/
  9. Second Guild Ball video I've edited. My brother and I intend on doing more because right now we love this game more than our other war-games. Enjoy.
  10. mr baron

    Butchers Redux

    Hello! I will be playing against a Butchers team and I am thinking about the following line up: Esters, Scum, Mash, Friday, vSpig, Stoker The thought here is the get conditions on the field and slow the Butchers down, while I work to maximize my goal potential. If they need to use momentum to clear conditions, then they are not using momentum on killing Brewers. Butchers can kill Brewers faster than we can kill them, and if I don't get at least 2 goals, I am probably not winning the game. I really like vSpig & Friday into this matchup, as I think they are both very solid strikers. Thoughts on the line up?
  11. Hey all, first video battle report and it was a doozy of a game. Definitely stay tuned until the end for a fun ending. Esters Scum Mash Pint Pot Vet Spigot Friday VS Fillet Princess Vet Oxe Vet Brisket Boiler Meathook
  12. Greetings people of the Forum! My new Guild Ball YouTube Series continues. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the second episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering The Pat Cat. Special thanks go out to Pat VanValue, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instgram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ The Dice Math was done by RedSam and his Dice Math App can be found at http://redsam.xyz/guildball/dicemath/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  13. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  14. Skinnydookie

    Esters vs Obulus Morts

    Hi all. i have been playing Esters Brewers and having fun and doing ok- aside from a disastrous performance at the pumpkin cup (still had a lot of fun there too though!) im taking Esters again to a tournament at dark sphere London at the end of this month. i think I have a good handle against most guilds- even when I lose (often) I know mistakes I have made and lessons to learn. the only guild that I seem really stumped against is Obulus Morts. Puppet master and fear seem to really hurt Brewers and once I'm down 4 points or so very hard to catch up. What to do when obulus kicks for example? I can kill the ball and keep it safe but with puppet master he can drag at least one player guaranteed and flatten him to win the momentum race or even legendary it then it's set up for him to have a spectacular turn 2. my tournament 8 at the moment will be: Esters, spigot, Stoker, Friday, scum, mash, hooper, gutter. I have the option of bringing stave, rage or fangtooth but I won't change esters for rapper (other models won't be painted in time). Obviously I need a squad for the whole tournament- I may not even play morts!! any thoughts much appreciated.
  15. angelforge

    Esters: Brewer Barrage

    Hi I have a lineup that my friends and I are calling the "Brewer Barrage". I'd like to hear your thoughts and also get your opinions on my bench. Concept: Use Ester's legendary and Spigot's heroic on turn 1 to put your team into a commanding position, generally by taking half your team and putting them on the other side of the soccer pitch while getting a kill or setting up a monster turn 2. Esters, Scum, Spigot, Hooper, Friday, Rage. INF production: 12 Gameplan Turn 1: Kicking: Rage kicks and activates very early to Furious charge someone, ideally knocking them down in the process. Receiving: Chase the ball down with Scum and get it back to Spigot. Spigot then uses his Heroic Play from either pass momentum or Rage momentum. Then he moves to within 4" of Friday and Hooper so they get the benefit of his aura, and Tools Up one of them. Esters then uses her legendary play and generally does Empowered Voice: Speed on Hooper and Empowered Voice: Speed on Friday. She then is also going to use Empowered Voice: Strength on one of them. Esters then runs up a bit and drops AOEs to burn your influence, ideally softening them up, but movement control on turn 1 is fine too. You now have a 10/12 Friday with Shadowlike for another 2 inches of move. You also have a 8/11 Hooper. So if there are any enemies that have moved up the field - and at this point they have, because these 2 are usually your last models to activate - they are within range. You can use Friday to score goals or do tons of damage, tooled up and EV: Strength mean you have MOM 4 on 2 hits, with a 3 long playbook (Don't forget to bring the cat over to bring your tac to 5). If you're able to jog into position, Hooper will be able to put models dangerously low, and with a little luck, even kill them - Knocking down on your first hit, plus tooled up and EV: Strength, means you have +3 damage on remaining attacks - which will easily kill if you get a wrap off. Remaining Turns On most turns Esters and Scum get 0 influence, and Spigot, Hooper, Friday, and Rage all get a full clip. If I think someone will die before I can activate them, I'll give their influence to Esters (Who can do a surprising amount of damage when you need her to, both at range and in melee). The team is ridiculously efficient, Esters doesn't need any influence to have a solid effect on the game and you can cap all your other models because of it. Empowered Voice basically breaks a character every turn, and you never have to worry about conditions cause you can use her as a midturn cleanse. Spigot, while being a super effective piece on his activation, also turns your team into speed demons and very powerful soccer players with his auras. Even Hooper will score goals with a 3/7 kick. So if the team needs to do a ton of damage, you can do that, and if you need to play soccer, you can do that. I haven't ran into major issues other then player failure in 5+ games, like messing up your setup/advances so everyone can get buffed correctly (Double check those measurements) on subsequent turns, and exposing an injured model to an enemy damage dealer and not noticing it. One thing I've felt weak at is ball retrieval when I receive the ball. But I think I can fix that with better starting positions. One thing I have noticed is that I don't have a bench! I've tried Mash and Stoker, usually taking Rage out for them. Stoker is fun but I only ran him against condition alchemists, where he felt really overkill (Magical Brew plus Ester's cleanse meant I didn't really need to think about conditions). I do like him a lot, and he can do a lot of damage if you cap him off. But he only makes 1 so that would mean 3 influence taken from someone else, and he doesn't really do anything at 0 influence. I played back to back games against a Mason player when I tried Mash, one game with Rage and one game with Mash. He didn't really do anything, and missing 3 attacks the one turn I gave him 3 was not very fun. But he was too slow to get into position to Snap Shot, and he doesn't do a lot of damage. He's got a good health pool and UM/2" is great, but I'm just not sure that is enough. That said all that taught me is Masons are not the matchup for Mash - I figure Mash comes in when I want to be more soccer focused, for example against Fisherman where they're just going to park a 2" range character right on Rage and try and play the ball a lot, using Mash and Esters to hold the ball (UM and GM are fantastic for that) , and against Butchers where they can just kill Rage. That said both those teams are also squishy so Rage can just kill them, and I don't know if that's the way I should be using mash - I've played less then 5 games with Mash in my entire Guild Ball career! Stave is the remaining guild option, and in my experience he just turns into a momentum farm. If he made 2 INF for self-sufficient barrels, or had a 2" melee range, maybe... but right now he's just not good enough. Thrown off the field, slapped around a bunch, used to trigger character plays, just too many downsides at 2/0 defense. I will try Quaff when he comes out, but I think the cat fills a key role in ball retrieval. Perhaps the dog does that by using Second Wind on himself for 12" of jog. Veteran Spigot would easily make the team if he was a 'new' character, but regular Spigot's heroic play is just so important for this lineup. Gutter, Fangtooth, Hemlocke, Harry, and A+G are the remaining options. Gutter is solid but she doesn't get EV benefit (Guild Models only), that might be OK though - 2" attack and Chain Grab is great. I don't think I want to drop one of the 3 core Brewers from the lineup (maximizes EV options), so she would replace Rage and probably take some of Spigot's influence, turning him more into a buffing source then a true playmaker. Fangtooth is good, MOM KD on 1 is fantastic, but Rage is the only person who has synergy with him. Although I guess Hooper can engage on a model while leaving himself out of the rough ground aura. I think Hemlocke is just overkill with Ester's heroic. I'll give Harry an honest shot if someone can make an honest argument for him, but I don't really see that happening. Great model though. Finally A+G - In my opinion the most powerful non-captain model in the game. But do they do enough here? I would take them against Honour Masons at minimum, but I'm not sure what else. Avarisse is super slow, so he'll basically have to stay near Spigot at all times to be 6/9 move. The easy access Knockdown would be super nice to have, though - same with Singled Out. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. The lineup is a blast to play, and I'm always happy to hear from other Esters enthusiasts.
  16. dtjunkie19

    Esters Tourney Report

    Played in a Very Cleaver Named Guildball Tournament down in Swarthmore, PA this past weekend. Brought my brewers, despite having little experience playing them, mainly because they were more fully painted than my Butchers are. Brought Esters, she seems really versatile and can either put the beat down herself, or support either murderball or scoring with her team. Apologies if I get any details of the games wrong, they all start to blend together and I always forget to take good notes. Round 1 vs. Masons (Hammer) Brewers Lineup - Esters Scum Mash Hooper Spigot Gutter Masons Lineup - Hammer Marbles Mallet Flint Mist Brick Game Details (in progress) Final: 9-12 Masons Me: 3 Takeouts; 3 points from Clock Opp: 2 Takeouts; 2 Goal; 1 VP from Clock (? - not 100% sure on exact breakdown) Round 2 vs. Masons (Honour) Brewers Lineup - Esters Scum Mash Hooper Spigot Friday Masons Lineup - Honour Marbles Chisel Flint Decimate Brick Game Details (in progress) Final: 12-6 Brewers Me: 6 Takeouts Opp: 1 Takeout, 1 goal Round 3 vs. Engineers (Ballista) Brewers Lineup - Esters Scum Mash Hooper Spigot Friday Engineers Lineup - Ballista Mainspring Salvo Velocity Rage Rachet Game Details He wins the roll off, chooses to receive. I kick off with esters to get her up the field and bait him into wasting influence on shooting her. Turn 1, I move up all of my models, he does some passing. He starts knocking down a bunch of my models. I am able to get a charge with Friday into Velocity after he moves her up to generate some momentum. Esters gets off a bunch of damage with tooled up AOEs and heroics to stand up and heal Mash and Hooper. He advances mainspring down my left flank in a bit of a curious manner. Turn two, he wins the roll off, continues to have salvo dance around knocking everyone down. Unfortunately, I was not getting the chance to get in on any of his models to generate the momentum I needed to stand everyone up with Esters, and I was starting to get worried that I would get controlled and picked apart. However, he had passed the ball to mainspring earlier, who decided to advance up into 2" of Mash and try to pass to Rachet. He misses, and the ball ends up snapping to Rachet or Salvo. However, Mash is able to stand up and wail on the bug, getting off a bunch of momentous pushes. Esters then is able to go and stand most the rest of the team up, and goes into mainspring leaving him at 1 box. The rest of the game is a bit blurry for me, but basically I am able to get into him and start smacking him around. I get velocity low, I am able to get salvo surrounded on all sides and start laying into him. He tries to shoot his way to safety and score, but is taken out eventually. Mainspring also eventually gets pushed back into his team and taken out. Rachet and velocity also get taken out, and Mash is able to grab the ball and score for the game. Final: 12-0 Brewers Me: 4 Takeouts; 1 Goal Round 4 vs. Butchers (Fillet) Brewers Lineup - Esters Scum Mash Hooper Spigot Averisse & Greede Butcher Lineup - Fillet Princess Boiler Shank Brisket Tenderizer Game Details Decided on A+G in this lineup mainly to have another tanky body on the field vs. fillet and the butchers and to use the activation advantage to my benefit. Lost the roll off, my opponent chose to receive. I kicked off with esters, put the ball on the right flank. First turn was basically him setting up for the goal with brisket. I probably could have done a better job trying to stop him, but I decided to let him go for it, position my models aggressively and get the advantage going into the next turn. He ends up scoring with brisket but leaving her relatively exposed up the field. The scatter on the kickoff goes horribly for me and the ball ends up snapping to shank. He left shank in range of a sped up Esters , so I zoomed her across the board to put a bunch of damage onto him and generate momentum. Turn two, Esters gets loaded up again, kills shank and (foolishly) advances into boiler and starts punching on him. Should have just walked Esters back towards the team after taking out shank, but I got greedy and saw blood lol. Brisket starts getting beat on by Hooper and Spigot. Averisse stupidly tries to charge Filletand gets caught out by the counter charge from tenderizer (womp womp). Boiler and princess start smacking Esters and putting damage on her. Fillet comes in zooming across his side of the board to take her out. Mash had been planning on chasing the ball but after seeing esters take the beating, he goes in and knocks fillet down while keeping her at 2" to control her for the next turn. Next turn sees Brisket go down, Shank pick up the ball. Fillet goes in on hooper and spigot and takes out spigot. Averisse goes over and engages tenderizer. I get some incidental damage and pushes/knockdowns to generate some momentum. Next turn, he wins the roll off. The order of activations on this is fuzzy, but I believe fillet goes and just barely takes out hooper, getting him to 10. However, he clocks out at this point. Esters gets tooled up and takes out Shank again with her AOEs, taking me to 7. With the time pressure on, and Fillet + swift stance from boiler using most of his influence, he can't do much with the rest of his turn, especially since I had both scum and greede as empty activations to immediately shift the clock back to him and further pressure him. I end up getting 5VP total from clock, bringing me to 11. Unfortunately, he was one activation shy of giving me the last point on that turn, and I ended up only having Mash to activate. He was leading the momentum race, and there was no way Mash could get a take out that turn. And if Fillet could activate first next turn, she almost certainly would have taken out esters again. So it was goal time for mash,who was on a full 3 influence. I was within sprint, super shot and shoot range, but I didn't want to risk the tackle or knockdown from the parting blow. Luckily, I still had one touch football, which I had previously discounted as knocking going to be useful in the game. So mash put up super shot, passed to esters who immediately passed back. Mash used the pass momentum to dodge up the field and out of melee, putting him within walk and shoot range for the goal. Earlier during the turn tenderiser had activated and accidentally moved outside of range for the +1 TN, which certainly was a relief for me. Mash shoots and....screamer! the crowd goes wild. Awesome game, probably one of my favorate games of guild ball to day. What really won me the game was the activation advantage from A+G and mash. I was able to put a lot of time pressure on my opponent by having the extra junk activation, and Mash didn't job tying up and disrupting models. In particular, he really caused a headache for my opponent in how to get fillet out from being engaged with him, which really ate up a lot of his clock time. It was certainly a nail biter right down to the end, and certainly could have gone the other way if the last few moves didnt work out for me. Final: 12-10 Brewers 3 Takeouts; 1 Goal; 5 VP from Clock Overall: 3-1, came in 2nd place, which was awesome. Had 4 really awesome games against great opponents, and got to meet a number of new people, which is always a plus. Also picked up a resin Hammer, which of course means I had to pick up the rest of the masons to join him, hah. As to the brewers, overall I really enjoyed their playstyle. I definitely felt myself playing them a little bit too much in the same style as my Butchers, i.e., alpha strike for tons of damage, get ahead in attrition and momentum, repeat. There were times where I probably could have benefited more from spreading the influence around, positioning better to have my models support each other in the scrum, etc. Certainly enjoyed the massive resilience of the team. As to the lineup and individual players, I ended up playing a bit of everything, and I overall was really happy with the 8 I chose. Esters was a beast, so flexible. Between throwing out 6 damage from tooled up AOEs, buffing the team, and being a formidable beater on her own when loaded up, she did basically everything I wanted. Player wise, hooper was solid at tanking on the front line and throwing out damage. Spigot provided great support, although at times his relative squishiness made him a liability. Unfortunately, Friday never really had a chance to shine in my game, mainly because I don't think I used her particularly well. Mash however, was a beast. He played so many rolls, although I never was able to successfully get him into snap shot position when it mattered - that was more likely due to positioning errors by me though, and not setting the scrum in the right area of the field. Mash did, however, act as an amazing ball carrier, a clutch striker, and a solid source of ganging up bonuses as well as momentous pushes and knockdowns. Certainly a staple player for me in Ester's lineup.
  17. Canada Qualifier Overview Last weekend held the Canadian Qualifier (GROTSCUP) for the Guild Ball World Finals to be help later this year in England. I was looking forward to this qualifier both as a nice holiday from work and a chance to win a free trip. We knew there were going to be some skilled out-of-towners come in and try to steal the day so I was expecting some stiff competition. I had been tinkering with an Esters led Brewers team where I went into a previous sanctioned event just looking to try a new gimmicky captain and came out of it with a win and a new respect for the big lady. The team I brought to the qualifier was the following: Esters Scum Hooper Friday Spigot Mash A+G Gutter I played the same 6 players all 5 games leaving gutter and mash on the bench. A+G gave me a valuable extra activation and singled out in a brewers lineup is pretty devastating. Game 1: Blaine D and his Tapper led Brewers (spigot, friday, hooper, stave) I lost the roll to go first and he elected to receive. Esters kicks off and the game gets underway. Early game sees Esters catapult forwards into tapper along with my friday, The hoopers face off against one another on the right hand side, scum/greede are on goal duty. I win the roll off on the second turn and my friday starts off with a goal. He elects to send his goal kick away as a bad scatter could lead to an easy spigot goal for me. He send spigot into friday and start doing damage. Avarisse, hooper, and esters combine to takedown his hooper. He returns the favour and takes out friday. I get some damage on tapper with spigot. Late game has Esters finish off Tapper. He recognizes he’s behind so he gets the ball with spigot and waits an activation too long which leads to my spigot stripping the ball and kicking out to friday way on the left flank (she had come on the board halfway up with sideline repairs). She pots the winning goal. 12-2 Esters. Interesting note: no one had Don’t Touch the Hair. Game 2: Shaun W. and Ox led Butchers (Shank, Gutter, Tenderizer, Brisket) I lose the roll for kickoff. Esters kicks off again. I get esters into shank who dies at the beginning of the 2nd turn. Tenderizer buries the ball right by his goal. Ox and gutter die during the second turn thanks to an Esters legendary. 3rd turn has tenderizer bite the dust and friday miss a 3 dice goal shot. Shank dies again on the fourth turn by an opportunistic friday. Princess meanwhile has worked up the flank with the ball and manages to score! Game is over when gutter gets taken down again. 12-4 Game 3: Leif and Ox led Butchers (Shank, Tenderizer, Boiler, Brisket) I lose the roll for kickoff and Esters gives it a boot. Leif plays defensively, cautious not to give me any charges with esters. I get 2 tooled up AoEs into shank, tenderizer, and the dog. My subsequent friday activation gets dirty knives onto the dog who dies of conditions in the second turn maintenance. I lose the roll off and he sends a loaded ox + legendary into friday who uses don’t touch the hair to get away. I send esters into ox and bring his health way down, he responds with boiler into esters who does a tonne of damage. Hooper finishes off ox. Friday heals and between her and and spigot take out shank not before shank and brisket finish off esters. Tenderizer having already taken 6 damage from AoEs and burning gets taken out by spigot hooper and friday. He had been a thorn in my side using counter charges to proc gluttonous mass and crowd esters out. The final turns I manage to pickup shank again with hooper and tenderizer with friday. 12-2 Esters Game 4: Nate and Obulus led Morticians (Cossett, Ghast, Graves, Bonesaw) *Note he was using borrowed models and didn’t have mist to replace bonesaw I lose the roll and kickoff with Esters. He scores a goal with bonesaw and knee sliders away but still in range of a Empowered Voice (+2 mov) Friday. Spigot takes the goal kick, tools up Esters and passes her the ball. Esters passes the ball the Friday and dodges 4” towards Cossett, charges cossett (who plays don’t touch the hair) and does 5 damage. Esters then drops a fireballs which manages to hit dirge, cossett, and Silence. Friday shadow likes forward, charges bonesaw and does a mp push so she can put up her heroic and score the goal (to which she was successful). The resulting goal kick doesn’t scatter well and ends up just behind bonesaw. He is holding a bit of a MP advantage but I win the roll off. Friday generates a couple of MP off bonesaw and scores another goal in the first activation of the second turn. He thinks the game is pretty well over and tries to engineer another goal with obulus which lacks range. Esters legendaries and takes out cossett and dirge for the win. 12-4 Esters. Game 5: Tyler and Blackheart led Union (Fangtooth, Rage, Mist, Gutter) I lose the roll and kickoff with esters. Scatters straight to gutter, awful kick. He decides to take a serious board presence and runs fangooth into the middle of the board. He passes the ball a bit and misses 2 passes. A tooled up Esters gives friday the mov buff and charges into fangtooth and does a bunch of damage and knocks him down. Friday does a bunch more damage with mp 2 dmg a few times. She calls the cat over to get some crowdout help. I win the roll off and esters starts by legendary for damage on friday, herself and hooper. She kills fang tooth and walks up and knocks rage down. Blackhearts puts up the aura and does a bunch of damage to friday. Spigot, hooper, and friday take out black heart. Mist is waiting for an opportunity to score as he had to chase down an errant pass, I spent a bunch of mp healing dmg and he’s ahead in the race so mist moves into a position to dodge off hooper a couple times and score. However I win the roll off and see a cheeky play. Spigot starts by charging mist and using Ball’s Gone! to give the ball to Esters who is within striking range of the goal. He then puts a couple points of damage on Mist. Esters gives herself +1 DMG and takes out a KD Rage, walks up and scores. 6 points in one activation for Esters, unreal. The goal kick gets sent out to gutter who makes a successful pass to mist who is engaged by 3 people and he dodges out 4”. Hooper in the meantime gets charged by a sideline repaired and miraculously recovered fangtooth. Hooper KD fangtooth then hits Mist for a few points of damage. Friday hops in and does a couple more points of dmg. He wins the initiative and scores a goal with mist. At this point, I need 2 pts to win and Esters is within charge range of blackheart. I almost get ahead of myself, but remember to ask the health on Mist. He’s sitting on one point right near Friday. I load Friday up and charge her in needing one 5. Tyler plays his last plot card “Don’t Touch the Hair” so I have to hit one 5 on 9 dice to pull it off. Which I do. **We discussed after the game, he had forgotten about the card. First time in all 5 games he got it and we normally don’t play with it as a group (it’s a stupid card)** With that I went 5-0 and won the Canadian Qualifier!! I’m really happy with Esters and I think a lot of people underestimate her power. She can do a tonne of damage and while Commanding Aura is powerful the movement bonus is nearly as powerful on it’s own. Gluttonous Mass is a problem to get around. Finally, her AoE’s ensure that there is always something to do in her activation. Time to donkey around for a bit and try some other things. I really want to give Ballista a shot (pun intended) as I don’t believe he’s bad as people think he is. Also want to give the Attrishermen a go as it is effectively Brewers with better goal scoring. Look forward to meeting a bunch of you in England this fall at Steamiecon and testing my mettle in the World Finals!!
  18. Obulus casts Puppet Master against Esters and hits. Gluttonous Mass triggers. What exactly does it mean for the Attack or Character Play to be ignored? Puppet Master forces the target model to make a Job, Pass or Attack. So Gluttonous Mass ignores that effect. But what about the Influence gain? Puppet Master grants Obulus 1 Influence. Does Gluttonous Mass mean all effects of the Attack are ignored or only the effects affecting the target model? In other words, does Gluttonous Mass simply mean that it's treated as if the Attack never occurred or is it more subtle?
  19. So when Esters came out I thought I'd start my Brewers team proper. I preface this by saying I've never played with Tapper at the helm, but have played against him a few times, but Esters and her passive abilities and no influence spend ways to buff her team piqued my interest greatly as being super efficient as well as providing a really solid player mid field. I have had a few games with her now but last night I started to really get into my list I am working with. I have tried permutations of football teams (Friday, Spigot, Mash, Hemlocke), Damage teams (Spigot, Hooper, Gutter, Friday) and even tried the fireball team (Stoker, Stave, Harry (NEVER AGAIN!), Spigot). I have settled on my figurative "8" being: Esters, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Hooper, Gutter, Mash, Stave. So last night @UciB and I had games with some new teams and plays we wanted to try. He taking a Pin Vice team and myself my Esters line up. I went with: Esters, Scum, Friday, Hooper, Spigot, Gutter. He ran: Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Gutter, Colossus. I have not played against Pin Vice before, but am aware of how devastating the legendary can be in getting 2 goals in a turn or similar. So I wanted to prevent the engineers getting the ball... which was not going to be easy. Less so when I lost the roll off and had to kick. I normally play Masons, so tend to keep bunched up on deployment in case I want to use Honours legendary turn 1... in this game though I put Esters dead centre with Friday 4" to her left and spigot standing between them. Hooper 4" to the right. Gutter on the far right, and Scum 6" from the edge on the far left. Friday kicking. My opponent thought I would be crossing Friday to the right, to stay in singing range of Esters and tended toward the centre with Colossus on the far right opposite gutter. I then went into a play I call the Scum-shot. Probably common among Brewer players, but when I was doing the geometry for it I was pretty happy with how effective it could be on turn 1 for minimal INF investment. Friday moved up 6" at roughly 45 degree angle and kicked 8" towards the left board edge. Hoping to get a scatter to keep it in play ad close to the centre line but near the out of play region. the idea being that the opponent then cannot get to the ball if they deploy as @UciB had. And that is exactly what happened. He couldn't reach the ball! he moved Hoist up and did true replication on Friday taking Dirty Knives. Friday went, shadow like dodged another 2" on the 45 degree angle then called scum up to be just about in line with her but still wide on the flank, before sprinting back to the protection of Spigots additional defence and out of Gutters threat range. Colossus bumbled forwards. Spigot put tooled up on Esters and advanced to stay out of Gutter threat. Mainspring retreated behind Gutter, Pin Vice and Velocity. I had a golden opportunity here. I had put 5 on Esters for turn 1. So she sang to herself for movement and sprinted to the cover in the middle of the pitch. she then dropped blasted earth hitting velocity, pin vice and mainspring... twice. I killed the bug easily with tooled up and it exploded! So for my 5 INF I got a kill on Mainspring, did 9 damage to Pin Vice, 6 to Velocity, 3 to Gutter, set them all on fire, and left Pin Vice and Velocity in difficult ground. 2 - 0 Brewers. I was grinning like an idiot. I mean I normally use Mallet or Chisel to inflict bulk damage... but that was just so damn glorious. At this point he just wanted momentum to try and recover a bit but struggled to get it with glut mass. He got some, but not heaps. Hooper moved up and put tough hide on Esters too, not helping the situation. End of Turn 1 Esters was engaged by Gutter, Pin Vice, and Velocity with Hooper, Spigot and Friday in easy support. Scum had recovered the ball and had run behind the Engineers line. Gutter had advanced to cover to threaten colossus the following turn. Scum-shot had done its job! the alternate play to hold the ball behind his lines, would have been if he had committed the team to recovering the ball... then I would have simply kicked the ball out with scum while running back to my deployment. this would have centred it on my team and I would have had an easy time of it. Anyway - I lost initiative, and it looked like he was going to try and take out Esters with Gutter this turn... So I needed to play carefully to not allow that to happen. He loaded up hoist (4), pin vice (4) and gutter (4) and one on velocity. So I think he forgot to take the one out for mainspring - but doesn't matter. I put 3 on Spigot, 3 on Hooper, 2 on Esters, 4 on Gutter, 1 on Friday. Hoist moved into combat with Esters, removed glutonous mass, then hit her with Dirty knives and hit Spigot with Dirty knives too. A bad set of rolls, meant he did one damage to Esters also. Spigot charged Velocity engaging Hoist also, knocking the mechanical lady down and buying an attack on hoist getting one hit... and pushing her closer to the front of of Esters base. Pin Vice went, largely going for momentous dodges to get out of combat with Esters and Charge range of Hooper... then sprinted after Scum not reaching the cat. that somewhat ruined my play for Gutter who was going to trigger chain grab of a charge on colossus then scything blow the captain to death... so instead hooper sprinted around the cover to engage enemy Gutter at max distance. She wound up knocked down and taking a little damage. He then went for his big play to remove Esters as the crowd outs were getting too much. Gutter was up on a DEF 2+ ARM 0 esters... Not a great time. Anyway, he spent 1 to clear gutters conditions, and 2 to stand up velocity. Giving himself effective TAC 6 when all was said and done. His problem was that he was engaging Esters, Hooper, Spigot, Velocity, and Hoist. Scything blow would likely kill his own models.... But he went for it anyway. I bought the counter attack with Esters. so he had his first swing, and got off the scything blow and an extra damage to Esters with the wrap... I got the counter attack and took the 1" push, moving gutter to not be able to hit Spigot but still hitting his 2 players. She went again, same result. And again... 2 1's meant only scything blow and that esters would live! Velocity died and reanimated. 4 - 0 Brewers. He went again, and 2 more 1's meant Esters stood on 2 HP and Hoist was left after being healed on 2 HP too. I moved Gutter up and pulled colossus out to the flank with chain grab and had a few hits for a bit of damage, but him being away from the action was all I wanted. Esters healed, used soothing song, and put +1 damage on herself to hit velocity dropping velocity to 1 HP but leaving herself with some HP and momentum. Friday moved up hit hoist, triggered dirty knives and used that to kill velocity. Scum Ran back up the flank to my deployment with velocity arriving on his board edge next turn. I wanted to avoid that. End of turn 2 it was 4 - 0 to the Brewers. Turn 3 I lost initiative... Velocity came back on to threaten the cat who still had the ball with pin vice. Gutter got 4 again to finish Esters off. Colossus got 2, Pin Vice got 3 and Velocity got a couple... 3 maybe? and Hoist 0. I put 4 on Spigot, 3 on Hooper, 2 on Friday, 2 on Gutter, 2 on Esters. Gutters problem being now that she was crowded out, and only getting 4 dice to hit esters, meaning a single failed result would not get the take out she needed. Esters (was healed by Friday after the velocity take out too) was now on 12... so if she could roll 16 dice all 3+ she would get the job done... so Gutter had to go first, sadly she couldn't get to a position to get spigot without getting hoist (who was knocked down), and given then situation couldn't allow the take out from his own hits. he fell short on the first roll.... and Esters sat pretty on 2 HP at the end of Gutters activation. She went immediately. Used her legendary to give Hooper and Spigot +1 damage and Friday +2/+2 move. Then hit hoist to move it with the push and do minimal damage to drop it to 1 HP and get momentum. She used it to heal herself 4 to make sure Hoist didn't get any strange ideas. Pin Vice put alternator on velocity and charged scum who diligently dodged away. Then scum moved over and dropped the ball near Friday without having it snap to. Colossus KD on Gutter and sprinted to engage Hooper in the centre. Spigot was up. He hit the KD hoist, getting the take out and then he reanimated. He hit the top of his book for 4 damage killing hoist and then moved into combat with gutter picking up a vengence token (6 - 0 Brewers). He hit Gutter who bought a counter attack. I missed the KD but took the push to make sure Esters was engaging her. the counter attack was made with 3 dice and resulted in minimal damage. Spigot got his last attack and KD'd Gutter. At this point I had 3 activations left to his 1. Velocity came in and tried to get momentum off spigot. I went for defensive stance and it pretty much ruined the play. Gutter cleared conditions with momentum, moved up and pulled colossus back to the flank and then hit him with a scything blow. It was Hooper time. He used momentum to +2 TAC himself and hit the KD'd gutter. effective TAC 9 on a 3/1 model with +2 damage. The sweetness! Hopper killed her in 2 hits and moved over and hit Velocity for another momentum. 8 - 0 Brewers. Friday's time to shine! She activated. Had the ball snap to and walked 3 inches forwards to be at 11" from goal. Used her heroic and was in football legend range and bonus timed a shot on goal for 6 dice slotting it home from just over the half way line! 12 - 0 Brewers! The star of the game for me was Scum oddly enough. Depriving Pin Vice and her team the ball was just instrumental in setting up the win. UM made it night on impossible to deal with the cat and it did a perfect job of not occupying any INF allocation and keeping distance and position. The opening Esters barrage coupled with the scum-shot (TM) set me up to hold the position I needed. It was a great game and I thought he might have gotten Esters in the middle there, but realistically, that many rolls with no 1's was improbable. I feel if he had sent Gutter after Scum on turn 1 (albeit he couldn't reach the cat...) he would have had an easier time as I would not have been able to force the centre scrum the way I did. Anyway - as I do more with Esters I will write it up here. Hopefully have some video at some point too!
  20. looking to buy (if price is low enough :p) doesn't matter about condition as long as theS2 models have cards Hemlocke Snakeskin Harry The Hat TenderiseR Esters Mash cheers!
  21. Driezeke

    Fighty esters?

    Hi, curently i have fallen in love with Esters as my main captain in my brewer set up, i'm even taking her as my captain choice in the upcomming fields of glory tournament. I have a good set up for playing football with my brewers but against a footballing team like fish i'm not dure if my footbal set up would be anny good against them. So was thinking of fielding Esters, scum, hooper, stoker, spigot,fangtooth. Anny toughts on this line up? Ik know seems low influence set up thats why i'm a bit thinking and posting this topic.