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Found 17 results

  1. Episode 61 In this episode Andrew talks to Bryce about the new Errata, and how the changes affect the Fishermen's guild and the Farmer's Guild. Then Jason plays a game with Coomber using the new errata, and reports back on the changes. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB Eternal thanks to Beardminis for the heartfelt Patreon commerical, find his channel at http://Www.youtube.com/c/BeardMinis
  2. Pending Forum Suspension

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Hmm... That kinda sucked. I mean it could have been way worse but that was not very much fun. 8" down to 6" caught in a net seems pretty reasonable, it was fairly insane before but the loss of gut and string on top of it is rough. Stagger is too high on the play book. If you're going to take away the most potent part of the play it probably shouldn't be as difficult to attain. I don't think it changes much for him other than having to be much more careful. Shutting a model (or two if they clustered) down for a turn felt like the real benefit of his legendary. oSiren. Oucher. I mean you can still drop the ball I guess. That was a big shot to the shorts without really anything to offset it. vSiren. The damage I could care less about but she was one of the few models that could really help out our influence race against butchers. That longer play book is irritating. Couldn't even throw us a bone and put a tackle on 2 somewhere? Rough A&G hurts the Goal game but only if you were running them. Also worth note that Greede lost all momentous damage (which suuuuuuucks) and also lost rabid animal, disallowing us to sub that in on a legendary turn for gut and string. I think Fish are still is a good spot all things considered but it really felt like we lost stuff and didn't gain... well anything at all. Vet siren is leaving me feeling pretty salty. I'd have rather lost the -1 def on shark than the -4/-4MOV with gut and string. That really hurts. oSiren I'll need to play with but I don't think this change is too crippling, I have been messing around with activating her late and having the pass go to another player anyway so this fits a little more in line with the way I play anyway but I know others will be upset.
  3. Hi guys, We're back with a new match report as we see how the recently errata'd Alchemists fare against Pin Vice! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something (like our chat about Magnum Opus) and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! We've updated our editing software so any feedback on the editing in particular would be awesome!! Enjoy!
  4. Hi guys, We're back with a new match report as we see how the recently errata'd Alchemists fare against Pin Vice! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something (like our chat about Magnum Opus) and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! We've updated our editing software so any feedback on the editing in particular would be awesome!! Enjoy!
  5. So with all the errata changes, how do people see these matchups going now. Assuming union have rage + blackheart available and fish and alchemists have both captains in their respective rosters. Fish Previously this felt like blackheart had better tools to deal with the fish since shark was their normal drop (rage ruins the corsair party). Shark could spread out way to much against rage and sacrifice players to retrieve the ball as he moves towards his 3 goals. Blackhearts ability to spread out and his natural reach and manoeuvrability gave him a few more tool, although it was still an uphill battle. But now the shark and siren control game is much weaker, perhaps rage is quite good into the matchup now? I guess shark can still spread out with his 3 or 4 strikers, so this might be an issue for rage as before, but he can't shut rage down as much with his loss of gut and string at least. And dropping rage into fish also covers if he tries to list chicken you and drops corsair which I don't think blackheart really likes to see. But perhaps blackheart still is better into fish than rage and is now much more of an even matchup due to the shark and siren nerf (assuming they drop shark) Alchemists Although I don't have a whole lot experience against alchemists, it feels like blackheart might slightly edge Rage out here too. I'm not sure. Against midas, with the change to Harry meaning rage probaby won't be taking him (and therefor one less great reach model), and again with blackheart natural reach, it seems like blackheart might be better. Although blackheart doesn't quite have the tools to deal with the midas goon squad (okat and now a+g?) as well as rage, but maybe that won't be a thing withoit Harry. If he drops smoke, again it feels like blackheart might edge rage out since smoke should really be able to control a rage team that likes to bunch up through aoes and without Harry rage has slightly less momentum to play with and deal with all the conditions. Blackheart against smoke can again spread out much nore and probably do a pretty reliable 2-2 game. Anyways, I'm not saying that i think rage can't play into either, it's just that Canadian nationals are coming up next month, and since I'm working up in Alaska until the end of August, my practise window is small. So I'd like to be able to really focus my preparation games in the short time I'll have. So do you guys think?
  6. Big hit to Alchemists in today's errata - Midas loses Lightfooted, Supershot and half of Promise Of Fortune, Lure Of Gold becomes OPT; Vitriol has Hidden Damage and Cover Of Darkness removed, moved to 3 hits, removed from 3 DAM top of playbook, new trait letting her dodge away from a model suffering from poison or burning (looks like they want Crucible to be playing her) and HP scaled back to 10. Harry has also lost Crazy and so had tweaks to TAC (5), playbook and Icy Sponge. Clearly, something was going to happen, but how do we feel about this and what effect is it going to have on how the Alchemists play?
  7. So how does this errata impact Alchemist rosters? Our tools have been limited somewhat and I've tried to explore the options we have in the post errata S3. I've come up with two roster ideas: "Hang on the old goodies": Midas, Smoke, Naja, Calculus, oKat, vKat, Vitriol, Crucible, Compound & Harry/A&G The same old tricks can be pulled although they aren't so reliable anymore. Biggest hit here would be the brawling part that Harry brought and I was thinking that maybe A&G could be an option too. They're tanky, have KDs and pretty good momentous damage and if you are desperate there's still Greede goal available ^^ I think Harry can manage and have tricks still but I'm concerned about dealing the KD result reliably. "Ditch the Golden Boy": Smoke, Naja, Calculus, oKat, vKat, Mercury, Vitriol, Crucible, Compound & Mist ... And replace him with Mist. All in -tempo strategy where goals are the focus (with Smoke, Vitriol & Mist) and maybe vKat's Witness me! The old smoke game should be there still but I've always missed a second ball retriever in Smoke lineups. Mercury is dropped there for source of fire AOE but I'm not sure yet where to pick him. Obviously these are not tested yet but I will test these asap. Please contribute your insights in these or show different approaches, the discussion would be vey helpful and interesting! Few interesting questions too that I've been pondering the whole day: Are there any other Union models that look appealing now? Is there a way to put Venin in good use now that better options are limited?
  8. scifidownbeat

    List of Errata

    Couldn't find a compilation of currently-known errata so I figured I'd make my own thread for it. Known (acknowledged by SFG): page 27 Behavior Cards description is incorrect Main boss icons on mini boss cards Titanite Demon health dial gives 12 HP as heat up (instead of 10) Zweihander card has Claymore icon Smough's "Hammer Smash" attack should have an Area icon, rather than a Nearest Player icon Possible: Knight ought to start with a Knight Shield rather than a Kite Shield Attack stats of Scimitar and Murakumo might be switched Sources: the game, and this thread https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58ed0050d1758e39150c58d6/1491927122180/DS-Core-FAQ-2017-04-11.pdf Anything else? I realized a while ago that there might be incorrect stats/damage values on Treasures/character boards, but we won't know about them until DC, Alex or the official SFG account chime in.
  9. Steamforged

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    The latest Guild Ball Errata, including notes from the Development Team, is available to view now: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-balance-errata Let us know below how this will change your line-up.
  10. So as Greede can now be given influence when he's attached I wondered if he could be given Bag of Coffers? The wording says, 'friendly guild model if allocated 1influence and my use Bonus Time'. Is that correct?
  11. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/543065-episode-41-talking-errata-with-dc In this episode Andrew talks to DC about the new errata, what models it affects and why the changes were made. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB
  12. mr baron

    New Errata?

    I thought I heard that SFG was going to be releasing a new errata soon. Does anyone know the time schedule for that?
  13. masterkdog

    Ox Errata?????

    So I finally got my season two style cards today and promptly threw them into card sleeves ready for a league match (12-0 victory in turn two btw). I had a massive shock when I activated Ox, I was moving him up near gutter to bring her into my lovely Aura and cast Tough skin on her when I noticed a new ability (new to me) on his card called they aint tough. Wow cool ability I thought. I then remembered seeing this in the version of the rules that I downloaded prior to purchasing my figs around late november 2015. I had assumed this card had been errata'd to what i received with my figure. I was even more surprised the next turn when i walked up to stoker and started wailing on him, I realised my playbook had infact grown one larger and was way different than it is on the other card I have been using. Can someone please clarify have I just missed an Errata and the season two style card is correct or have I got a misprint card, or have i been majorly hallucinating due to insomnia? please help so I can finally sleep.
  14. nobby

    He he he he

    So, with the cards having included the upcoming errata, looks like that once again we have come out even better with blind and chain grab both being nerfed
  15. Hello. I don't believe this has come up as a question recently, but it's something we've noticed internally and wanted to rectify. Currently it is possibly for Blackheart to interrupt a Charge movement to activate his Legendary Play and make a [2"] Dodge. Mechanically, this is almost impossible to make work since charges have to be in a straight line. Therefore, we have decided to make a slight change to the wording of Blackheart's Legendary Play. This will be reflected in an upcoming errata, but until then, please play Strike from the Shadows with the following wording: "Choose either [+1] DEF or immediately making a [2"] Dodge. Friendly guild models within the pulse gain the chosen benefit. This Play may not be used while making an Advance." The only thing changing is the addition of the final sentence, the actual effects of the Play are unchanged. Thank you.
  16. VagrantPoet

    Errata v2.0 Discussion

    Moving the start of this thread over from the old forums! Errata v2.0 is here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64DgGizRa70 It seems really truly excellent! Summary: Avarisse & Greed: Avarisse becomes Defense 3+. Brick: Gains Tough Hide* Colossus: Colossus becomes Arm 2. Fangtooth: Gains Gluttonous mass (which is also on Compound and possibly Mash) -->Gluttonous Mass: The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy attack or character play that targets this model, except while advancing, the attack or character play is ignored. Katalyst: Becomes Def 3+ and Arm 1. Decimate: Melee zone is now 1". Hemlocke: Defense becomes 5+, melee zone becomes 1", and she gains Slippery. -->Slippery: +1 Defense against Parting blows. Mist: Playbook tackle is NO LONGER MOMENTOUS. Stoker: Burning Passion reword = "This model gains +1 damage to character plays that cause damage and to playbook damage results against enemy models suffering the burning condition." Casket: Casket time nerf = "The next time this model inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy [human] model the friendly team score an additional 2 VPs. In addition, the model which suffered the taken-out condition may not be given icy sponge tokens in the next maintenance phase and may not receive any this turn." Ability Changes: Chain Grab (Gutter): Chain grab doesn't do damage anymore. Clone: (Midas, Vitriol, Snakeskin): "The next time this model is hit by an enemy attack or character play that targets this model, except while advancing, the attack or character play is ignored. This model then makes a 2" dodge." Clone then expires. "This character play may only be used once per turn." Gut 'n' String (Shark): Cost 1 GB icon, range 'P'. Life Drinker (Gutter): This ability now only heals 1 hp instead of 2 per damaging attack or play. Seduced (Siren): Now "May only be used once per turn." General Rules: Cover: A model in, or within 1" of the edge of, an obstruction benefits from cover. Parting Blows: Parting Blows do not generate MP, regardless of the playbook result. Parting blows may not generate a push or dodge, or trigger a character play. *Tough Hide wording change: Enemy Plays that cause damage to, or playbook damage results that hit this model are reduced by -1 damage.
  17. Crazy88

    So, how about that errata!

    Now that the Errata 2.0 dust has settled a little, where are you at as a Union player? Personally I was a little surprised that they went for quite so much this soon, and was a little sad that the Union saw the number of changes it did. I expected a few - perhaps more to balance our players in other teams than anything else. I guess it's the 'merc factor'. Fangtooth - I'd not gotten around to running him yet, but Gluttonous Mass will further encourage me to get him on the table. I don't know how much it will help with the Mom vending machine issue, but it will help him hang in the middle with Rage as a killy tarpit. Decimate - wasn't expecting this one. Yes she is strong across a lot of areas, and TBH I have no idea whether she was too good in some other Guilds, but I was disappointed by the change. Would rather have seen a tweak to speed or maybe the playbook than 1" melee. This one seems unnecessary to me - particularly this early on in the game development. Mist - expected and doesn't really change what he does for me much. Gutter - I'm not too fussed about the changes although the reasoning I thought was a bit weak. The damage silliness possible from chain grab shenanigans was in one particular Guild and required players, positioning and a Legendary from memory? The excessive healing argument seemed odd to me also. If I'm willing to put 3 momentum and 4 influence into healing 16 health, is that terrible? Is that ever going to be required for Gutter? Guess the arguments seemed a bit corner case to me. Hemlocke - I expected the DEF change, but not without a little extra health, or something, to go with it. The 1" melee is annoying and I'm not sure what the rationale is there. Slippery will be useful. I agree that she was being used in roles that were not intended, but perhaps they could have taken a different approach to the problem. Playbook or kick stat changes might have been a more specific solution to a specific problem? Avarisse - DEF buff is good. Yet to field him. Snakeskin - the change to Clone is unlikely to impact my use of SS. I think they went a bit wide in the amount of errata in general, and a bit hard against Union specifically, with what occasionally seems to be poor reasoning behind it. On the upside this evens things out a little for me within the range of players available i.e. the auto-includes aren't so auto anymore. Minx and Snakeskin can now expect to share the limelight more often. Overall not feeling dooooom off of this.