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Found 4 results

  1. 1) 'Heal Aid' is classed as a weapon and has the following action: 'One character within range gains 1 stamina and 1 health'. If you cant target other characters, how is this used, also can it be used on your own character? 2) Movement push for 'Large Hollow Soldier' deals 5 push damage and moves 1 towards character (no other attack). If I share the enemies node when it activates, the pushing rules seem to suggest the following: i) I move to adjacent node and block for 5 damage ii) Enemy them moves 1 towards me and I have to block for a further 5 damage. Is this correct?
  2. Hi! I just got my game yesterday and wanting to make sure I'm not screwing this up. The rules say verbatim: "A character can hold up three weapon cards at a time; all of these weapon cards that are not in hand slots go into the backup slot, which is the only slot that can hold more than one weapon" Does this mean that you can only have 3 weapons ever on your person? So if you have a sword, shield and a spell, then that is all you can carry? And you can only have two of those active at any one time? That seems... Very odd considering you could have 3 weapons equipped to each hand with an infinite inventory in the video game...
  3. CuriousAI

    Weapon modifiers

    Lately i was thinking about how weapons would work. Obviously, we still don't know anything about equipment so this is just a speculation (suggestion in case if SFG read this). In particular I was thinking about weapon modifiers and how they can work in the board game. What we know at this point? Stats. Characters have Strength, Dexterity, Faith and Intelligence. Each weapon has its own static damage. So, for example, to attack enemy with a dagger you should roll the amount (and type) of dice that is represented by Dexterity stat (+ 1 die in case you attack a weak point). To attack with battle axe - Strength. Staves - Intelligence. And so on. What do you think? Could it work?
  4. Does anyone know if there is a two-handed mechanic? To underestand what I mean just imagine the video game. There are two weapon slots (like in the board game) which allow the player to use 2 weapons or weapon and shield/catalyst. However, there is also a possibility to handle 1 weapon (even a shield) in both hands, which gives a slight boost to the weapon's damage and different attacking techniques. What do you think? Will there be such a mechanic (similar) in a board game?