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Found 155 results

  1. W: Locus H:££

    UK Based. I need a Locus to fill out the last gap in my Engineers Lineup. Thank you.
  2. Howdy! Forgot to post my last blog post up on here, so here you are, how about 3? First up, I discuss Engineers with Greg Day: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/10/legendary-plays-with-greg-day-on.html?m=1 Then I talk Blackheart- I mean, Union with Jason Mountain from the Singled Out Podcast: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-jason-mountain-on.html?m=1 and then this week I spoke to Mike Dam from Crit Damage Miniature Games about his Hunters: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-mike-dam-on.html as always, let me know why you think! lots to go at there! Regards, Mr Hall
  3. Hey there. This question came up in our game, it basically decided the match. Does Mother (or in this case Hoist) need line of sight to the nest marker in order to burrow? The card says "Choose" a nest marker, instead of other cards saying "target," which made me guess that one didn't need line of sight. After all the idea is one is going under ground and popping up next to the nest marker. Although its easy to see why you would need line of sight like most other character plays. I'll feel pretty bad if indeed you do need LOS.
  4. Located in Ohio USA I have a Engineers team (minus locus and Vet Velocity, and Salvo is missing an arm) with their season one tokens and a set of official clear Acrylic templates (like the kick and scatter ones). They don't have season 2 cards (but I have some sucky printed out ones for them. All models are built and metal, but aren't painted at all. Asking $125. Kickoff set. Everything is there (I believe), besides a couple tokens and marbles card. Asking $50 bucks. I need to sell these in the next couple days to get money for a warhammer sale, so hit me up!
  5. It was the very first game of Guild Ball on the Polish National Stadium. It was already described by my opponent in the respective thread. The stakes were high and I lost the game miserably. My Velocity however was the first Guild Ball player ever to score a goal on the Stadium, which is a title that can never be lost. Morticians scored twice and killed two of my own players. I only scored a single goal and took out one enemy player.
  6. Engineers go Hunting.

    In a desperate bid to win the favor of Harold the Hat, the Engineers Guild approached the Herald's of Winters Moon and sheepishly begged the would-be opponents to join them on the pitch. Old Man Ballista showed up with his trusty wooden bug, and the four people who responded to his group-text: Salvo the frail, Locus the woodwork abomination, Ratchet the similarly frail, and Velocity the woodperson of questionable usefulness. Skatha and her exceptional forehead accepted the Engineer challenge, and she called forth her finest players to the trampled, well-worn pitch: Snow, the Canid Hero; Ulfr, the Ninjazerker; Seenah, the Ursine Champion of Justice; Egret, the kneeshakingly renowned Woodswoman; and Chaska, the master trapper and shotgun maestro. Ballista elected to receive the kickoff. Ballista manages to get the ball toward center-pitch, and at the beginning of turn 2, scores an easy goal with "Breach!", knocking down Chaska and Snow. Ulfr rubber-bands a goal, and Velocity scores quickly in response. Skatha takes the goal kick, and drives for the goalpost, scoring comfortably. In the last activation of the third turn, the ball is free and Mainspring is left to activate. Mainspring jogs up, scooping the ball into its bug-a-pult. A successful pass from Mainspring, and a few grinding gears, and Velocity swipes her foot, adding to the momentum of the recently bug-launched ball. Velocity, the performer of the day, scores a clean snapshot, netting Ballista an undeserved, close win. Harry the Hat moves closer yet to the mechanical grasp of the Engineers.
  7. Round 3 vs Union He ran: Blackheart, Mist, Strongbox, Grace, Decimate, and Old Hat. I ran: Thresher, Peck, Tater, Jack, Harrow, Bushel. I kinda like Bushel as a 6th in this list, because she brings an influence to the table, where WIndle doesn’t. She also doesn’t need any, cos I don’t really need her to do much. I made a big mistake here, grabbing the ball with Jack, and not getting away from Mist far enough. She pinched the ball, with no influence, although Tater got a charge (using Jacks harvet markets), he wiffed L. Thinking the ball was dead, I ignored her “pro tem” and tooled up old father, planning to take her out (tater did 4 damage, but missed the KD). I didn’t realise that Blackheart was as slippery as he was. He did his stuff, used “I’m open”, received the pass and dodged forward slotting a goal! I was down 4-0 before I knew it! I got some points back taking out Mist with Tater, and send the old man to deal with blackheart, and near killed him, but not quite.However the goalkick in scattered poorly, ending up on Tater (and dead for the turn) as he used his influence to finish Mist. Turn 2, my opponent won initiative, and Blackheart dodged away from old father, tackled tater, popped legendary, and buried another goal. The blighter. He paid the price as a result, as Peck wrapped and took him out on the charge. The ball was given to Thresher now, where it probably should have been all along. Strongbox advanced, and copped a Tater charge (charging past the target to mow down others is a nifty trick). Old father waded forward, with the ball, killing Decimate, Grace and nearly strongbox. 8-8. Next turn, Mist was back in the fray, and old father spent an attack to finish Strongbox, and move into Mist, kill her and the returning Decimate to get the win.
  8. Round 2, and Thresher went up against my own Engineers, played by a newbie who came 3rd in the tournament in a great result. He ran: Pinvice, Mother, Hoist, The Colossus, Locus, and Ratchet. I range the same list, except I swapped WIndle for Bushel (Thresh, Peck, Bushel, Jack, Tater, and Harrow). My opponent goes pretty hard at the punch, so I picked Bushel to try and snag a goal, to get the edge. This game, Colossus kicked, and the ball scattered way out wide, leaving it out of range for Colossus to retrieve, so I left it for a while. The old father moved up, covered by Tater and some harvest markets placed by Harrow and Jack. Peck nabbed the ball and ran behind my lines. My opponent made a mistake, moving Mother too close to Tater, who charged past mother, and managed to move down Colossus, Mother and Ratchet, and proc his charge swing for 3 damage all around. Colossus had no momentum, but did kd tater. Turn 2, the old father went first, and moved in, scything mother almost death, and hurting ratchet and Colossus. His attacks finished mother, then ratchet off. (3-0 up). Not to be outdone, Colossus singled out the knocked down tater, and started some hurt, so I moved Peck up, flicked the ball to Bushel, heroic to stand up tater and dodge, and put cocky on him, then spent a momentum to heal (Thresher hurt him). Up stepped Locus, and returned Tater to the floor swiftly, and put some hurt on him (Charge, Wrap, Mometus damage and Kd, attack and momentus KD, then another wrap…hot dice). Tater hopped up and hurt Colossus, leaving him near death, but Hoist took out Tater, leaving me 3-2 up. I won initiative again, and Thresher took out Colossus, and Hoist!. I was now 7-2 up, with the ball. Jack activated, porting up and placing harvest markers forward, setting a trap. Pin Vice was engaged with Thresher, so he copped some hurting but lived. I moved Tater up onto Jacks markets to head off the returning Ratchet and Mother, while Bushel nipped through and popped in a goal. Ratchet moved up to drop a bomb on Thresher and get a take out, however, my trap worked, and Tater countercharged, and knocked him down, dishing out some damage at the same time. It was a matter of regulation to finish Ratchet next turn with Tater for the win.
  9. Skaldic Shield round1 Me (Engineers) - Pin Vice, Mother, Velocity, Locus, Colossus, Ratchet Quin Duggan (union) - Rage, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Mist, Hemlocke The game started well for the Engineers, Velocity scoring a quick goal before Mother scored a swift second. However, the fight back from Rage was devastating, with Pin Vice, Velocity and Ratchet all being taken-out. With Gutter readying herself to take-out Colossus, Locus and Ratchet (again), Pin Vice knew something had to be done and pulled out an astonishing play. Using her Good Marker, the Artificer Queen took control of Mother before placing the ball next to a nest. This allowed for Mother to quickly score the Engineers third before Gutter could make them taste defeat - 12-6 Round 2 Me (Engineers) - Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Locus, Colossus, Ratchet Steve Margetson (Brewers) - Esters, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Mash, Spigot This game was a real bruiser, with neither side scoring a single goal. Spigot was first to go down followed by Esters - both at the hands of Ballista. This was swiftly followed by Ratchet who was mauled by Scum. Friday then fell foul to Colossus, and Ballista took-out Spigot. Locus was then brought down by Esters before she once more succumbed to the Engineers. With Hooper surrounded and helpless, the Engineers closed in to take an 12-6 win. Round 3 Me (Engineers) - Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Locus, Colossus, Hoist Jamie Perkins (Morticians) - Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory I don't really recall anything about this game, it was a blur. Though I think the Ferryman was kind enough to say that by letting them win the hat could go to the Engineers. I don't know really, its all his plans I guess... (12-0 to Jamie) Round 4 Me (Engineers) - Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Locus, Colossus, Ratchet Billy Fitzmaurice (Morticians) - Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Casket, Graves, Brainpan & Memory Unlike the last game, this one started off well with Velocity scoring quickly. Scalpel then made short work of Ballista before Colossus scored the Engineers second. Scalpel the made short work of Ratchet to start a comeback, but a well placed Deadbolt from Ballista removed Cosset from the game. With the Engineers in touching distance of victory, Scalpel went to try and help Casket deal with the troublesome Colossus, only to leave Graves open to be pummelled by both Ballista and Locus to seal the win for the cogs. 12-4. With another good showing, and the deadline getting near, surely this is enough to tempt The Hat to the Engineers side
  10. This was a casual game, we played with new deploy, and GiC. I like to play with a model after it's been painted, so I built a list around Snakeskin, Hemlocke, Coin, Decimate. Union - Brisket, Coin, Hemlocke, Snakeskin, Decimate Mist GiC - Gain +2 MP when you lose initiative (holy crap thats amazing!) Engineers - Pin Vice, Mother, Compound, Velocity, Ratchet, Avarisse and Greede GiC - the 1 less momentum for snap shot card This was a super long game, where i mostly just moved the ball up the wing and tried to avoid Pin Vice's threat range. I think it was actually one turn longer than I said, with a lot of nothing happening turn 1 and turn 2 Turn 1 - Union received, Velocity kicked. A&G and Pin Vice up front, with Decimate and Coin up front as well. Decimate was the only one in A&G's threat range, so she went first, sprinted 9 to get the ball, and passed to Snakeskin, who dodged 4" away to the side, safely out of everyones threat range. Decimate second winded herself, thinking back, she should have done this on Snakeskin. Mist, hemlocke, coin, all sort of did nothing, except staying out of everyones threat range. Brisket did Im open to get the ball from Snakeskin, then passed back to snakeskin, who had nimble and cloned herself and jogged up. Turn 2 - A&G went first and killed Decimate. The Mist, Coin, Brisket, Snakeskin group just moved forward on the wing, with Snakeskin keeping the ball. Brisket did the im open and pass back to Snakeskin thing again. This group stayed together while Hemlocke tried to blind pin vice, but missed (with bonus time). Hemlocke got weakened by Pin Vice. Decimate had jogged back in, but got taken out again by Ratchet. Turn 3 - A&G finished off Hemlocke, and Mist tied up Compound, so that Snakeskin could finally go for that first goal, which she made. The ball threw back in and no one retrieved it. Besides that was just hitting for momentum with Brisket. Decimate had jogged back in, and second winded herself. Sprinted, got the ball, kicked it upfield, then chased after it. Here my opponent misplayed, instead of picking up the ball with Compound, Compound attacked Decimate, setting up another decimate kill for Ratchet. But then Mist activated, got the ball, got 2 attacks on Compound for the momentum, and scored a tap in. Turn 4 - The ball had been thrown in, and Pin Vice couldn't both get it AND score, so Mother got the ball, and dropped it near Pin Vice so she could get it on her activation. Brisket legendary played to Coin's base, then sprinted through rough ground to snap the ball, and pass it to nowhere upfield, where I got a pretty lucky scatter and landed right on snakeskin (who had no influence). Snakeskin jogged behind the goal to make it harder to take it from her. Brisket got a lucky counter on pin vice to dodge out. I won the initiative roll and opted to go second, forcing my opponent to deal with Snakeskin. Turn 5 - No one could reach Snakeskin, so Pin Vice had to go first, and do controller and alternator on Compound, letting him activate immediately and now able to reach Snakeskin. Snakeskin is a 5-0 in cover by the goal, luckily Compound was only able to get 1 hit on all 3 attacks on Snakeskin. So then Snakeskin just dodged out and took a bonus time tap in for the win (that GiC extra momentum is awesome!) Super weird game, definitely won't be playing that lineup again. But I love Snakeskin with Season Brisket. Having the ball on Snakeskin, cloned and nimble is really great. Also, I have started deploying a mascot on the front line with the new deploy, this seems really good as it makes it easier to back up and play defensively.
  11. The lineups are Engineers: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet and Locus Hunters: Skatha, Snow, Hearne, Chaska, Egret and Seenah Skatha won the roll of and decided to receive. (note - sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't figure out how to submit them without making the pictures ant sized) Locus starts the action off by kicking off far and to the right side of the pitch. This leads to Skatha rushing up to get the ball and passing it back to Seenah without much in the way of an offensive set up. As the hunters players pass the ball along the line Ballista manages to pin Chaska with a well placed deadbolt. This is quickly followed by several of Ratchet's grenades being tossed onto him. Seenah positions aggressively in an attempt to shield her captain from any unforeseen assaults but is punished when an overclocked Locus reaches her and knocks her to the ground and bats her away from her team. Hearne moves in to try and assist but with no way for him to get Seenah off the ground he launches his skewer. His plan backfires as he misses Locus and now is in a terrible spot himself. Salvo shows up only to torment the poor bear further. The engineers make the first move in the next few moments as a result of the crucial momentum the team had built up and not wanting to give the hunters a breather Ballista charges Chaska. Still pinned to the ground and with no way to fight back Chaska is taken out of action and is carried off the field. Seenah stands up and uses what energy she can muster to roar at Locus and swing on Salvo. Locus then returns to the fray and takes he out of the fight. Egret runs the ball up the far left side of the pitch attempting to get in range of the goal and launches arrows at mainspring only to miss time and time again. Hearne goes in on ratchet and with Skatha's help they get Ratchet and Salvo dangerously low. Salvo and Ratchet use their actions to heal up and get in as best positions as possible to take on Hearne in the upcoming moments. In all the commotion Mainspring easily makes it all the way to Egret and prepares to steal the ball. Hoist and Snow try to assist their respective teams but are mostly lending support to the other players. Mainspring takes the next action and after a brief struggle manages to wrestle the ball away from Egret and pass it to Ballista. Skatha activates but is knocked down by Locus while trying to get to Ballista. Standing back up she decides to freeze the engineers around her and begins to beat on Locus to generate momentum. Ballista takes this opportunity to score a goal with an insanely powerful kick after beating Snow with his crossbow and then dodges towards Egret. Backed into a corner Egret had no choice but to go fetch the ball and hope for the best as she made her way back towards the engineers goal. Despite Hearne's best efforts he can't seem to land the finishing blow on either Ratchet or Salvo despite them being both frozen and snared. A once again overclocked and rampaging Locus knocks Skatha to the ground once more and knocks her unconscious. At this point with the odds looking grim for the hunters their coach decides to call the game. Had the coach not been ill or luck been more on their side perhaps events would have transpired differently. This time however engineers can count this game as one step closer to claiming a new companion.
  12. First game in a long long while but scored a winner with Friday and scum very nearly took harmony out of play on his own for me... going to have to try and play more often!
  13. Today I played round two of my local escalation league. My line up: Ballista Hoist Velocity Mother (Still haven't painted my ratchet, woops) His line up: Obulus Mist Bpm Dirge The game starts off with the engineers receiving and passing around to make influence, followed by the obvious puppetmaster to retrieve the ball. Ending with a dead bolt to Obulus's face and an unfortunate scatter resulting in Mist collecting the ball. The turn ends with MIst and Ballista fighting over the ball eventually ending with Mist in possession but stuck hanging out with Ballista. Turn two starts off with Velocity ripping the ball off mist and sinking a quick and easy shot, followed by quickly paying for her crimes and dying to the puppet. The rest of the engineers struggle to make efficient usage of their influence and are unable to get the ball back into their possession thanks to Obby and the bird. Turn Three starts off by demonstrates the mort's inability to simply kick a ball. Starting with Obulus missing a 2 dice tap in. Followed by dirge doing the exact same thing. At this point Ballista and hoist have killed mist and the ball scatters relatively close to Obulus. Turn 4 results in the quick goal from Obulus putting the morts at 6 points. Followed by a goal kick out to Ballista who sinks in his Breach to end the game with a screamer. Final score 8(10) to 6 in favor of the engineers.
  14. I managed to take photos of this game but unfortunately the forum will not seem to let me upload them - apologies Blacksmiths (me): Ferrite, Iron, Sledge, Anvil, Furnace, Cinder Alchemists (James Long): Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Katalyst, Calculus, Mercury The Alchemists started the game by retrieving the ball, only for Cinder to swiftly tackle Midas from range allowing for Ferrite to quickly score. The Alchemists retaliation was quick and painful, Katalyst putting Sledge out of action and Midas scoring a goal. From there Furnace responded immediately with another goal, only for Vitriol to bang in the Alchemists second and put them in touching distance of victory. However, it was not to be as Cinder collected the ball and coolly slotted home the winner. 12-10. After the game, a defeated looking Midas simply stated that his guild never really wanted the hat anyway and that the Engineers were welcome to have her
  15. I managed to take photos of this game but unfortunately the forum will not seem to let me upload them - apologies Blacksmiths (me): Ferrite, Iron, Sledge, Anvil, Furnace, Cinder Alchemists (James Long): Smoke, Flask, V.Kat, Harry, Calculus, Mercury The Alchemists were feeling confident ahead of the encounter. However, it was the Blacksmiths that got off to the better start with Ferrite scoring an early goal. As the second period of the game started Ferrite rallied her team, and with a burst of speed Cinder raced forward and used her crossbow to tackle the ball from range from a bewildered Katalyst before scoring the Blacksmiths second. Things only got worse for Smoke as Furnace and Sledge took Harry off the pitch. Although the Alchemists managed to take out Cinder and Ferrite in quick succession, they could not stop Furnace from incapacitating vet Kat and sealing a 12-4 win. A performance like that will only strengthen the Engineers claim to the hat.
  16. You have my bow

    The fight for Hemlocke is over, pretty happy with the result - will be posting my remaining games here!
  17. Ballista's Engineers shut out the Masons, winning 13-0. Ballista and Locus spent the game beating on Honour. Constantly knocking her down and setting up Mine Field to discourage others from interfering. Ratchet was dropping bombs and tooling up Ballista. Mother was putting out nests to let Hoist disengage and score goals, while Velocity retrieved the ball and passed it to him. Hoist scored twice while Ballista and Locus took out Honour, Marbles, and Chisel.
  18. Ballista and his Engineers won a crushing victory over Corsair’s Fishermen today with a final score of 14-2. The game began with a kickoff to the fish, who passed the ball around before Salvo stoke it and kicked it down field. Mainspring passed to Velocity who passed to Ballista who scored using his legendary play. The ball was picked up by Kraken who passed to Corsair, only to have the ball stolen by velocity for yet another goal for the Engineers. Jac pushes Salvo off the pitch, only to be pushed out himself by the Collosus. Meanwhile, Kraken, Corsair, and V.Siren has penned in Velocity with Soren controlling the ball. Velocity managed to steal the ball and shoot for a final goal. A victory for the Engineers in their attempt to recruit Harry the Hat.
  19. Smoke managed to take the win in this condition heavy match. The engineers were caught of guard by the intensity of Katalyst at his best. Pin Vice suffered an early take out which put the opposition on the wrong footing for the rest of the game. Alchemists Vs Engineers https://imgur.com/gallery/ELHps
  20. Brisket backs the Engineers Guild against the Morticians to advance the Solthecian plans with her Guilds Win. sBrisket takes out Cosset and Scores a Aplomb Goal and the Crowd goes wild! Graves thought he was safe from the swift grasp of Mist but he got the ball and Scored!
  21. Engineers: Pin Vice, Colossus, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, Mother Butchers: Fillet, vOx, vBrisket, Meathook, Boiler, Princess I started with the ball. Pin Vice went to the far left and used fast ground to position herself withing the enemy half of the pitch. She kicked the ball right befor her and rolled 2" for scatter. Brisket picked the ball and passed it to Ox. Pin Vice cast Alternator and charged Ox. Captain got the ball, generated somem momentum and scored. She went back to her lines with 11" dodge form Knee Slider. The Butchers got some setup: Tooled Up on Fillet and Marked Target on Pin Vice. Fillet Charged Pin Vice, dealt some damage, used her ultimate to deal some more, and finally scored a goal. After goal kick the ball went straight back to Pin Vice. Hoist went forward (Burrow is really nice) and generated some more momentum on Princess. The Cogs started turn 2. Pin Vice used her ultimate, passed the ball to Colossus and got it back for a 4" dodge. PV cast Controller and Alternator on Hoist, jogged 7" forward and scored. The goal kick sent the ball to the far right, but it was within Hoist's range. Hoist run 9", copied Acrobatics, dodged 2" more and passed to Velocity. Velocity passed to Pin Vice. Pin Vice payed 3 momentum for a bonus timed snap shot and scored a screamer! 12:4 for the Cogs.
  22. A game on Vassal. Engineers: Pin Vice, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Mother Union: Blackheart, A&G, Rage, Gutter, Mist, Coin The game started badly for me. Mist kicked the ball to my far left and I was unable to regain it in one activation. I commited Mother to it and was going to pick the ball with Hoist. I forgot how fast Mist is. He picked the ball and passed it back to Blackheart. Nothing interesting happened in turn 1 apart from Rage generating some momentum on Velocity. In turn 2 I managed to score a goal with Velocity, but I lost the mannequin to enemy attacks. Pin Vice managed to kill Rage. In turn 3 Cogs lost Pin Vice and Ratchet. And Mother as well. Hoist tried to score, but missed it. In the last turn Pin Vice killed Gutter and that freed Velocity from the immediate danger and let her score again for 12:7.