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Found 1 result

  1. Knowledge of the level is important in the DS video games. Since the level resets to as it was before your death or return to the bonfire, when you know where and what the monsters are, you have a better chance of defeating them. Unfortunately, the card game takes away this player advantage by having you reshuffle defeated enemies back into their respective piles, and putting an Encounter Cleared token on the encounter. Thus, after the bonfire, the next time you return to the encounter there’s all new enemies there. While this gives more variety in enemies, it takes away the chances for deck building and character placement on the Battle Board that would capitalize on previous knowledge of the encounter. To make the card game more like the video game, and to greatly increase the tactics available, try these simple changes. Don’t use the Encounter Cleared tokens. Instead, as each enemy is defeated, place it on the Encounter Card that spawned it. After you go to the bonfire and return to the encounter, use these cards instead of the ones in the main piles. Now, just like in the video game the same monsters are there in the same pattern. You can build your deck and place your characters with this in mind.