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Found 1 result

  1. I've just got (yesterday) my DS-TCG mail package. So, I have a few questions for Steamforge/anyone: Q0) Shouldn't we have a rather separate sub-forum for DS-TCG, other than the DS-TBG's one? Q1) Where can I find the digital version of the manual, please? I'd rather use that on a tablet than fumble with the box'es rulebook (same as I did for DS-TBG), please? Q2) Which sleeves would be best for using with it, and how many for each (I haven't unpacked the cards yet, but they all seem to be of the pretty same size to me) Thanks! A2) It seems that the total count of the cards is 407, all same size. The Dragon Shield standard size sleeves leftover from my DS-TBG seem to perfectly fit them. Also, it turned out that Dragon Shield standard perfect fit had problems with the second cards package (the one with the mobs/bosses). It seems that this second package is very very slightly wider than the standard size, and as a result, inserting these cards into the standard perfect fit size sleeve resulted in a slightly bent card. Maybe pressure applied for a while would enlarge the sleeve and ease this bent to obtain a flat card again.