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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, in this thread we are looking for official clarifications for any rule (parts of the) community don't feel comfortable that they understood them! Anything that has been officially clarified, I'll add here: Cheers Replect PS.: If you have more basic questions, you probably find the answer in that "Quick Guide":
  2. Good afternoon, time for newby question number 2. Pushes and dodges are not advances and are not effected by terrain however are models effected if pushed in to or dodge out of traps, AoE and terrain. Big problem recently playing against the hunters guild. Jaecar has the pitfall trap. Can he place this in base contact to another model or so close to a model that any movement causes it effect. It was basically used to pin my player in place as it was within an inch so I could not move (advance) without activating it. Can you dodge or push your way out of it or would this still cause the effect to trigger. I read that dodged and pushes are not effect but terain and wonder is the the same for traps, pitfalls and other AoE? If so anyone know how to counter having a pitfall place in base contact so you can not move? Cheers
  3. I understand that you always have to pay 1 stamina for attempting a dodge roll, before you roll the dice. But I was wondering if you: 1. pay 1 stamina 2. move 1 node 3. roll dice and take/prevent dmg OR 1. pay 1 stamina 2. roll dice 3. take dmg and don't move 1 node / prevent dmg and move 1 node THANKS <3
  4. supertzar


    If Sakana gets charged and declares a free counter but is then knocked down or pushed out of melee, is the trait then used for the rest of the turn or can he do a free counter to the second model trying to attack him? Poised says the model can make a counter attack without spending mp but the model in this case is unable to actually make the attack. I understand that mp is spent when declaring the counter but the trait seems to be triggering at the step when the model is making the attack, ie. is able to roll dice.
  5. Tried my best to find this but couldnt find anything. So here the situation, you have Midas with a enemy model base to base behind him. He is charged by another enemy model, base to base in front so that all three models are in a line base to base. If midas chooses to activate unpredictable movement, can he actually dodge?
  6. Honour is in base to base with Ox. Neither have moved. Ox hits Honour and she uses her MP free counter attack. Doing that she dodges out of his melee zone. Ox charges in and hits her again. Can she counter attack again? (I was already winning, I chose not to. I thought dodging out again would convince him he did not want to play this game again. I am short of regular opponents.) Bill
  7. Okay, so I have multiple questions on timing and interaction concerning Fillet. Hopefully, this thread won't dissolve into madness. If it does, I'll lock it and start individual threads. So here goes: Blood Dance and Pain Circle/Blood Rain Pain Circle and Blood Rain both apply the bleed condition while doing damage. Does this trigger Blood Dance? I assume yes as Blood Dance happens 'after' causing damage; and the model would be bleeding. Blood Dance and Playbook Dodges Does the dodge from Blood Dance and any doge results from playbook happen at the same time? As in are they added together into a single dodge? I'm not sure if this really matters for the timing of anything else: counter attacks, traps, etc. Smell Blood and Blood Rain If Fillet gets a playbook wrap and triggers Blood Rain and playbook damage in the same attack, does the [+1] damage to playbook damage results from Smell Blood trigger? I assume no as the playbook results are applied simultaneously. Exsanguinate and Momentum If Exsanguinate knocks a model out, is momentum generated? The damage is both conditional and from a legendary play, so I'm not sure which takes precedence. Thanks!
  8. In the S2 Rulebook under the Resouces tab under Playbook (pg 29) it says: Dodge – The active model may make [1”] of Dodge movement for each arrow shown on the Playbook result. Combine all Dodge results from an Attack into a single Dodge movement. However under the Rules Clarifications in the forum it says: Pushes/Dodge Dodges don’t have to be in a single straight line, while pushes do. In the rulebook it sounds like if you choose a Dodge from the Playbook w/ 2 arrows then you get up to 2" (because you don't have to use the entire dodge or any if you choose), but in only one direction since it is to be combined into a single Dodge movement. Are the clarifications pre or post rulebook? Or is this just an error inside of the rulebook itself?
  9. Pending Forum Suspension

    Tidal surge dodge off the pitch?

    I know a model can't voluntarily leave the pitch but does this apply to a dodge forced upon then like shark's Tidal surge? I couldn't find anything in the rulebook or clarification section. Thanks! I'm 100% sure this has been asked but I can't get it to pull up so hopefully I've tagged it in such a way it'll be easier for the next guy.
  10. Tried doing a search but didn't come up with an answer, so sorry if this was resolved. I had a situation where my opponent had his Brick partially blocked LOS from my Farhad with his Harmony. He pushed Farhad back 1", then was going to follow up, but his trait said directly towards Farhad, and by doing so his base would partially pass over Harmony's. I know that if his base would end up on Harmony's it won't work, but is he allowed to pass over her base?
  11. If Siren has the ball and successfully passes it to Kraken, can I then have Kraken dodge 4" with the gained momuntum AND drop the ball to a player next to him at the same time? The rule for dropping the ball reads "an active model in possession ... may give up possession at any point during its activation" and in the definitions section active model is defined as: "Active model refers to the model currently being activated. During a model’s activation; if any other model performs an action it temporarily becomes the active model for the duration of that action." So in the example above, when Kraken makes the dodge does he become the active model and is therefore referred to as the "model currently being activated" which then allows him to drop the ball?
  12. Hi All, Quick question I cant find the answer to. I know you cannot choose Tackle from playbook results if player doesn't have the ball, But say Salvo from the engineers guild for example... Could you choose the Tackle/<< (playbook 4) result instead of the << result (playbook 2) to generate momentum? Or are you stuck with the non momentous << because the player doesnt have the ball. I could see a ruling going either way to be honest, just wondering if it's allready been covered. Cheers Bornabairn
  13. Can Were'd They Go? user move freely during the 4" Dodge or is he restricted to straight line? Rulebook is missing a sentence that forces Dodge user to move in a straight line. Push has relevant sentence so was it omitted in a Dodge description by accident or on purpose?