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Found 6 results

  1. ElToupe

    Life Point Counter

    Hello everybody I have a question to the hobbyists. I would like to make life point counters myself. Is there somewhere a program with which the LP can be labeled. I tried this by Word, but since you can not rotate the numbers over 90 degrees. Or has someone already a template for which he can show here?
  2. LogicCrash

    LogicCrash's Alchemist's

    It's been years since I've painted anything, let alone a whole playable team of any game. I decided on the Alchemist's because of all the built in "effects" and was particularly drawn to Smoke. I had to try painting her. As wonderful as they all are there are a few I had to make some changes to. Vitriol being one of the most obvious changes and Calculus being another. I've been incredibly inspired by a lot of the painters on here and had to try and give back to the community. Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated. The team so far. Here she is getting me in to this game. Doing the "smoke" was a lot of fun and as challenging as I might have expected. Vitriol, less pirouetting and more attacking. Hopefully she looks less like she's tripping too. Calculus is all her noxious glory!
  3. It's a little annoying that the picture size requirement to upload onto these forums is so small. Well, after about 6 re-sizes, here you go: A Union Goal, inspired by a friend of mine. What is more appropriate than a pile of gold? For the step-by-step on how I made it: http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/09/diy-goal-post-for-guild-ball-pile-of.html
  4. I realized that this sub-forum is actually the more appropriate thread to post DIY's. You may have already seen this in GENERAL DISCUSSION, but I think it belongs here. Long story short, this is how you can make an affordable, rollable, durable, Guild Ball mat. Enjoy! http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/08/how-to-make-guild-ball-mat-step-by-step.html
  5. dwhite87

    DIY Guild Ball mat

    My local meta is very new and small. Currently, three of us have actual teams, three people have stated they will buy a team and one guy has printed all the paper dolls. Our FLGS has been awesome (and so has Steamforge) and he is ordering models we need/want to buy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get four people to pony up to purchase a mat so I decided to make some myself to encourage them to play. I feel like, once they play enough games and get invested, they'll purchase mats from Steamforge, but in the meantime these DIY mats have been working out great. I created an article for the steps, I hope this helps other frugal gamers or developing metas: http://midwestwargaming.com/diy-guildball-mat/
  6. CrusaderEm

    Making a Field

    My roomies and I have been working on a table for playing on since early December, and I was curious what you guys think. We're about halfway done. Working on getting the lines sprayed on. The middle came out a little bright, but I'm working on fading it.The trim is stained, but isn't glued in yet. We plan on wrapping some cushioning and fabric over the wood to make it all look nice.This was fun to stencil out. Let me know what you think. C&C always welcome. Also, sorry for picture quality. My phone is awful.