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Found 2 results

  1. Pending Forum Suspension

    Skirmish vs Campaign

    Uhhhhhhhh so am I missing something? I feel like I am. My group has been wrecking skirmish mode's face since we picked the game up last week. Like lost the first 2 games but now we've won 6 in a row and they haven't even been all that close. I don't think we are exceptionally good the game just doesn't feel very hard in skirmish. ....And then we play the campaign which you could just call "You Lose: The Board Game." I mean it has been an exercise in futility. Is the campaign really this much harder? Is anyone else having similar experiences where they two modes are WORLDS apart? It almost feels like in campaign there should be tiered loot (similar to imperial assault if you are familiar with their campaign system) because we keep getting this killer loot but you can't use any of it by the time you get to those damned gargoyles.
  2. Well, I've had my core copy for a few hours now, well... 12 hours! And I'm about an hour and a half into my first playthrough solo with an assassin. Something has struck me, I initially misread the rules and was only clearing my stamina after each encounter, not my health, so I went into the next encounter with the damage from the previous. And while it took some thought and a little luck, I found the run up to the miniboss acceptably challenging in this way, perhaps a little easier than I expected with my Assassin. Now solo play differs slightly in that you get 16 souls to spend initially, enough to push my dexterity up to Tier 2 (6 souls) strength and Intelligence up to Tier 1 each (4 souls total) and buy 6 items of loot, including Greater Magic Weapon, the Composite Short Bow and the Master's Attire. Now luck may have aided me here, the bow allowing me to kite easily and the Master's Attire giving me an extra dodge die. But it strikes me as odd that this isn't the default style of play, your damage carrying over and your stamina replenishing. Thoughts?