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Found 1 result

  1. SEASON 3 RELEASE: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/33121-tooled-up-app-for-tracking-damage-scores-matches-time-lists-and-more/&do=findComment&comment=95855 GAME PACK BUILDER BETA: http://tooledup.solaristudios.com/builder Howdy everyone! Tooled Up - Gaming companion app for tabletop and card wargames including Guild Ball. Take your cards on the go to create and share lists, track damage and scores, draw with digital style, and create custom chess clocks. TL;DR? Here is a quick start list (Currently supports Android 4.1+): 1. Go to app store and download app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solaristudios.decker 2. From the main page of the app, click the plus or "Cards" icon and follow the steps to download/install card packs. We recommend the All-In-One pack to get all the goodies. 3. After card packs are installed, select a Guild, create a Deck, start a Match, or just skip 1 and 2 and use as a chess clock and dice calculator! New in most recent version: - Added support for landscape cards, to support custom community packs. - Several QoL enhancements to streamline processes. - Ability to import cards from opening pack in 3rd party applications Key Features: - View full color cards. - Build rosters and share with others with unlimited saved lists. - Track damage, scores, and opponent cards with unlimited saved matches. - Quick access to success rates and dice calculator from every card. - Customizable, persistent, chess clock. Create and save custom timers. - Alarm Supports alarm sound and vibration. Can pause and resume from anywhere in and out of the app with the notification. - Draw on cards during battle like your physical cards are with you. Other recent additions: - New Home page. Allows quick access to Card Library, Saved Decks/Matches, Toolboxes, and recent activity. - Added support for "Toolboxes" including: * Dice Calculator (up to 50d20, supports d3, d6, d8, d12, and d20) * Customizable Chess Clock (Create and save templates, and use premade) * Record Book for recording wins/losses (Currently in limited access) And many additions constantly added as requested by community. FAQ: Q: Can I make cards for the app? A: Sure can, check out the builder link at top of page to visit the new web based tool. Q: Can I track opponents cards? A: Yes, using "Tabs" in a match you can add and organize cards however you would like, including tracking other players. Live multiplayer currently in development. Q: My screen will not turn off during a match/while the chess clock is open, how can I make it go to sleep? A: The brightness, or "sun", icon along the top bar of a match toggles screen sleep. By default, screen will not sleep. Q: How can I access the new tools outside the Home page? A: The left hand navigation menu contains shortcuts to all the tools. Tools are created as popups to allow use from anywhere in the app without losing your place. Q: Can I see all my cards at once in a Match? A: Yes, but may depend on your screen size. In a match you can toggle between list and grid views for the cards. List view will most likely show all your cards at once, even on a small screen. Grid view on large screens may allow you view the entire card without opening if you screen and resolution are high enough. You choose the way you like it. Q: Drawing the HP is inconvenient and difficult on smaller screens with the pen, can I automatically fill in the bubbles? A: Yes, as of "Tooled Up" version 2.14 and "Guild Ball" content version 2.10. Any card with HP will have +- icons in the list and in the full screen view. A: Can I view a card in a match without adding it to a stack? A: Yes, as of Tooled Up version 2.14 the quick library allows full card view by clicking the card instead of the +. Q: Can I export specific cards in a Deck for sharing instead of the entire Deck? A: Yes. If you highlight multiple cards, then from the popup menu you can choose to only export the selected cards. Q: Why do I have to use a saved Deck to start a Match? A: You have a choice to use a Deck or Game to start a Match. You have to choose one or the other, not both. You can also start a Match directly from the details page of a Card set or Deck in version 3.00 and up. Q: Can I add/remove/rename pages in a Match? A: Yes, stacks/pages in a Match are customizable. If you want to add a page, click the plus. If you want to rename or delete a page, tap the name of the page while selected to open an edit window. Q: I placed a card on the wrong page in a match, can I move it? A: Yes, you can hold down to highlight one or more cards, and then use the popup option menu to swap or remove the cards from the stack. Q: Can I add cards to a match after starting it? A: Yes, a Match page with no cards will have a shortcut. In the Guild Ball expansion pack, this also adds a quick link to score (right hand) menu. Q: Can I open the scoreboard without sliding from the edge of the screen in a match? A: Yes, the trophy icon will also toggle the scoreboard menu. Q: I wrote all over the card, but I need to see the card and don't want to erase. Can I hide the drawings? A: Yes, if you hit the paint/color button along the top of the screen while viewing a card it will hide/show the drawings. Q: I accidentally erased the drawing on the card, how do I get it back? A: When you hit the trash button while drawing on a card, it turns into an Undo button. You can restore the image by clicking Undo, and the button will turn into a trash button again like nothing happened