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Found 17 results

  1. Jedianakinsolo

    Doing a Guildball Demo

    I've got a few articles on getting into Guildball as far as a basic concept of the game and how to go about picking a guild, but as far as actually running a demo of the game, I've run a few lately and I'd like to know what you guys are thinking. For guys coming from other tabletop games, it's relatively simple so don't worry about those guys. The principles of movement and card stats are immediately grasped, it's just a matter of working out the flow of the game. My concern is guys coming in from board games. I've got TKO for this purpose specifically, and it's great for the tools. It's the matter of getting the player to understand what exactly they should even be looking at. So what do you guys do? Originally, the idea was to use the starter kits, 3 person teams and the small pitch. Is this still the preferred method? Are you teaching super new players using the back of the cards or just the front stats and character plays only for that first game? Is there a flow that you've found works the best when moving through teaching stuff? E.g., stats, plays, backs of the card, momentum rules. Or do you just start playing the game and go?
  2. Guy_fawkes

    Demo in Edmonton

    Hello all, Thunderground Comics and Collectables will be hosting a demo on Sunday April 16th starting at 1pm. We are excited to expand the fan base and is planning on having many more events in the future. Thunderground is located at: 31 Fairview Blvd # 102 Saint Albert, Alberta (780) 459-9548 Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pg/Thunderground-Comics-Collectibles-130217807009777/about/?ref=page_internal
  3. the_aY

    Guild Ball Demo Day + Free Play

    <EDIT: until further notice, this will be happening every Tuesday> Hello all! I'm pretty sure that most people on these forums are already Guild Ball players... but if you know someone who may not be from YOUR city, but lives in Mississauga, Ontario who may be interested in trying out the game: Guild Ball demo day! All day starting from 1:00 PM until close, at X-Planet Games in Mississauga. There will also be tables set up for free play for those who already play the game. Meet locals in the area who play this game and mingle! This store is only starting to support the Guild Ball community. If you can make it out, please do so! It can only help the community grow if people come out and play the game we already love to play! https://www.facebook.com/events/165793927194937/
  4. I'm demoing the game to a friend soon and would like some advice on how to run a successful demo. How much do you explain and what do you leave out for them to figure out on their own? Any pitfalls I should be aware of? I intend to run Shark, Siren and Angel against Blackheart, Gutter and Rage. Those are my painted Union models but I've got all but Corsair and Greyscales painted for the Fishermen.
  5. Even though I'm not a pundit, I've done a LOT of demos of this game. And the following scenario happens frequently. - Play demo using quick start rules, player enjoys the game enough to pay money for a starting team. Then wants to play another 3 on 3 game using their new starting team. But the starting teams aren't balanced to the same extent as the quick play demo teams are. And heaven help them if they play someone who has access to a full team to select their three players. It would be nice if "Rookie" cards could be included in the starter sets, and these be more balanced against other starter teams. I think it would help beginners not only get a better grasp of the basic rules, but help with morale after getting hammered into the ground again and again.
  6. VonTizzle

    An evening of Guild Ball

    Hi guys, A lot last minute I know but Mark (pundit for Hinckley) will be running an evening of Guild Ball tonight at Youngs Hobbies in Coventry, U.K. On the back of a very successful demo day last week, we will be in store from 6-9pm if anyone fancies popping down. I will be doing more with Scott at Youngs in the future, including a campaign league kicking off after we get the game going in store. Youngs address: Unit 8 (above WoW), City Arcade, Coventry, CV13HW.
  7. Kueller

    My Demo Starters :)

    Shark Siren Angel Ox Boiler I painted another set of Fishermen and Butchers starters for demo with a more Vibrant Schemes, Bases and they are more securely pinned.
  8. SemanticDM

    Cedar Rapids, IA Demo 04/22

    Hey all, I'll be running demos at Tempest Games, located at 212 Edgewood Road, Cedar Rapids, IA this Friday, April 22nd. The demos will run from 5 until store close. Hope to see anyone browsing the forums from the Corridor Area there!
  9. I'll be giving demos all afternoon this Friday at Orthanc la forteresse in Victoriaville. Everything is provided; just bring your lucky dices if you can't live without them.
  10. Louisville Pitch will be hosting a demo day at The Louisville Game Shop 925 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 Saturday, February 27th, from noon to 8pm. We will have a raffle at the end of the day for an assembled and painted Masons starter.
  11. Hey Everyone, I wanted to send out an open invitation to anyone in the Southington, CT area. We at Dark Omen Gaming Club just completed the first week of our eight-week long "Explorer League" and have posted the results here. Basically, it is a league designed to help introduce us to the game and the match ups, with each of the players coaching different guilds each week. We are keeping track of various stats, and will name an "All-Star" Team at the end of the eight weeks. We are all learning the game, so we are keeping it very low key and fun, and I have provided four painted teams that anyone can play each week (working on the rest!). For those of us who weren't crazy enough to buy all the teams already, it is a great opportunity to try out the different guilds and see what "fits" before buying models. And for everyone it is a great chance to play all the teams and learn the nuances of the game. We provide pitches, terrain, and even some bad jokes. We will be updating the link periodically, so if you are interested in the results I will be updating this thread. And by all means, if you are intrigued by Guild Ball and live anywhere near Southington, Connecticut, please come on down! This league is open to anyone and everyone, no matter your skill level or knowledge of the game. We play every Wednesday night at Flagship Games and Comics (1049 Queen Street), as well as whenever we can get in a game. Shoot me a PM if you are interested and I'll get you a demo!
  12. On February 6th at 1pm Tower of Games will be hosting demos and giving out prizes to Guild Ball players. The goal of this demo will be to generate enough interest in the game to organize a league in the future. If you have any questions please call or visit Tower of Games. Info: Date and Time: February 6th at 1pm Entry fee: FREE! Prizes: One random participant will win a free Guild Ball starter set of their choice. (To be a participant, one must take part in a Guild Ball demo or play a game of Guild Ball with a friend.) Additional door prizes will be announced on the day of the event. Store Info: Tower of Games 5405 Indian River Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464 (757)420-8008 www.towerofgames.com Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1640612272870610/
  13. Come join us at Gamers' Vault on December 20th for the first Montréal edition of Food Ball, for an afternoon of Guild Ball demos and casual play. For those without models, we'll have some paper doll teams available to try out the game (at least Butchers, Fishermen, Brewers and Engineers). The event is free, but you are encouraged to bring non-perishable food that will go to a local charity. We are working on some giveaways for people who will take part in the food drive. Here is our event ad in French and a link to our Facebook event for those who want more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/459871307525241/
  14. Hello everyone, Just wanted to reach out to the community and let you all know that we have a small but growing group of excited Guild Ball players out of Flagship Comics and Games, 1049 Queen Street in Southington, Connecticut (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flagship-Comics-Games/115627471791297). We usually play on Wednesday nights (from about 4-9pm) and some Monday nights as well, with some weekend days when we can manage it. If you want to come down for a demo, shoot me a PM. If you want to come and play some games, we'll see you there! -BT
  15. Hi All, Just a quick announcement to let you know about an upcoming demo Hello everyone! Red Dragon Games in Rhyl, North Wales is hosting a demo day on Saturday 12th December from noon til 16:00. They have great facilities and product in stock so come on over and say hello. Myself and others will be there to answer any questions and give demos. Feel free to PM me and I'll answer anything I can. Red Dragon Games are in the White Rose Centre, above Gifted. https://www.facebook.com/Reddragongames/info?tab=page_info
  16. This announcement is a bit last minute, but I'll be giving Guild Ball demos all day Saturday November 7th during Geekfest Montréal, in Montréal, QC, Canada. For more info, look at the event site: http://geekfestmtl.com/fr/
  17. Keravin

    Fiasco show 25th October

    Yorkshire Guildball will be demoing all day at Fiasco at New Dock Hall by the Royal Armouries in Leeds on Sunday 25th October. Come along to try out the game and we will also be talking about the new League being run in Leeds starting in November.