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Found 43 results

  1. Hey all, Just played my first hand the other night and really enjoyed the grief and failure. Just like the game I thought it would be great to have an area where everyone interested can meet around the bonfire and discuss STRATEGY. My first lesson: Bosses need good hands, I am talking equipment with more then 2 dmg to get through armour, crazy! RULEBOOK - PDF PRAISE THE SUN!
  2. As the title states I am looking for the three Kickstarter exclusive mega bosses for the Dark Souls board game. I didn't get into the game until recently so I missed out. Would love to pick up every expansion. I figured I would scour eBay but then I found this forum area. Worth giving it a try. The three expansions I want are: Old Iron King Mega Boss expansion Guardian Dragon Mega Boss expansion Four Kings Mega Boss expansion
  3. IanFinley

    Dark Souls Minis

    Hey there gamers! Very much a novice painter here, but wanted to share my attempts at painting the brilliant Dark Souls minis. Hope you're all enjoying the game! And here are the bosses
  4. IanFinley

    Dark Souls Minis

    Hey there folks! So, I am very much a novice painter, but had fun with the great Dark Souls minis. Hope you're all enjoying the game! And here are the bosses.
  5. Posted in the dark souls forum but it's pretty quiet there so I thought I'd chuck them up here too for anyone that's interested. Happy painting.
  6. I only see people asking about push or node limits separately. But what happens if they both come into play at the same time? If a large hollow moves into a node with 3 players. Are they all pushed for 5 damage, or can you move one out of the way first? If I’m on a node with 2 enemies and another enemy with push movement enters the node. Do I choose a model to move off first? Or does the push movement just knock me off?
  7. Hey guys...just wondering if there's anybody else who didn't get a proper replacement/refund for when your dark souls board game arrived damaged. I've been trying to negotiate with steamforged for a whole game replacement because a lot of the items were broken when they arrived. They replied back to my first two emails almost 1 month after I sent them with vague answers like passing the case to replacement team, then need to wait for the parts from manufacturer. And since then I have waited for another month without getting any further reply...it might be late but I'm really starting to worry about this. I sent them an email requesting for their response again last week but looks like they ignored me completely. Up to this point I'm just really disappointed at how this company treats their kickstarter backers and clients. This is just one of the severely damaged part, it's just the box cover but because of this a lot of the other items in the box got smashed without the cover's protection. Couldn't upload more image but I believe you can imaging how I felt after seeing this.
  8. Le Gaming Dude

    Painting Tutorials

    I am adding painting tutorials for the core box miniatures on my channel - I hope it is helpful. Comments and questions are welcome.
  9. Hey Steamforged Community, i am selling my (unopened!) (german!) Dark Souls Core Game + Pledge Content (all Kickstarter Stretch Goals) on ebay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/322738920569 Hope you guys will find what you seek! Would be happy if you share it to people who could be interested. Much souls, Ashen Ones Kabelwurst
  10. So I finished my first Dark souls model out of the box. Smough is coming soon to so stay posted. The image files are to large to upload so here is a link to my facebook page the pics are right here : Let me know what you guys think
  11. Hey Guys. So I got my Dark souls game and we hopped into it. We are full group of 4 and we are wondering how many souls you got for normal level 1 encounter where are 3 enemies. It's bit comfusing since the game is in different language than our native. Also you can use "Estus flask" anytime in your turn right? Also [2] there is quite a lot of items with very high stats to use are we doing something wrong ? Thank you guys Have a nice day -DryTEK
  12. Edit: I would like to change this thread a little bit and have this a big collection thread for every kind of physical problems with the game. Original posting: This is what I read on Kickstarter right now: How can something like this happen? Paper thin cardboard, directly on the game box, what? I thought there were a delay because they repackaged everything and better? My question is now, how can you even package it worse than that? No wonder people have damaged stuff, Jesus.
  13. Here is the German quote from Ludo Packt directly. I'm a little bit worried about that "probably" because if it's still not going into delivery next week I will be pissed off as hell... But I'm optimistic... Also, every German version is now in delivery.
  14. Sworn Enemy

    Dark Souls Commission

    Hey guys - I'm posting this here because I haven't seen a lot of painted dark souls models here yet. Hopefully it gives more folks inspiration to paint and post their own dark souls models! I have my own community forum that I post to - you can check it out at www.darkshard.com - my guild ball models can be found at http://darkshard.ca/index.php?/topic/2938-for-the-glory-of-the-guild/ Cheers!
  15. Hey guys, finally got around to registering an account a few days ago and just got it approved. Wanted to share two house rules I've come up with for the game (I apologize in advance if there is like a single thread for house rule postings that people are supposed to reply to). Awareness Once you have successfully cleared an encounter card, each time you reactivate it you may roll 1 Dodge Die to determine if the enemies or if the players activate immediately. So in other words, this house rule gives you a 50/50 chance of being able to bypass the mechanic where all the enemies activate automatically when entering the tile. Now just to clarify, this only works for encounter cards you have already cleared. Meaning if you die in the middle of battle when you re-enter that tile you will not be able to roll a Dodge Die. As a result, this also means Bosses are excluded from this. I had created this house rule really to help speed up the VERY repetitive grind aspect in the gameplay, but it also coincides with the nature of the video games. If you're grinding an area in the video game, naturally it will only take a few sweeps before you're well-versed in the enemy spawns and behaviors. So this house rule really isn't very far-fetched when implemented in the board game—and at the same time doesn't break the game mechanics either as a single Dodge Die gives you a 50/50 chance of being able to attack first, or having the enemies attack first as they usually would. I've been using this house rule during every game played since I thought of it, and everyone I've played with typically agrees it's well balanced while also providing the chance to drastically speed up grinding. Now this next house rule I haven't actually been able to try out yet. Because of this, despite the fact that I've spent a good while fine-tuning it and tweaking it for balance on paper there is still a chance that in practice it just doesn't work at all. I'm sharing it here though in case anyone who DOES have the opportunity to play around with it may do so and let me know how balanced it actually is 5th Player A 5th player may be added to the game as a DM. The DM will control all enemy encounters, movements, and attacks. The DM MUST obey enemy movement and attack TARGET icons (Aggro/Nearest Player), as instructed on the enemy control cards. Setup — At the beginning of setup, the DM will draw 3 encounter cards per tile in play, following the standard encounter card setup/format. The DM will then be able to look at each drawn deck of encounter cards (in private) and choose which card to place face-down on each deck's respected tile. Repeat until each game tile has an encounter card placed face-down on it. These encounter cards must remain in play until the party rests at the bonfire. If the party rests at the bonfire, the DM may swap out any encounter card in play with another from that tile's deck; if the DM swaps out an encounter card with a new one, the old card is removed from the game. The DM cannot swap out an encounter card that contains an unopened Treasure Chest or a Tombstone. Determining Push — The players will be able to determine where the characters get pushed to, while the DM will be able to determine where enemies get pushed to. If a node already contains 3 characters/enemies when someone enters that node, the person entering the node will determine which of the three characters/enemies already on the node will be pushed. The player controlling the determined character will then be able to decide where to be pushed to. Ok so I think the only thing about this house rule that may cause some confusion is the section regarding setup. Essentially what I've done is allow the additional player the opportunity to swap out encounter cards from the game board with a brand new encounter card. Now before you argue about this being either unfair or unnecessary, this is the one thing I spent the most time ironing out so take a minute to hear me out on this one. First of all, this goes without saying, but the game obviously wasn't designed with the idea of a player controlling the enemies. Should the occasion arise however where you find yourself with one-too-many people and don't want to leave someone out, this is a fun way to include someone without breaking the game's balance of a party of 4. Now arguably the easiest way to balance a player controlling the enemies is to force them to obey specifically Aggro and maybe Nearest Player (unsure if Nearest Player should be required), because otherwise a smart/unfair player would send every enemy after a single character over and over until that character dies (which breaks the game). However after thinking about it for awhile, if you simply had someone play as an enemy in that manor that player would get VERY bored VERY quickly—it would be fun for the first, maybe second time an encounter card is activated but how I envision the game going is eventually the players controlling the characters will still be able to formulate a system to clear an encounter, despite the fact there is a player controlling the enemies. In other words the additional player would eventually lose interest in even trying or otherwise simply would run out of options. SO my answer to that problem is to let the additional player swap out encounter cards with others of their choice. And in theory, this should actually benefit the overall experience in more ways than one; for starters it would give the additional player a LOT more strategic purpose, as they would effectively be able to design the entire game and which obstacles the party must overcome. Even if the new encounter cards are still pretty easy to overcome, this would still most importantly ensure the additional player remains interested in the game. Now for balancing purposes there are a few key things about this to note, the biggest being that the standard game setup must still be obeyed. In other words the additional player cant place a level 3 encounter card on every tile, he/she would still need to obey the Mini/Main Boss encounter card layout. Also I've made it so that the additional player can't screw the party over by making it so that an encounter card with an unopened Treasure Chest or Tombstone must remain on the board. Beyond the benefit of the additional player however, this also would benefit the party from getting bored of grinding. A new encounter card not only brings new risks but also keeps the gameplay fresh as the party will constantly have to re-strategize every time an encounter card is swapped out. This also gives the party a very small form of strategy in regards to the card placement as well, as if the party clears an encounter card that contains a Treasure Chest they may opt to leave it unopened for the time being to prevent the chance of that card being replaced.
  16. Critical Twits Brian

    Our Dark Souls TBG Unboxing Video

    Hello! Brian from the Critical Thwits here. Hope everyone's enjoying the game and having as much fun as we are with it. If you're wavering or unsure, though, you might find our unboxing video useful - Joe and I take a comprehensive tour through exactly what you get and what we think of the contents. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Jy8-LbZ6mrM
  17. I'm not a fan of using unpainted miniatures to game with, even though it's a board game, so wanted to get cracking straight away. Life has got in the way a bit - as well as focusing on Guild Ball ready for Vengeance last weekend so it's been slow progress The nature of the plastic used, even after an undercoat, hasn't made painting the easiest and I've struggled with edging on some of the softer parts. First model completed is The Dancer, although not sure on basing yet so it's been left plain for now...
  18. Hey everyone, Just putting this out there since I enjoyed painting my set so much. http://m.ebay.com/itm/272671822748?_mwBanner=1
  19. wardognt

    Shameless plug ;)

    Ok I got most my miniatures painted and have since decided through my photography to do some digital art using my Mini's my first price is here and can be bought on my photography page Www.facebook.com/nicholasbirdphotography Alone in the night
  20. Hi everyone, I recently sent Battlefoam an e-mail asking if they were planning on making a box organizer for Dark Souls. I got a reply back saying that they are planning on making one for Dark Souls. They are just waiting to obtain a copy of the game. After that, it could take anywhere from 1 week to a month before they release it.
  21. Here we go! Please sub for more Dark Souls: The Board Game content going forwards and get involved in the video comment discussions!
  22. Hey you hollowed lot. Now I have my copy of the game and it's all in one piece *praise the sun*. I've decided to do a step by step painting walkthrough of my process. Will pick up paints and stuff tomorrow and begin painting tomorrow night of the main characters. *disclaimer* I'm no pro (not even close) just thought I'd share my progress and if people wanted to know what colours I used etc it would all be here in one place
  23. Hello unkindled! Very excited to kickstart a series of videos on Hot Gates Gaming covering Dark Souls: The Board game, starting off with this "Initial Impressions" video, unboxing and looking at the contents. Please head over and have a look and help shape the series going forwards. Next up will be a review vid, how to play vid and then aiming to film an actual campaign.
  24. Every single day I read the comment section of the Kickstarter page and you find so so many people there that either has problems with some of the rules or reports of endless streamers who doesn't understand it at all. Many people say your rules are too vague in many important points and that the rulebook is a little loose on clarity. I can't confirm it yet personally because as a German who ordered the English version, it seems we are the last persons on Earth that gets it... Especially since UK already has their English versions and Germany their German versions but we , even if it's manufactured in Germany, nothing, still can change the address on Backerkit. But that's a different story. I read and watch many many things about this lovely game and almost everyone has problems with the rules. What went wrong?
  25. So, having broken the 2M mark in pounds, the reward was revealed - the Darkroot Basin Expansion. Of course, any DS fan will know how exciting this is. We get Artorias! And Sif! As well as some other things. For reference, here is the (presumed) full list of what we get in this expansion. - Boss (Sif) - Boss (Artorias) - 3 Plough Scarecrows - 3 Shear Scarecrows - 2 Demonic Foliage - 2 Stone Guardians - 2 Stone Knights - 1 pair of Mushroom Parent and child. This ends up as a total of 2 bosses and 12-14 enemies (depending on if the mushrooms are hostile.) There are no environment pieces, tiles, or NPCs as of yet. So, what does everybody think of the expansion? I, for one, am excited, but have some issues. First off, I can't help but feel that this is a missed opportunity to include the Bloathead Enemies from the DLC (both melee and casters). I would definitely have preferred to have seen them over the scarecrows, since the scarecrows just feel so bland and repetitive with the demonic foliage included. There's also the loss of a mini boss, such as those big cats in Darkroot, which is unfortunate. I can't complain for the lack of NPCs since there are no NPCs at all yet, nor can I complain for the lack of tiles since the Iron Keep expansion lacked them as well. I will, however, say that it feels unfortunate we aren't getting Trees as environmental pieces here. Just seems perfectly thematic, so I guess we'll have to wait for another expansion. Anybody else? Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?