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Found 9 results

  1. If Skulk declares a counter attack and the attacking model selects a dodge on there playbook that takes them out of his melee range, but still within the 6 inch aura of Lightning Reflexes, can he use lightning reflex to engage the attacking model and still get his counter attack? My understanding of the sequence of an attack timing says yes since both would trigger at step 4, After the Attack is Resolved, then it is up to the controlling player to decide the order in which they are resolved. Is that correct?
  2. So I was reading the new trait list thread and found that crazy can only be used on a models activation. But since I've played this game last November no one from my group has called me on "cheating". Though when I'm counter attacking Harry becomes the active model for the counter attack but it's still not his activation. In the steps for the attack sequence 2.1 it says you generate the dice pool. Is this where crazy would activate if I chose? So can you go crazy on a counter attack or have I been doing it wrong this entire time?
  3. Ok so this came up last night but luckily enough damage wasn't done to put me in an awkward position. Game is Player A 10 - Player B 11. Player A is clocked out and it is his turn. Player B has 3.4 seconds left. Player A declares a charge against Player B's mascot hoping to at least make the game 11-12 if he is going to lost. Player B declares a counter attack. Player A attacks and does some damage. Player B now gets his counter but his time expires during his counter attack. This gives him 1 minute with that model (though there is now way it would take that long.) My Question is whether this constitutes giving a up point. If it does then Player B would have inadvertently given up the game (had Player A managed to kill the mascot which thankfully he didn't.) I couldn't find whether or not a counter attack counted as an activation or not and then on top of that even if it is an activation should it count as a point. Surely this has come up before but I lack discipline and therefore my search-fu is weak. I imagine I am missing something obvious that will clear it right up but I am playing with several guys who have never had round timers before and I don't expect this to be a closet case. Thanks!
  4. Does "the first time" mean the first time since this effect was put on, or the first time in general? Example: Naja is attacked by ester, Naja elects to counter attack. ester scores one hit and pushes naja 1" away. Naja counter attacks scoring 2 hits and elects to do a Hypnosis character play (Hypnosis: The first time target enemy model spends Influence on an Attack or Character Play this turn, the cost of the Attack or Character Play is increased by [1] Influence.) targeting Ester. Ester decides to spend an Influence to attack Naja again, does this cost [1] or [2] Influence?
  5. Pretty straight forward. Does Gluttonous Mass ignore counter attacks? Given the wording on GM I would think that yes, it would ignore the Counter Attack. But given the ruling on Damage Sponge and the discrepancy between what is an attack and what is an action that has an attack as part of it's action I wanted to double check. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, there's a bit of confusion in our local league about the amount of times you can counter attack in one turn against the same opponent. I know this is probably a noob question but... Here's the description from the rule book Counter-attack When an Attack or Charge is declared the target model can immediately choose to spend [1] MP to react. The target model may only use Counter-attack once against each enemy model per turn. So is this example correct or way off base; 'Boar charges my Shark. I have 3 MP. I can only react to one of Boars attacks. The charge or any one of the following attacks he make. I can't react to multiple attacks from Boar but if Ox came for a pop next activation, I could use MP to counter attack one of his attacks.'
  7. Hi, In the cover rules it says that "An active model targeting a model that is benefiting from Cover with an action, suffers [-1] TAC to that action." and earlier in the rule book it states that "During a model’s activation; if any other model performs an action it temporarily becomes the active model for the duration of that action." Does that mean that you get the cover bonus for parting blows and counter attacks? or am I missing something? Thanks
  8. Hi, is it possible to counter attack even if the defending model is knocked down? greets, bilgatus
  9. Do I get to fully resolve all actions falling out of my character play before an opponent counter attacks me? Consider the following situation: - Siren charges an opposing model with the ball - opposing model spends 1 momentum to declare a counter attack - Siren generates enough hits to choose to use seduction on the opposing model, making them pass her the ball - the successful pass grants a momentum to the Fishermen, who immediately use it for teamwork, having Siren Pass and move, to dodge 4" away (or give and go on the opposing player if this is allowed - see my other thread on this issue below) - opposing model is now out melee zone of Siren, and cannot counter attack Any problem with this?