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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, in this thread we are looking for official clarifications for any rule (parts of the) community don't feel comfortable that they understood them! Anything that has been officially clarified, I'll add here: Cheers Replect PS.: If you have more basic questions, you probably find the answer in that "Quick Guide":
  2. Pending Forum Suspension

    Double Take Out by Condition Damage

    I am sure I have read this somewhere but I absolutely cannot find the ruling and searching any of the keywords brings up nothing or everything. Two part question, in this scenario both players are tied at 10-10 1. If both players suffer condition damage that results in each player receiving condition damage and each getting taken out, this brings the game to a 12-12 tie you play until the next person to scores correct? 2. Now this part I thought I read in the OPT so perhaps it doesn't apply. In the OPT it says "Please note the maximum number of VP available for a win in Guild Ball Tournaments is determined by the win condition used for the tournament. Players cannot score more VPs than the win condition." Now in the same scenario where it is a 10-10 tie but this go around I have 1 player that suffers taken out via condition damage and my opponent has 2 models taken out by the taken out condition. Since I can't score more than 12 and there isn't anything I could find that would suggest the timing of conditions are anything but simultaneous what happens in this scenario? Do I win? Is it treated the same as it would be in the first scenario? I could really see it going either way but I just wasn't sure what happened. Again I am sure I read this clarification a while back but I just couldn't find it. Thanks! EDIT: After taking another look at the Collected Clarifications I assume this will rule the same way as Witness Me! in that the player that would have the most points after both go to 12 wins.
  3. I am new the game. Just had our first game but with a few questions. After reading in more detail I am not sure how to remove the poison condition. I know some go away at the end phase but I don't see a way to remove poison. If you could please tell me in the rule book where it says how to do it?
  4. Dr00g

    D6 Dice Marker

    Fellow guild members, I am planning to build my own markers and would love to get some feedback. Recently I got access to a laser cutter and am planning to engrave blank dice with different symbols. The motives for the first four sides are easy: flames = burn ; green potion = poison ; drop of blood = bleed ; KD with stars (or similar, not sure yet) = knock down Here is my problem: What to use the other two blank sides for? Momentum? Icy sponge? Or are there any new conditions on the horizon? Any guesses? Do you think I should wait and see what season 2 brings? What do people think?
  5. Hello there. We came across a question in a game the other night. If you declare a charge and enter into Mercury's Fire blast AOE, can you immediately spend an MP to shake the condition and continue the charge without penalty? The wording on spending momentum is "A team may use any number of Momentous actions, at any time, as long as they have MP." We played it as you can spend it and continue the charge. I couldn't find anything on here about it, but I more than likely didn't read it. But for my sake, I would like proper clarification. Thanks all, Dalton