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Found 10 results

  1. Suppose Squeak is engaging Mercury and Compound who is within 4" of the Alchemist's goal. Piper uses Haunting Melody to make Mercury jog to within 6" of Compound. Squeak uses Tag Along when Mercury ends his advance and moves so that no one is engaging Compound. Can Compound use Rush Keeper to charge Mercury?
  2. If vDecimate uses her heroic play Duelist's Advance and then attacks a player benefiting from the Clone character play or the Glutenous Mass trait, can she make a free dodge or does the defensive trigger prevent Duelist's Advance from triggering?
  3. From Page 14 of the Season 3 Rulebook (bold added for emphasis): Target Number Tests Many actions a model may make are resolved using a target number (TN) test. Models use their attributes and apply all relevant modifiers to gather a number of six-sided dice (D6), in order to generate a dice-pool. Each relevant action confers a base number of dice to the dice-pool; action specific modifiers are then applied. All other applicable modifiers are then applied from Character Traits, Plays and other in-game effects and abilities. This will provide a total dice-pool for the action. The target number needed is shown as a number in brackets. When making a TN test, each individual die rolled in the dice-pool that equals or exceeds the target number generates a successful hit. Any die that rolls less than the target number is unsuccessful. Some actions will have modifiers that affect the number of successful hits after the dice-pool has been rolled. A TN test is successful if it generates at least [1] net-hit. In many TN tests, additional hits improve the overall result. The character play Clone used by Snakeskin and Vitriol reads: Clone 2/ S - The next time this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. This model then makes a [2”] Dodge. The trait Glutenous Mass reads: the pulse suffer [3] DMG and the poison condition. Gluttonous Mass The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attack or Character Play that targets this model, except while making an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored. Some character plays like Piledriver, Tutelage and Midas Touch and some Plot cards like Who Are Ya? and Vengeance can grant additional net hits to an attack. What does it mean for a model to be hit by an attack? Does it mean that the attack is successful? Does it mean that some dice in the target number test generated a successful hit? Based on previous rulings that Clone and Glutenous Mass affect character plays triggered off of playbooks, I'd guess it's the former. Suppose an attack against a model benefiting from Clone or Glutenous Mass generates no hits; the TN test is not successful. A token is removed, added net hits to the attack. Is the attack successful now? Since it wasn't successful when the dice pool was rolled, does the attack 'hit' and trigger Clone or Glutenous Mass? Do character plays that grant net-hits behave differently to tokens that grant net-hits?
  4. Hey guys I'm back again with another episode of RTL! Let me know your thoughts and please like, share, and subscribe. It helps the channel a lot. This is the fifth episode of Run the Length a game play commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Union game against Craig Cassata Adepticon Team Tournament Champion explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Facebook page can be found here: facebook.com/fairgamestore Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  5. Hello, I got a question regarding Compound's "Chemical Resist" character play and timing. The character play reads: "Chemical Resist - target friendly model ignores the first poison or burning condition it recieves this turn." Does this mean that a model has to be effected by Chemical Resist before it receives the first poison or burning condition? Or is the the timing of Chemical Resist "irrelevant"? For example, Venin doesn't suffer the poison condition and activates first. He uses his character play "Melting Body" and gets +1 ARM and the poison condition. Compound activates after him and uses "Chemical Resist" on Venin. Does Venin ignore the poison condition or not? I'm pretty sure that Compound has to activate first but the wording of "Chemical Resist" sounds a little bit ambiguous to me. (Please note that English is not my first language.)
  6. bepis

    Compound in S3

    How do you use Compound this season? I'm looking at a line up that's something like: Midas Vitriol oKatalyst Harry the Hat Compound/Mercury flask/(naja if playing vs morts)
  7. I have two scenarios I'd like clarification on, but I suspect they'll have the same answer. Tenderizer is within 4" of the butchers goal marker. Mallet activates and moves within 6" of Tenderizer. Tenderizer uses Rush Keeper to immediately charge Mallet. The mason's player declares a counter attack. Tenderizer uses his charge attack to push Mallet to be more than two inches away from himself but less than 3" away. Does Mallet's Extended Reach allow him to make the counter attack? Boar advances to within 6" of Brick. Brick uses Counter Charge to charge Boar. The butcher's player declares a counter attack. Boar's counter attack deals damage to Brick. Does this damage trigger Boar's Berzerk to give him a free attack?
  8. I'd like clarification on how multiple Counter Charge like abilities interact with each other. Consider the following scenario. In a Masons vs Butchers match in the Big League, the Butchers player has brought along Tater. Tenderizer is 3" from the Butchers' goal maker. 4" in front of him Tater stands 1" from a Harvest Marker. The Masons player activates Mallet who charges Tater. He stops to Tater's left 3" away. The Butchers player chooses to resolve Tenderizer's Rush Keeper before resolving Tater's Gerrof My Land (which he couldn't use if he resolved it now because Mallet is engaging him.) Tenderizer charges into Mallet. He stops 2" from him directly between Mallet and the Butcher's board edge so that Tenderizer is barely 4" away from Tater. The Butchers player rolls Tenderizer's attack and selects a 2" push, moving Mallot so he is no longer engaging Tater. Can Tater now trigger Gerrof My Land to charge Mallot off Mallot's charge move? Assuming that he can, if Tater moves to engage Mallot and doesn't knock him down or push him away, can Mallot resolve the attack from his charge against Tater?
  9. Bakezori

    Preferred Goalie?

    I've been playing with Compound in pretty much all of my games and he is a lovely, tubby, meat ball of a goalie. His 2" reach, charge threat, and Horrific Odour (losing the roll and watching your opponent hammer in a goal before you can get it up sucks) is really nice. It looks like a lot of Engineer players haven't been running Velocity as a striker to good effect, which started me wondering if anyone has proxied Veteran Velocity (VV) in many games. VV's +1 to TN and immediate possession of the ball when they miss without needing to activate the model seems REALLY good. Not to mention the ability to change into a striker if needed. Losing the charge and 2" mele is rough, but making all shots on the goal +1 seems SOOO good. Thoughts?
  10. Hello! Yesterday I was supposed to play my first 3 v 3 game to try it out... I ended up playing 4 and had to buy the starter box straight after. what a great game!! So I went for engineers because the models are awesome and I really enjoyed their play style. I was hoping for a bit of help in expanding from the starter box. I love all the models, including Compound. who would you drop to put Compound in there? or am I better off getting the standard season 1 stuff first then possibly adding in the odd union player/compound when I've had more experience? I was tempted to drop Ratchet but since I haven't used him, colossus or mainspring yet I'm not sure if that would be a big blow the the teams durability and versatility. any advice would me much appreciated