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Found 5 results

  1. Tsar14

    Coffee Shop Triumvirate

    Saturday October 13th 2018 - Season Four Blacksmiths - Kicking (Perspective) Hearth (Captain) Alloy vCinder - Kicking Anvil Sledge Farris Union - Receiving vRage Coin Mist Benediction Avarisse & Greed Harry Team Analysis Union: My usual Union opponent is trying a lineup slightly altered by the season four changes by swapping in Harry The Hat to take the place he most commonly uses Gutter. I think by keeping A&G over Gutter it makes his lineup easier to control in exchange for higher damage output when they make it into the enemy lines. Swapping out of one his damage dealers for an extra utility piece adds a small amount of AoE control and extra mobility from Harry's aura. Blacksmiths: I ran a lineup similar to the scrum focused lineups I’ve been running in season three but decided to try Hearth as captain primarily for the changes to her legendary. The main goal of this lineup is to form a scrum using the knockdowns, sentinel auras’, and two inch melee to control the threats to apprentices while either heavily allocating to vCinder & Sledge for takeouts or switching to Alloy for a goal-run at the expense of the beater apprentice's influence. I wanted to see if the new legendary from hearth would be able to enable a multiple threat turn by enabling both Alloy and at least one of the fighting focused apprentices. Kickoff- I lineup off center to the left to minimize the effect of terrain denying my apprentices charge lanes as both of my beater apprentices have key effects on charge. He lines up fairly grouped up in the center with his striker opposite the kickoff side. Since I’m kicking off with a fighter threat rather than a striker threat I’m aiming to make the ball as difficult to retrieve as possible to hopefully force him into vCinder's threat range. Whereas he lines up to set up a bottom of turn one or top of turn two goal threat after passing down his lines. Turn One Allocation BS- Full stack vCinder & Sledge, Anvil 2 Un- Full stack vRage & Mist, Molotov+sprint influence to Harry Turn One Key Activations Harry lays down Molotov in front of vCinder blocking off full stack Sledge and forcing vCinder to take burning if she goes in Farris sprints in and pushes Harry closer to vCinder & Sledge Anvil dodges up the team primarily to enable vCinder’s charge (dodges her into Molotov) who’s charge significantly damages Harry, while catching A&G vRage takes Farris low and wins momentum race Turn One Recap Blacksmiths - 0 Union - 0 I trade over-extending Farris for getting both of my apprentices into the enemy team to kill Harry and damage Avarisse for turn 2. However Harry’s Molotov is positioned perfectly to just barely block off sledge. This results in both Harry & Farris being very low but not dead but more importantly gives the Union team the momentum race. Turn Two Game Plan and Allocation Gameplan Cards Blacksmiths- Offside Trap Union- Go For The Knees(Wins Initiative) Clock Blacksmiths- 36:50 Union -28:39 BS- 3 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 4 Alloy, 3 across masters UN- Full Stack vRage & Mist, spread the rest on Avarisse & Benediction Turn Two Key Activations Mist takes out Farris (on two) in two attacks for the momentum and a six-point activation but fails a swing on Alloy after jogging and as a result doesn’t have the second momentum he needs due to off-side trap. Instead kicks back to vRage. vCinder kills Harry does some damage to Avarisse and runs back towards safety vRage charges Alloy who escapes on the counter attack Alloy gets a goal run off of coin Sledge kills a damaged Avarisse Turn Two Recap Blacksmiths - 8 Union - 2 The mist activation at the start of this turn was the most important activation of this game. By not being able to get to two momentum to shoot the goal the Union team lost it’s goal run, over extended Mist, and allowed vCinder an opportunity to activate. If he hadn’t forgot ‘Offside Trap’ or if Mist had managed to get a momentum off the attack on Alloy this would have been a completely different game. But the disaster snowballed over the course of this turn. vCinder & Sledge both ended up having softened targets to takeout and he wasn’t able to get the ball out of Alloy’s goal threat before he was able to go in with a charge + instructions to tackle the ball off of coin and dodge out for the goal. As a result, all three blacksmith’s apprentices had +VP activations propelling them significantly into the lead. Turn Three Game Plan and Allocation Gameplan Blacksmiths- ”Won’t Touch The Hair” (Wins Initiative) Union- ”Midfield General” Clock Blacksmiths- 25:35 Union- 15:59 BS- 4 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 3 Alloy, spread remainder on Masters UN- Full stack vRage & Mist, Harry 2 for sprint & pass Turn Three Key Activations vCinder charges vRage, a dice spike on the second attack enables her to take him out Harry gets the ball to mist for a snapshot goal Sledge kills Benediction Game Recap Blacksmiths - 12 Union - 6 The attack on vRage by vCinder at the top of turn three sealed the fate on this game by taking away the Union’s fighting options for the turn and leaving them only goal-scoring options. It was turn two that decided the game however, with the combination of Mist’s failed goal-run and the double takeout plus goal-run by the blacksmith’s apprentices that made this game a desperate situation for Union Mistakes The Mist goal run at the top of turn two seemed like a golden opportunity for a six-point activation. But once I played off-side trap I think the six-point activation is off the table and instead the Union team should either go with vRage and likely takeout vCinder, which might leave them open to Alloy taking the ball off Mist and possibly getting a goal. Or give up on Mist being able to both takeout Farris as well as get a goal and instead take multiple dodges off of Farris and use that momentum to go for the goal, which only trades allowing vCinder to activate with three influence. To his credit he had forgotten about the effect of the “Offside Trap” gameplan card and so thought he had a safe six-point activation. My positioning of both Farris and Sledge turn one was a mistake. The idea was to extend Farris then back her up with both of my fully stacked apprentices hopefully winning momentum and having a significant positional advantage going into turn two. But this was overly ambitious since Harry’s Molotov managed to block off Sledge which both stopped Sledge from getting into position and dealing damage, but also lost me the momentum race to take control of the scrum in turn two. I also think his activation order and choice of when to spend momentum on healing in turn two was a mistake. Once Mist failed his goal run and vCinder activated there was either the option of trying to get in immediate damage/takeouts or re-positioning players and the ball. He was a little flustered and opted to pass the ball with vRage and charge Alloy likely hoping for a takeout or removing/mitigating Alloy’s threat on the ball. But Alloy was able to slip away from vRage which was the start of the cascade since it leaves the Union in a position where the ball is under threat from Alloy, A&G are in threat of dying to sledge and there’s no one left to mitigate either threat. Key Model Blacksmiths- Veteran Cinder She did vCinder things in this match, taking out players with little to no support and softening other models. Her ability to threaten models before the rest of her team can catch up was a significant part of how I managed to take control of the center of the pitch and force the Union’s hand at key moments. Union- Harry The Hat Harry was at the center of everything that went right for the Union in this match. He enabled threat range extension when the Union was passing the ball down their line on turn one. He disabled models from getting into their lines turn one which allowed him to win momentum for turn two, and he even managed to use his goal-kick to the side of the pitch that Harry ran back on to allow a snapshot goal from Mist. Under-performing Model Blacksmiths - Farris I overextended Farris this game hoping to start the scrum with a forward Sentinel aura and crowd outs. However I overestimated her survivability by thinking a high HP 2/3 model in cover would take longer to kill than what turned out. As a result she simply ran in and died at the start of the game and never quite made it back into a meaningful place when returning. Union - Avarisse & Greede He had a lot of difficulty getting Avarisse into this match. The combination of slow movement and 1” melee on Avarisse resulted in him getting burned and damaged by vCinder and finding himself unable to chase after anyone without clearing his conditions at the expensive of his vulnerable HP levels. As a result he never got in range to contribute to the fight and was a sitting duck for Sledge. Play of the Game Award Veteran Cinder’s charge into Veteran Rage at the start of turn three for the takeout on a full influence captain.
  2. Colorado Guild Ball information and resources. Interested in having your store/club added? Please post with the store name, play day(s)/time, site and any additional details. Tournament info can be posted here too, but really, the best place to be in the know is on the Colorado Guild Ball Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/481428382030383/ Total Escape Games (Broomfield): Thursday nights, 5:30 til late: http://totalescapegames.com/ Enchanted Grounds 2 (Littleton): Thursday nights, 5:30 til 10 http://www.enchantedgrounds.com/ Gamers Haven (Colorado Springs): Thursday nights, 1700-2200 http://http://www.gamershavenco.com/ Haunted Game Cafe (Fort Collins): Wednesday nights, 6PM-10PM http://www.hauntedgamecafe.com/ Advantage Games (Northglenn): Wednesday nights, 5:30PM-10PM https://advantagegames.co/ The Jesters Court (Grand Junction): Tuesday nights http://thejesterscourt.com/ The Wizards Chest (Denver): Sunday afternoon, 2-5pm http://wizardschest.com/
  3. Howdy SFG crew and forum members, Stopped in from the DS kickstarter, and let me tell you I'm super excited to have been a part of it. I hail from the Mile High area and I am an avid gamer. I do a lot of tabletop gaming and video gaming, and this project was just the perfect fusion, especially since the Souls series is my favorite modern franchise. I hope for many a good time with the SFG crew and fans.
  4. Hi all! Just getting into Guild Ball. I had a demo at Adepticon and bought the Fisherman's Guild with some Union support. I live in Southeast Denver and am regularly in Colorado Springs if anyone is interested in a game sometime.
  5. I just stumbled upon Guild Ball and had t give it a try. I have the rules and one starter coming so far...I'm sure I'll get another starter soon. Looking for others interested in trying out the game and learning to play. I live near Enchanted Grounds on Bowles, which would be the best place to meet up if anyone is interested. I've played a few sports type games and find them to be a lot of fun.. Let me know if you are interested and we can meet up to play.