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Found 16 results

  1. CrazyBlaine

    Hot Shot charge

    Ok sooo never really gave it much thought but the new falconer looks awesome ;> There is weird language around timing for engaging, charging, moving and attacking for hot shot and death from above. So can you charge and use these abilities to make a charge attack from 6" away?
  2. Can Jaecar charge into an enemy model, and then, before making an attack, place a pitfall-marker (in order to attack with 4 more dice and hopefully push the enemy model, so it immediately bleeds)?
  3. Suppose Avarisse and Greede are seperate. They activate, and Avarisse fails a charge before Greede has advanced. Does Greede effectively lose his advance because "the active model’s activation immediately ends." (Season 3 rulebook page 23)?
  4. Hello, suppose someone with 1" melee range declares a charge against someone with 2" melee and Unpredictable Movement (Obulus, Mash). They declare a counterattack. After the Advance portion of the charge, the UM character dodges out of range. Do they get to take their counterattack, or does the activation immediately end before the Counterattack takes place because of the failed charge? Season 3, P23 If the active model, while making a Charge, does not end its Advance engaging the target enemy model then the Charge has been unsuccessful, and the active model’s activation immediately ends. Season 3, P43 Counter-Attack After an Attack or Charge is declared, the target model can respond by spending [1] MP to declare a Counter-Attack. After the active model resolves their Attack, the target model may then make an Attack against the origin model, if able.
  5. Sorry if this has been answered before, I searched but could not find the answer. This came up tonight: Boiler is charging and this will take him within 1" of a hunter trap thus triggering it. Does the -2/-2 movement is apply immediately or does it need to condition to be on him at the start of the move? If it applies immediately this would have prevented the boiler to reach its target. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. So as per the title can you make actions in between the move part and the attack part of the charge? now I know in warmachine you can but I feel like here in the land of guild ball a charge is one action that cannot be separated. I've looked and although I lean towards the latter I cannot find a definitive contrary to the former. thanx in advance.
  7. The first time target enemy model spends Influence on an Attack or Character Play this turn, the cost of the Attack or Character Play is increased by [1] Influence. Does "spending influence on an Attack" include spending influence on a charge, which includes an attack?
  8. The rules for advances state that a model gains +4 TAC during a charge. The rules for forming the dice pool for an attack say that the pool is equal to the current TAC of the model, and then modifiers are applied. One of those modifiers is an increase of 4 dice in the dice pool when charging. Is it intended that the charging model gets +8 dice pool in this way?
  9. Hello, The Scenario: Friday declares a legal charge. During her charge movement she uses "Get over Here!" to preposition Scum. She finishes her Charge movement. Friday then initiates her charge attack. Given that Scum is also in melee range with Fridays charge target she would also get the extra die for "Ganging Up". Question: Can Friday use her Character Trait as identified in the sequence above? Relevant Ruling: As only one Legendary Play has been identified as an action (Strike from the Shadows) and no Character Traits have been identified as one, I'm interpreting the scenario above as a legal sequence. Please let me know if you need any clarification(s). Thank you in advance for your time.
  10. In light of the recent ruling regarding Get Over Here! and the earlier one here, can Hemlocke use Magical Brew to stand up after having been knocked down after the movement part of a successful charge (via Counter Charge or some such) and still make a Charge attack, including TAC bonus, on her original target? I assume so, but confirmation is always nice.
  11. Question came up last night.. Can you move past your target when charging. example... chargin towards a goalie in front of the goal but ending your charge beyond them so as their base is no longer between you and the goal. The rules say that a charge is made "Towards" the target...and "towards' is moving in such a way that the distance is ALWAYS decreasing. In my interpretation initial distance would always be "decreasing" on a charge until you reach base contact in relation to the center of the models. So you'd only be able to make it to basically side by side before the distance is then "increasing" But some players, including our league manager/pundit say that as long as the distance is shorter than when you started, it's fair game. So... which interpretation is correct? Can you charge past a model and engage...or must you stop once you are no longer decreasing the distance between models?
  12. Given the answer in this thread http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/15604-are-charges-towards-a-model/ confirming that charges are not required to be "towards" the target, does that mean that Rage and other models with the Furious trait can effectively declare a charge against a model they know is out of range (for free) and then sprint in any direction in a straight line?
  13. The collected clarifications thread says that a charge may be "past" a model, however the opening line for Charges says that the model "rushes towards" (my emphasis) the target. "Towards" means that the distance between the source model and the target must always be decreasing, which would preclude moving past. Is this contradiction between rule and clarification intentional?
  14. Last game I played, we got a bit confused: Ghast charges Midas, ending less than 1" away but not base to base. As this is within 6" of Compound, it also triggers Rush Keeper. Both trigger at the end of the advance. Is the end of the advance at the end of the move part of the charge, or the attack part of the charge? Does Midas get to dodge away before Ghast rolls his attack?If Midas can dodge away from Ghast before Ghast rolls his attack dice, can Ghast roll his dice against another model in his melee zone (ie. Flask, who was sat just behind Midas)?In what order do the Immediate actions resolve? If Compound can go first, he will get the crowding out bonus from Midas, so this makes a difference.Can you briefly explain Priority of Actions/Activations (heard of, don't remember/understand)?
  15. Is Unpredictable Movement triggered by a charge? If so is it before or after the charge attack?
  16. So then, this came up in a game recently. When you charge do you have to go towards the target model at every point of your move. I.e. can you charge past the target model but still keep the target in your melee range (and thus still complete the charge). Page 37 of the rules, first sentence of charging section states: "When a model performs a Charge, it rushes towards and enemy and delivers a powerful attack" This implies its towards but it isn't specific and, in hindsight, reads like 'fluff' rather that 'rules'. The 4th paragraph of the charging section states "Charging models may move up to their max-move and, if able, must finish the movement engaging the target enemy model. The active model then makes a single Attack action (without spending any further Influence) against the target of the Charge, this Attack gains [+4] Tac. 5th Paragraph says "If a charging model does not finish its movement engaging the target enemy model then the charge has been unsuccessful and the active model's activation ends immediately" I have to say, due to the first paragraph of the charge section, i thought previously that the charge move had to be towards the target at every point (and therefore you couldn't charge past since you would be moving away at the point you went past the target). However, since models have 360 degrees melee zones and you would still be engaging the target at the end of the move, the direction of travel relative to the target does not make any difference so long as you satisfy the other requirements of the charging section. Therefore i now think that it is legal for you to charge past but it might be useful for confirmation. I hope thats clear. Apologies Chris i think you were correct, not that it made any difference really.