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Found 9 results

  1. jetewabbie

    Character Play

    I did search and just could not find this. Easy question which I want to confirm the answer Is it correct that a Character Play such as Dirty Knives on the Brewers Friday that has a cost of 2/GB (GB is the Character play icon) that you have the choice of either spending Influence any time during your activation or you can use a Character play during an attack. Or does it mean during an attack you have to spend 2 influence and one earned character play to use.
  2. Hi. I'd like to get a clarification on how character plays (and reanimate) work. Are you supposed to use the timing steps of a character play, when a sustained effect of a play triggers, or should there be a different timing step for sustained effects? There's been two topics about this. In the first topic, the ruling is, that you sum the damage from multiple different character plays, apply it, and then check for the taken out using the timing steps of character plays. In the second topic, you apply all the character plays one at a time, going through the timing steps for each play separately. I know, that the cases are different, as in the first case you have sustained effects triggering from plays, that have been resolved earlier, and in the second case, the whole play is resolved as a part of an attack. It's just that the logic of the rulings is so different in these cases. Both say to use the character play timing steps, but in one, the effects from different plays are somehow summed, and in the other they aren't. So if a character play has a sustained effect, that triggers later on the turn (second wind, deletion, etc), should you apply the effects one at a time, or sum them all to one "effect"? Should you use the timing steps of the character play as mentioned in the first thread? If you are supposed to resolve the effects one at a time, why is the check for taken out only done after all the effects?
  3. Hi, I’ve spent a while looking for this answer so apologies if it’s already been answered. I have always played under the impression that the Character Plays listed with a cost of GB can only be triggered from a successful result following an attack. In this instance the “Sow the Seeds” from Harrow is listed as a cost of GB. I would take this as it means he needs a net result of 2 following an attack to use this (as it is column 2 on his Playbook). I have just watched a video interview on TheBeastsOfWar with the guys from Steamforge Games where they are reviewing the Farmer cards. They go on to say that Harrow can have up to 3 influence and can use “Sow the Seeds” up to 3 times as it’s not a OPT play. Surely this is not correct as if the cost was 1/GB then I could see this being the case. Basically can Harrow use his influence to use his “Sow the Seeds” (as the Steamforge Team state in the interview) or does it have to be as a result of his playbook result (as per my understanding of the rules around Playbook cost)? Cheers
  4. When Greede is picked up by Avarisse, he is being "taken off the pitch." He then removes all conditions. My question is, 1. does he also remove any nerfs (such as "dirty knives") and buffs (such as "tough skin")? 2. Does he heal any health? If below his ice pack health does he heal to his ice pack health? Or does he heal to full health EVERY time he is picked up and taken off the pitch? Or does he heal no health at all?
  5. When you get a GB or Double GB are these “tokens” or unique. I was thinking you got “GB” token listing. But playing as Gutter makes me think I am wrong. With Gutter If I get 3 success in an attack a double GB. I assumed I got 2 GB tokens. Then her Character Play has Scything Blow which cost one GB so I would do two Scything Blows spending the tokens. But later on I got 5 Success got the Single GB. Then I got to thinking double GB was better. So why would a double GB be easier to get than Single GB. So I am thinking I was wrong and Double GB can only spend on double GB costs, and single GB on single. What is correct double only on double cost, or is it two “tokens” to spend. Thanks
  6. Hello together, I have a question about AOE Character Plays that do not hit models. For example Towers "Defend the Ground" Do I have to make a TN Test here? And if yes on which TN? 4+? Or my defense (in this case 3+)? And what about Character Plays I cast on myself? It is stated in the rules that "the controlling player may choose to automatically hit friendly models with Character Plays with no TN test required" I assume that a model is always friendly to itself and can therefore choose to automatically hit itself? For example Chisels Sadism. Or do I need to test here? And if so on which TN? Sry if it was asked before, but I couldn't find it. Or maybe my question is so self-explaining that no one ever asked it Nevertheless thank you in advance for your help!
  7. Given the following scenario: 1. Theron puts Sun Strike on Hearne. (Sun Strike: "Once during its activation, target friendly Guild model may generate [1] MP from a successful Character Play that targets an enemy model") 2. Hearne, on his activation, generates a single hit and uses the non-momentous guild ball result to activate the Singled Out character play. Has Hearne gained momentum from Sun Strike? Or does Sun Strike require the character play to cost INF? Along the same lines, if Hearne generates 5 net hits and uses the momentous double-guild ball result to activate Skewered, has he gained two momentum?
  8. Hey all, i have a question concerning the Character Play “Intensify” (Enemy models that are suffering conditions and are within the pulse suffer [2] DMG.) from Flask and Katalyst. If triggert, does Enemy Models suffer 2 DMG for each condition they have might have: Poison, Bleed and Burning for a max of 6 DMG or do they suffer only 2 DMG no matter how many conditions they have? Thanks Frank
  9. I have been playing some 3v3 games using the engineer starter box against a masons player and just wanted to confirm that armour doesn't work against character plays? my friend gets a little annoyed (understandably) when his armour doesn't stop Balistas deadbolt or Salvo floored bolts. In the 3v3 games it does seem a little unfair that I can knock down all 3 members of his team at range with just a little luck.