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Found 6 results

  1. I [Mat Hart] was lucky enough to get to Adepticon in Chicago this year. I met a load of great people and had an absolute blast. During the weekend, I got to spend a fair amount of time chatting with the players vying for the US Qualifications and observed a heck of a lot of games. These conversations and observations got me thinking…mostly about how the Organised Play Rules can massively influence the game. Today we roll out an updated Organised Play Rules document with several key changes. These changes are detailed below. Tiebreakers Guild Ball was designed as a win or lose game, a simple binary state if you like. The intent was that it really doesn’t matter if you win 12-0 or 12-10, a win is a win. However, tiebreakers that are calculated using Victory Points and VP differences goes against this original intent. Furthermore, they can lead to some weird situations where a first-round loss of 11-12 could actually help you finish higher up the table! We’ve overhauled the tiebreakers to use percentage win rate, or Strength of Schedule as its more commonly known. Players are ranked in order of the following: Their Tournament Points Scored Their own Strength of Schedule Their opponents Strength of Schedule The new Organised Play Document goes through in detail how this is calculated and the Tiebreak platform has been updated accordingly. Drafting The way drafting worked, gave some teams an unnatural power bump due to the way their rosters could be constructed, meaning it was possible to keep their captain selection until very late in the draft, resulting in an unfair advantage. Basically, it meant that if you played some teams and knew how to draft properly, then you could almost always be able to counter pick your captain against your opponent. This ended up lifting some teams unnaturally in the meta whilst forcing others down. To address this, we’ve tweaked the order in which teams are drafted to the following: Deal and decide on Plot cards, as normal Simultaneous reveal of Captains and Mascots Roll to decide who kicks off (and who receives) Draft the remaining 4 players for each team starting with the Receiving player Roster Size Another unusual one, we observed an impact on certain teams that the roster size of 9 was causing. Looking at these teams, whilst the models seemed perfectly strong and competitive enough individually, the team itself struggled to put together a meaningful 2 captain roster of 9 models without severely limiting the remaining choices. Guild Ball is a game of choices and so we have expanded the roster size to 10 players. The 1-2 model restriction on both Captains and Mascots remains unaffected. Draws As mentioned earlier, Guild Ball is a game of winning or losing, there really is no room for a draw and it only served to make the math complex in the rare situations where it came up in competitive play. We have removed draws from competitive play. The long and short of it is if the players are still tied at the end of the game, after dice-down has been called by the event organiser, then the win is awarded to the player that kicked off at the beginning of the match. Simple. Round Length A simple change, we have extended the round length back up to 110 minutes to allow a little more breathing room for people to prepare for the next round. So there you have it, a handful of changes to the Organised Play document that we believe will make the game healthier and more fun for everyone. Obviously, these changes are effective immediately for any Steamforged Games organised events but, TO’s of upcoming events have the option, for the remainder of May, to revert to the previous system on tiebreak should they wish. If you’re attending an event in May do please check with your TO which system they’ll be using – the old system will be gone forever 1 June 2017. Let us know below how this will impact your Tournament Roster choices.
  2. Steamforged

    Season 3 - Release the Kraken

    Hello Fishies, hope you’re all doing well, may the Lords of the Deep bless you with fair weather and following seas! Today, as a lovely treat, we’re gonna spoil Kraken for you guys! So, DEF [3+]. We debated this change for a while, since we never want to make changes without a good reason. In the end, we decided that Kraken was in a similar position to Boar throughout Season 2. We knew he was a strong choice, one popular with a lot of Fishermen Players, but perhaps just a little too easy for your opponent to get momentum from. Thus, upping his DEF (and removing his ARM, he’s not supposed to be a tank!), felt like a fair way of making him fit his intended role better. This change also fits his aesthetic a lot more, since he’s not actually wearing any armour! We feel like this is super useful change, which helps bump him up a little and make him much more of a valid choice for all Fishermen Players. Kraken’s second change is the addition of a pair of double Push results, non-momentous on column 2, momentous on column 4. Having taken a good look at Kraken over the last six months, the lack of any Pushes on his Playbook felt…weird. Here’s a model with two Character Plays which are all about Pushing enemy models around, and yet he literally had none on his Playbook? How odd, we cried, how out of place! Thus, we added these Push results to give him more utility and options. He can now get stuck in to his heart’s content, knocking enemy models down and Pushing them all over the Pitch! Much like when we spoiled Mercury last week, not every change has to be big; many smaller changes are just as valid. We’ve given Kraken a boatload (BOOM! BOOM!) more options, and made a tweak to make him more survivable. While these changes aren’t necessarily big, they are exciting. Kraken was a valuable model in Season 2, and now he’s even more viable, creating even more headaches for Fishermen Players in list construction. Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the future’s murky waters, we’ll see you all soon!
  3. Hi all, I posted this on the facebook group but figured I'd post it here too.. I've been a Tapper Brewers player that moved to Hammer Masons for more options in team selection but I'm currently looking at Hunters for a total change in gameplay style.. Two questions for the more veteran hunters with the rule changes coming in season 3: 1) Which changes would you like to see to your existing roster.. 2) What sort of rules would you like for the new players (assuming at least one captain, one mascot, one veteran and at least one or two standard players)
  4. Psst. Alchemists. Wanna get some really hot spoilers? Some fresh off the production line, top quality stuff? This is the hottest spoiler we have. It’s literally on fire. It’s…it’s Mercury. If you hadn’t figured that out by now, then, well, Solthecius love you. Mercury was an interesting model for us when it came to Season 3. He’s a model who is invaluable in some teams, especially with Smoke, but sometimes gets edged out for other players like Calculus and Venin, due to his low INF of [1/4]. In terms of his abilities, we felt that they all were very much in keeping with his character, the pyromaniac who punishes his opponents with fiery blasts and jets of flame – just that perhaps he needed to be more able to use them out on the pitch. He was at 95% of where we wanted him to be, but he just needed that extra little bump in order to make him perfect. As a result, we’re going to talk about him today in contrast to Seenah, the other model we’ve spoiled on the forums this week. With Seenah, we wanted to push the boundaries of his deliberate strengths and weaknesses, whilst preserving the model’s flavour and abilities. The changes to the Great Bear were made with careful consideration that he represents an extremely unique character on the pitch. Mercury didn’t need that at all. He didn’t need to have his boundaries pushed; much the opposite, in fact. He’s a perfect example of a player that just needed a few small tweaks, in order to fulfil his role all the better and to remain a strong option for Alchemist coaches. With that in mind, the changes which we made to Mercury were actually very simple. We reduced Flame Jet to COST [2], and we upped his INF by [1] to [2/4], so that he contributes more towards the rest of the team. He also still has Tactical Advice [Flask], but it’s now changed globally to simply provide [+0/+1]. These changes are all we needed to do to make Mercury exactly where we wanted him to be! As we’ve said before, not every change in S3 is big, sometimes they’re small, common-sense changes which just bring a model up or down a touch to be where we want them to be. For us, the little tweaks are just as important as the big changes. More important, in some ways, because in some cases they’re harder to get right. It’s very easy to make one small tweak, then another, then another, and before long you’re trying to figure out if it’s possible to put rules for small, remote controlled robots into the game! We’re very happy with Mercury, but let us know what you think! As ever, I’ll be around in the thread for a while to answer any questions. Please remember this is your LAST week to buy Steamcon tickets, so don’t miss out! If you fancy coming to the biggest and best weekend about all things Steamforged, go to http://steamforged.com/steamcon and pick up a ticket.
  5. Steamforged

    Season 3: Fillet and Minx

    Hello Coaches! Today on the Blog we're looking at the Season 3 changes for Fillet and Minx! http://bit.ly/2fZ7bJc Let us know what you think of the changes below!
  6. Steamforged

    Season 3 Mascot Changes

    Season 3 Mascot Changes! Those of you following our Social Media outlets will have noticed that we have recently started a new blog to keep you up to date with the new changes for Season 3. Currently we're reviewing the changes to Mascots. If you want to keep up to date then bookmark this page: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/?category=Kick+Off%21 To read Part 1 of the Mascot changes where we discuss Icy Sponge levels visit: http://bit.ly/2ejjMTA To read Part 2 of the Mascot changes where we discuss Loved Creature visit: http://bit.ly/2ejThhB How will this effect your roster selection? I know that I will be using Salt to score a turn 1 goal when I receive with my fishermen now. Jamie G