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Found 4 results

  1. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Captains and Matchups

    I've been playing my Brewers again a LOT lately, and I've started doing the "tourney ten" draft before pretty much every game I play to get accustomed to it. I'm interested to pool the collective brain-thoughts: what matchups do you play which captain into? Are there any matchups you think we automatically go one way or the other? Which Guilds/Captains do Tapper and Esters each hate to see on the other side of the table? I'll certainly sound off my own thoughts down the discussion, but as I'm trying to gather others' opinions, I want to leave the beginning wide open so people are talking about what you all think, rather than reacting to what they feel about what I think... =)
  2. Hello Coaches! Today on the Steamforged Blog we're looking at an upcoming Organised Play format Captain, My Captain! where captains can lead other Guilds! For the full article click here: http://bit.ly/2eYxpHd What insane concoctions can you come up with?
  3. Just a video I made as a bit of an introduction to the game. Feel free to comment/ make suggestions.
  4. Hobbybutterfly

    Captain Rage

    So the latest steamforged news announced rage as the new veteran captain for the union- from the voting previously it didn't seem to surprise many even if I personally expected it to be Minx. so what are people expecting to see his captain card to be? i can only assume he'll lose berserk or have some restrictions to influence, otherwise he's going to destroy anyone on the table. Possibly 4/1 or similar?